House Updates

I’m going to keep the House and Senate separate.  I will track party pick-ups here rather than detailing all the incumbents who keep their seats. Refresh often for updates.

House Pick-Ups:

  • Sandra Adams (R) beats incumbent Suzanne Kosmas (D) in FL-24
  • Robert Hurt (R) beats incumbentTom Perriello (D) in VA-5
  • John Carney (D) defeats Glen Urquhart (R) for DE- at large
  • Larry Bucshon (R) defeats Trent Van Haaften (D) in IN-8
  • Daniel Webster (R) defeats incumbent Alan Grayson (D) in FL-8
  • Morgan Griffith (R) defeats incumbent Rick Boucher (D) in VA-9
  • Todd Young (R) beats incumbent Baron Hill (D) in IN-9
  • Scott Rigell (R) beats incumbent Gleen Nye (D) in VA-2
  • Frank Guinta (R) defeats Carol Shea-Porter (D) in NH-1
  • Diane Black (R) defeats Brett Carter (D) in TN-6
  • Steve Southerland (R) defeats incumbent Allen Boyd in FL2
  • Chuck Fleischmann (R) beats out John Wolfe (D) in TN-3
  • Scott DesJarlais (R) defeats incumbent Lincoln Davis (D) in TN-4
  • Bill Flores (R) defeats Chet Edwards (D) in TX-17  KICK ASS!!!!
  • Stephen Fincher (R) defeats Roy Herron (D) in TN-8
  • Dan Benishek (R) beatsGary McDowell (D) in MI-1
  • Mike Kelly (R) defeats Kathy Dahlkemper (D) in PA-3
  • Lou Barletta (R) defeats incumbent Paul Kanjorski (D) in PA-11
  • Austin Scott (R) beats incumbent Jim Marshall (D) in GA-8
  • Thomas Marino (R) beats incumbent Christopher Carney (D) in PA-10
  • Andy Harris (R) defeats incumbent Frank Kratovil (D) in MD-1
  • Bob Gibbs (R) over incumbent Zack Space (D) in OH-18
  • Alan Nunlee (R) defeats incumbent Travis Childers (D) in MS-1
  • Bobby Schilling (R) defeats incumbent Phil Hare in IL-17 (There ya go Steve!)
  • Cedric Richmond (D) beats incumbent Joseph Cao (R) in LA-2 (We expected this)
  • Jeff Landry (R) defeats Ravi Sangisetty (D) in LA-3
  • Mick Mulvaney (R) beats incumbent D leader John Spratt  in SC-5
  • Rick Berg (R) defeats incumbent Earl Pomeroy (D) in ND- at large
  • Randy Hultgren (R) beats incumbent Bill Foster (D) in IL – 14 (Steve, What did you do?)
  • Adam Kinzinger (R) beats incumbent Debbie Halvorson (D) in IL-11
  • Kevin Yoder (R) defeats Stephene Moore (D) in KS-3
  • Michael Fitzpatrick (R) beats out incumbent Patrick Murphy in PA-8
  • Steve Stivers (R) defeats incumbent Mary Jo Kilroy (D) in OH-15
  • Cory Garnder (R) beats incumbent Betsey Markey (D) in CO-4
  • Thomas Reed (R) beats Matthew Zeller (D) in NY-29
  • Bill Johnson (R) defeats incumbent Charlie Wilson in OH-6
  • Jim Renacci (R) beats out incumbent John Boccieri (D) in OH-16
  • Allen West (R) defeats incumbent Ron Klein (D) in FL-22 YES!!!!
  • Reid Ribble (R) beats incumbent Stephen Kagan (D) in WI-8
  • Steven Palazzo (R) beats incumbent Gene Taylor (D) in MS-4
  • Vicky Hartzler (R) defeats incumbent commitee chair Ike Skelton (D) in MO-4
  • Richard Hanna (R) defeats incumbent Michael Arcuri (D) in NY-24
  • Paul Gosar (R) defeats incumbent Ann Kirkpatrick (D) in AZ-1 (GO MEL!)
  • Steve Chabot (R) beats out incumbent Steve Driehaus in OH-1
  • Mike Keown (R) defeats incumbent Sanford Bishop (D) in GA-2
  • Tim Walberg (R) beats incumbent Mark Schauer (D) in MI-7
  • Charlie Bass (R) defeats Ann Kuster (D) in NH-2
  • Jon Runyan (R) beats incumbent John Adler (D) in NJ-3
  • Mike Grimm (R) defeats incumbent Michael McMahon (D) in NY-13
  • Nan Hayworth (R) defeats incumbent John Hall (D) in NY-19
  • Christopher Gibson (R) beats incumbent Scott Murphy (D) in NY-20
  • Renee Elmers (R) defeats incumbent Bob Etheridge in NC-2
  • Jaime Herrera (R) defeats Denny Heck (D) in WA-3
  • David McKinley (R) beats Mike Oliverio (D) in WV-1
  • Sean Duffy (R) defeats Julie Lassa (D) in WI-7
  • Martha Roby (R) defeats incumbent Bobby Bright (D) in AL-2
  • Rick Crawford (R) beats Chad Causey (D) in AR-2
  • Steve Pearce (R) defeats incumbent Harry Teague (D) in NM-2
  • Kristi Noem (R) defeats incumbent Stephanie Herseth Sandlin (D) in SD – at large


Florida, Illinois, Virginia and Tennessee are delivering for the GOP big time!

2 Dem Pick-Ups

NOTE:  This is where I end for the night.  This is not an exhaustive list.


36 thoughts on “House Updates

  1. There are several more House races that will switch to GOP. They just aren’t calling them yet. I wish we were doing as well in the Senate. We need Fiorina and Rossi to win if we have any hope for a majority there.

  2. YES! Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!!! FOX has just predicted that the Republicans are about to unseat Nasty Pelosi by taking control of the House of Representatives!

    Take THAT, witch!

  3. The spin has already started on all of the networks. Democrats are downplaying the results and saying that the GOP isn’t making huge waves. The gains aren’t as big as they should have been. This isn’t the anticipated tsunami, etc. Incredible. We knew this was coming.

  4. Just watched Geraldine Ferraro in Fox downplaying the results.

    Yeah, only 60 seats in the House.

    Democrats only picked up 34 in 2006.
    Republicans picked up 54 in 1994.

    60 seats is HUGE!

  5. We’re still begging for Brady to take the Governorship.

    Kirk is slightly ahead of Alexi (D) for the US Senate (Roland Burris’s seat).

    This is got to be so embarrassing for Obama here in his own state.

  6. Oh, I’m on Cloud Nine…Niki Haley has just won the race to be the next South Carolina governor! She is the first woman in the state’s history and also the first Sikh. She is the second Indian American to win governorship after Bobby Jindal. Oh, rapture!

  7. PRAY for Bill Brady guys. 87% he trails Pat Quinn. The remaining votes are coming in from Republican districts and there is about 35,000 votes dividing them. A dead heat.

    Looks like the US Senate is going R though.

  8. I just saw news that Ruth McClung and Dave Schweikert, both running tough against incumbent Democrats, are pulling ahead in a huge way.

    Another shot is in order…

  9. Mitchell is goin’ DOWN. He ain’t comin’ back from this one (we’re talking about a district that includes uber-liberal Tempe, home of ASU). The McClung/Grijalva race isn’t so certain…he’s only ahead by .1 of a point, though. It keeps going back and forth.

    Considering the demographic in that district, though, I’m surprised it’s so tight. Grijalva has never had this much difficulty retaining a seat. EVER.

  10. Who says Boehner has to be Speaker of the House?

    Allen West! This man isn’t PC; he zeroes in and isn’t afraid to speak the truth. That video of West sizing up the reality of Islamism makes no bones about what WesternCiv has got to understand before we even think of victory over the Islamists.

    Boehner has shown guts the last few weeks, and he is a nice man. However, where was he when the Republicans were spending and growing the government? I don’t remember him calling his fellow Republicans to task for straying from conservative fundamentals.

    [d]Ear Leader is simply doing what the Repubs did but only he’s on steroids!

  11. Ok kids – it was fun to spend time with you. I’m going to go curl up with my pup, Brodie and nod off to election coverage. Thanks for watching with me. It was a good night overall.

  12. I’d love to see Alan West be the next Speaker, but that has not happened in the history of the Hose as far as I can tell. He’s a first-term representative. Republicans are going to give it to their clearest leader, which at this point is Boehner.

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