The Dumbest Man Alive

During his eight years in office, George W. Bush was often lambasted by liberals as the dumbest man alive. Much was made of his gaffes, including his mangling of an old proverb: “fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me” turned into something that just gives me a headache to try to recall these days. Naturally, when Sarah Palin came along, her stupidity trumped that of G-Dub. Ann Coulter, in her book Slander, pointed out that it doesn’t matter how dumb the last few Republican leaders were…the new ones are always dumber. Right now we’re at the point that Richard Nixon looks like a brilliant saint in comparison.

A good friend of mine currently serving in Afghanistan (a big HOOAH! to my friends there, I hope you had as happy a Thanksgiving as you could have) just sent me an email with a list of some of Obama’s gaffes. Now, I’ve posted the videos before of the Big O mispronouncing “corpsman”, including once in front of a gallery of sailors in Annapolis. There have been many more, and my buddy says he read this on Sarah Palin’s page.

Here’s the Big O living up to the nickname I gave him – the time has changed for come:

And, apparently, the U.S. Constitution is older than the Bible:

I suppose J. Edgar Hoover was a figment of our imagination, since the FBI is only 100 days old:

Here’s a Freudian slip during a speech about healthcare reform (oh, if only the liberals had paid attention!):

See, now I thought that the Democrats didn’t like the PATRIOT Act:

Sarah Palin is an idiot for calling Africa a country, but the Big O just slipped here (I swear, he really didn’t mean this):

I have to ask…is he accusing Israel of narcissism?:

Because we don’t believe in privacy, we’ll be testing your kids for alcohol consumption (and we’ll make up words…kinda like Palin’s “refudiate”):

Finally, we’re making up languages, too. Hey, it worked for JRR Tolkien:

(As for the last one, a commenter argues that some Northern Germans can’t understand the Bavarian version of German being spoken in Austria, but it’s still German, and it is the official language of Austria. Guess what? The Austrian language does not exist.)

That’s not counting the fact that he apparently thinks we have 59 states (“I’ve visited…uh…fifty-…uh…seven?…states? And two more to go…”). You know what else I’m thankful for? The right to freely announce to the world that I think the American President is a dumbass. Sure, he went to Harvard. Bush went to Yale. Of all the gaffes that G-Dub made, he never mispronounced military job titles, never goofed on how many states there are in our Union, and he knew US history.


7 thoughts on “The Dumbest Man Alive

  1. As I said more than two years ago… Obama is incompetent. He is arrogant. He is a tyrant. We had Bush portrayed as “the dumbest man alive”. Now, we have Olbermann decry Bristol Palin (of all people) as the “worst person in the world”. More perverse logic from the left.

    Back in January, 2008, I watched Obama stumble and flub his way through a debate with Hillary Clinton. Uh…uh, blah blah, uh…uh. She calmly put him through the shredder, without tripping over one word. And yet, the media largely declared him the “winner”. I’m not a Hillary fan. However, she was clearly in command of the facts. She was also the wrong skin color.

    Obama “in the house”. Commander-in-Chief of the “shout out”. You have the right to call him a dumbass. I have the right to call him a talking ass (and he’s not “talking” very well, for that matter).

  2. I think when Olbermann calls you the “worst person in the world” it means you are doing something right with your life. If it were not for the fact he has no idea who I am I’d be insulted if he didn’t call me the “worst person in the world”.

  3. The only good news is that even Democrats finally realize Obama is terrible – terrible for them if not the country. Regardless, I am more confident now that Obama will be a 1-term president. I noticed a news article titled “Democrats will Primary Obama” I think the title says it all.

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