A Good Start On Congressional Spending

Good news in the House when it comes to earmarks…

Incoming House Speaker John Boehner is supporting fiscal conservative Rep. Jeff Flake’s bid to join the Appropriations Committee. 

In a bow to fiscal conservatives, Boehner (R-Ohio) said Monday he would support Flake’s effort to join Appropriations. 

“I support Congressman Jeff Flake in his effort to be appointed to serve on the Appropriations Committee, and I join with incoming Majority Leader Cantor in expressing hope that other reform-minded Members of Congress will follow Jeff’s example in seeking appointment to the committee,” Boehner said Monday in a statement.

Flake and other fiscal conservatives have sought to aggressively cut spending in the next Congress and end practices like earmarks, on which the House and Senate GOP have adopted a voluntary moratorium. Flake’s appointment to the Appropriations panel would be seen as a major tidal change for the committee.

Boehner, himself, doesn’t do earmarks.  And the GOP leadership in the House and Senate has vowed to take on earmarks.  Whiny little grassroots folks like us are constantly reminded by establishment Republicans, Democrats and their MSM consorts that Congressional earmarks account for so very little in the grand scheme of federal spending.  But we all know it’s a good step forward to eliminate them. 

Arizona Rep. Jeff Flake’s appointment to the Appropriations Committee is excellent news that signals the House GOP leadership is serious about this battle.


2 thoughts on “A Good Start On Congressional Spending

  1. Tackling earmarks is a good step foward, and it is possibly the safest thing to tackle. Social security, medicare, etc., all those do play some role in maintaining portions of our society, even if those roles are actually defunct in reality. Republicans can always be targetted for tackling spending issues that do something for portions of the population, whether in reality or in perception.

    I am pretty excited that Nancy Pelosi will no longer be speaker.

  2. Earmarks a nice start. Not all earmarks are evil.

    Extending unemployment benefits is evil. I wonder how many people will suddenly find jobs when they no longer have the government dole to support them?

    Extending benefits for a tax cut was a bad idea. I am fearful it will be more of the same. How are we going to cover this tax cut extension and unemployment extension? I swear some people are going to ride unemployment right into retirement.

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