Liberals treat traditions like Michael Vick treats dogs

Only twenty percent of Americans self-identify as liberals, but that doesn’t stop them from having a very loud voice in the media, and in our political process. Simply look the annual budgets of groups like the National Association of the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) – groups that represent heavily Democrat-leaning segments of our population – at $21 million and $40 million respectively. The NAACP boasts 750,000 members and donors, while HRC claims to have 750,000, which when combined represent less than 5% of the American population. Even the most generous accounts estimate that African-Americans represent 13% of the population, and openly gay Americans at 3%. Clearly these groups, and many other leftist organizations, have more than 16% of the influence in our government, politics and media, and it is often aimed at our most treasured traditions.

There is no time of year when liberals exercise their disproportionate voice more, than over the holiday season. Groups like PETA speak out against eating turkey on Thanksgiving, going so far as to use children to advance their vegetarian agenda. But being vegetarian isn’t good enough for PETA, because milk, eggs, cheese and numerous other products are still made by exploiting animals. Atheists, who claim 50 million Americans among them (14% of the population), routinely speak out against Christmas. They believe it is an oppressive holiday, celebrated by intolerant and ignorant Americans who worship false gods. They have no problem telling Americans that God does not exist, but have a big problem with people saying “Merry Christmas.” Christmas may be the biggest religious holiday of the year, but it has also turned into a “Hallmark Holiday,” for those who don’t subscribe to its religious significance. At the very least, Christmas represents giving, sharing, and spending time with family and loved ones. How can that be a bad thing?

Holidays aren’t the only traditions that liberals have a problem with. Religion, marriage, family and patriotism are all areas where liberals are at odds with most of America. Many liberals see religion as a joke, or farce, presenting many philosophical arguments as to why believers are deluding themselves as to the existence of God. Marriage, which culturally has always been between men and women, is being slowly altered into whatever they “feel” is a reasonable facsimile. A man in Japan even married an Anime character last year! Family, which historically and culturally has been represented by two opposite-sex parents, has been re-imagined as a hodgepodge of different shapes and sizes due to failed commitments, teen pregnancy, and selfishness. Even those who believe in same-sex marriage and parenting can admit that having two parents is better than one, and that children should not be the accidental consequences of poor judgment. Unfortunately, liberals find strength in victimhood, and overcoming challenges – even when they are self-imposed (See: Social Justice).

Our president, Barack Obama, gives us an unending list of traditions thrown by the wayside. He ended the White House tradition of holding a public ceremony on the National Day of Prayer – an annual observance for people of all faiths. There are some that see no problem with this, citing the separation of church and state. But that didn’t stop Obama from hosting the first Seder at the White House, or a Muslim dinner celebrating Ramadan. Then he chose to skip out on the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall – an event that symbolized freedom for an entire generation of Eastern Europeans and Americans alike. He opted to not lay the wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier on Memorial Day this year in favor of a vacation in Chicago. President Obama, and the White House website, made no mention of the 66th anniversary of D-Day this past June. Then, as honorary chairman of the Boy Scouts of America, decided not to speak before the group on their 100th anniversary, instead choosing to appear on The View. Finally, Obama ended a long-standing tradition in sports by not calling to congratulate the World Series Champions after their victory in 2009, or in 2010 when the San Francisco Giants won their first title in 56 years. Obama did invite both teams to the White House, as he has done to countless teams and athletes since taking office. In fact, Dana Milbank of the Washington Post illustrates how big of a sports fan Mr. Obama is by recalling his 44 rounds of golf, 16 off-site basketball sessions in addition to countless games on his home court, and a total of 45 sports-related events hosted at the White House (“about six times the number of news conferences he has held,” according to Milbank).

Perhaps it is the sports fan in Obama that prompted him to call Jeffrey Lurie, the owner of the Philadelphia Eagles, and thank him for giving Michael Vick a second chance. He may have also thanked Lurie for maxing out to him in 2008. But seriously, he doesn’t honor the National Day of Prayer, the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the 66th anniversary of D-Day, the 100th anniversary of the Boy Scouts, or the last two World Series Champions – but a man who ran a dog-fighting ring resulting in the hanging, drowning, electrocuting and shooting of dogs deserves Obama’s attention? Keep in mind, at least nine dogs were killed at “Bad Newz Kennels,” and 48 of the 66 dogs seized from his property had been starved, tortured and severely injured. Yes. Thank you for giving him a second chance Mr. Lurie. I’m sure it has nothing to do with his ability to bring Philadelphia a championship, and everything to do with Vick’s remorse.

America is a free country, and if liberals don’t like our traditions, they don’t have to observe them. However, actively rooting against them is infringing on the basic personal freedoms that liberals claim to fight for. As Americans, we have the right to free speech, which means if I want to say “Merry Christmas,” that’s my right. I also have the right to be as patriotic as I want to be on July 4th, eat turkey on Thanksgiving – or any other day of the year, and choose to practice my faith. Liberals may not understand many of these traditions, or why they are important to many people in our society, but that’s too bad. A lack of understanding is no justification for intolerance – something liberals should practice as much as they preach it.


12 thoughts on “Liberals treat traditions like Michael Vick treats dogs

  1. I know you’ve probably heard this before, but you seriously sound like a self-hater when you post this type of stuff. Traditions are what they are, but that doesn’t mean that they are always right or shouldn’t be changed to adapt with the times. For example, I’ve heard wonderful stories about what it was like to grow up as a child in the 1940s and 1950s. When I think about it, I sometimes feel like I was born too late…as if by being born in the 1970s I missed out on a great time in history. I’ve heard stories of neighborhood kids playing games together all day, going to the movies on Sunday afternoons, getting dressed up in your best clothes to go to church or to visit someone’s home. Morals were intact. Children always treated adults with respect, homes had a father and a mother, children were disciplined and accepted the consequences for their actions. It do feel a bit of envy when I think about what it must have been like in those days.

    However, there is also an ugly side to that time period that we hear less about. Racism was still very prevalent in society and certainly being openly gay was a very dangerous thing to do, it could often even get you arrested. Therefore, with me being gay, there is no way that my partner and I could have been accepted members of society at that time in history. This was a time period when blacks were marching and protesting so that they could be integrated into society and have equal rights and access. How many people in those days accused these people of trying to destroy traditions?

    The point I’m trying to make is that change is inevitable as times change. Abolition of slavery, giving women the right to vote, allowing interracial marriage, allowing married women to own property, abolishing sodomy laws, etc…all of these things were accomplished by stepping on someone’s “traditions”. We all have nostalgic views of certain times in history, but the fact is that many of these time periods are tainted by the fact that a certain minority did not have equal rights.

    I am gay and also an agnostic. That said, I never get upset with anyone who believes in God or celebrates Him. I feel that I deserve the same respect. If someone wishes me a Merry Christmas I say “Thank you. Same to you.” and leave it at that. I don’t get upset by nativity scenes, Merry Christmas signs, or Christmas trees. In fact, I love listening to religious Christmas songs. However, what does upset me is those who feel the need to be a jerk to me for not being a Christian who celebrates Christmas. I refer to those people who choose to boycott stores for saying Happy Holidays rather than Merry Christmas or those who encourage making a scene at a store if the clerk doesn’t say Merry Christmas. And yes, I would (and have) call out anyone who acts the opposite way and claims to be offended if someone wishes them a Merry Christmas.

    It appears to me that you stance on marriage is that it should remain as one man and one woman. I know that is what it has traditionally been, but society is changing and it is time for us to start acknowledging that fact that gay couples can and do have long-term relationships. I agree that two-parent families are the best option for children to be raised whenever possible, but I don’t believe the gender of the parents is important.

    My partner and I have been together for 8 years now. That is a lot longer than most modern marriages last, yet in the eyes of the law we are unrelated strangers living together who have no legal protections. Those of us with unsupportive families have to constantly worry about what will happen in times of crisis. Legal documents and contracts can be challenged in court by family members, we could be banned from visiting in the hospital or nursing homes, we have no survivor benefits, the list goes on. But there is one thing I find even more scary–the fact that I am defending gay marriage rights to a fellow gay man.

  2. Ratboi, thank you for your thoughtful response.

    First, please don’t misunderstand my post to mean that we should stick to traditions like slavery and racism. If that’s what you believe, then you missed my entire point.

    Like you, I don’t always say Merry Christmas. Sometimes I say Happy Holidays, referring to the 6 week span that includes Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day… all days of celebration for various people. I have also routinely called out the “crazy-for-Christmas” crowd for their inconsistencies when it comes to this issue. Conservatives believe employers should be able to make decisions that are best for their business, but if you operate in a Jewish community and say “Happy Holidays” to appeal to the bulk of your customer-base, you are somehow declaring war on Christmas. It’s absurd, especially since businesses need all the traffic they can get in this economic slump.

    I have also been with my partner for 8 years, and in the eyes of the law we are also unrelated strangers. So I’m with you there.

    What I am saying is that liberals routinely look down on traditions as stupid habits of the weak-minded. After all, why is turkey so important on Thanksgiving, when we eat it throughout the year? While some Americans choose to eat tofu and veggies on Thanksgiving, most Americans choose to eat turkey. It’s their right, and they shouldn’t be seen as somehow “less than” elitist liberals who think they know better.

    The same goes for religion. Our global culture is one largely based on a belief in a higher power — whomever that may be. Yet the 15% of non-believers routinely look down on believers as deluded idiots, who worship non-existent beings.

    That is my point. If people want to honor traditions, let them. Liberals don’t let them. They picket nativity scenes, they show up at schools to scare kids into not eating animals, they ban candy canes as being too “Christian” or as weapons (wtf?). You may not feel the way they do, or act the way they act, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a reality.

  3. I didn’t mean to infer that I thought you were in favor of slavery or racism. I was just citing examples throughout the history of our country where people had to adapt to changes that may have gone against what they believe is right or normal. That doesn’t mean that I think everyone should be forced to conform to a particular way of thinking, but I do feel that people need to remember that the world is a very diverse place. You don’t have to agree with everyone, but you should respect them as long as they are not trying to force their beliefs on you.

    Legalizing gay marriage would not force anyone to believe that it is right or force any church to recognize any marriage they disagree with. Some churches don’t believe in remarriage after divorce. It’s allowed by law as a civil institution, but that particular church is not required to recognize it in a religious sense. As you said, if someone wants to honor their tradition, let them. I don’t advocate LGBT people storming into any churches and demanding that they perform marriage ceremonies for us. In fact, I think that would be very wrong.

    I won’t continue with any more defense of gay marriage stuff. I don’t want to get off track here. I just want to make the point that a lot of the conservative movement is fighting against gay rights in the name of so-called traditional values. Like you mentioned above, a store that posts Happy Holidays signs should not automatically be accused of declaring war against Christmas. On the same token, just about every conservative website I’ve visited talks about the “gay agenda” and how they are declaring war on families and those so-called traditional values.

    My challenge to you is to think about how your actions are affecting the gay community in our country. I generally lean toward the conservative side of politics as well, but I can’t consider myself to be a full conservative because (at least from what I’ve seen) most of the conservative movement is against equal rights for LGBT people. Also, I do recognize that there are good and bad people on both the liberal and conservative sides of the scale. I am aware of the fact that two of the most anti-gay pieces of legislation ever to be enacted were both signed into law by a Democrat.

    It just seemed to me that you think the conservative movement “has a point” when they talk about traditional marriage and how it will be made less meaningful if gays are allowed to marry. I don’t see how. Allowing gays to marry cannot cause harm to heterosexual marriages. That makes no sense. How could a gay couple getting married possible cause problems for a heterosexual married couple?

    I’ll tell you what I think the real issue is. They cling to their belief that homosexuality is wrong and they want to make sure that nobody is able to show the other side of the story. The reality is that my partner and I are just ordinary folks with ordinary lives. We both have full time jobs, we travel, play computer games, watch popular tv shows, work in our garden, walk in the park with our dog, etc. That’s what I want people to see. But many conservatives accuse us of wanting to “indoctrinate” children and working to eliminate any kind of morality. Hogwash.

    I would hope that it makes you angry when you see certain conservative groups painting an inaccurate and even despicable picture of what gay people are like. That is my whole point. I’ll shut up now. I didn’t intend to write so much when I responded, but this issue is a hot button for me. Take care.

  4. Ratboi, there are many different kinds of conservatives in America, from neo-conservatives (often called “RINO’s”) to fiscal conservatives (often considered to be libertarian), and of course social conservatives – which are the ones you’re speaking about in your post. The fact is, those who ACTUALLY have a hatred or bias toward gays are being lumped in with all conservatives, to serve the greater purpose of the gay left – which is Democrat Party victories. The LGBTTQQIA community has been turned into an activist wing of the Democrat Party, and as a result gay liberals end up supporting some pretty anti-gay policies in the process. (See: War on Terror) The problem is that most gays see their sexuality as their defining characteristic, and so anyone who is in opposition to that is the enemy. To conservative gays, our sexuality is just one of many things that make up who we are, and we view issues accordingly. That is why the gay left focuses solely on issues of gay “rights,” while gay conservatives also want smaller government, lower taxes, and a strong national defense. We may be called self-hating, or “traitors,” for not putting gay-only issues first 100% of the time, but too bad.

    To say that “most of the conservative movement is against equal rights for LGBT people” is like saying that “most of the gay community is full of drunk and high, promiscuous, AIDS patients.” It is offensive, and insulting, and flat-out wrong – and those on BOTH sides of the aisle who spout those lies should be publicly shamed. However, many of the “equal rights” the gay community fights for are not rights at all. There is no ‘right’ to marriage. There is no ‘right’ to serve in the military. There is no ‘right’ to be considered a protected class simply because of who you choose to have sex with. These are not rights. That doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be gay marriage, or that gays shouldn’t be able to serve in the military. It just means that calling them civil rights issues is misguided. It also means there should be a discussion in our entire society about these cultural definitions, and whether they should be changed. Instead, gay liberals label anyone who disagrees with them “bigots,” and loses an opportunity to explain why these changes are necessary. Gay conservatives engage Republicans in thoughtful discourse, to find common ground so that we can respect each other, and deal with these issues professionally and courteously.

    In addition, many in society view homosexuality (or “open homosexuality) in the way portrayed by TV, movies and the media – as outlandishly flamboyant and overtly sexual. You and I both know that’s not representative of our entire community, and is mainly encapsulated in gay nightlife and pride parades. However, straight America has nothing to compare it against, because “ordinary folks with ordinary lives” as you and your partner, and my partner and I, don’t make for good TV, movies or news reels. Also, many gay conservatives are afraid to “come out” as conservative for fear of being ostracized by the gay community – which has become radicalized in liberal philosophy. So YOU may not want to “indoctrinate children” and work to eliminate any kind of morality – but plenty of left-wing activists do, and it’s happening every day on college campuses throughout this country.

    As a politically active gay conservative, president of Right Pride – a gay conservative organization, president of the UNLV College Republicans, and someone who has worked for both the RNC and a campaign for U.S. Congress, I can tell you that I have always had to walk a fine line between being a conservative and a homosexual. But what I can tell you is that the best way to sleep at night is to be yourself. And I will never apologize for believing that issues affecting the 308 million people living in this country outweigh the issues that only affect me.

  5. “Obama ended a long-standing tradition in sports by not calling to congratulate the World Series Champions after their victory in 2009, or in 2010 when the San Francisco Giants won their first title in 56 years.”

    If I played for the Giants or owned the Giants then I would not want hear from the Obama. I can live with him ditching that tradition. I’d probably totally blow the phone call. I’d say, “I am so sorry but I don’t listen to obscene phone calls.” CLICK.

    It’s bad enough the Giants had to experience their public parade and celebration with Mayor Gavin Newsome in the mix. Hmmn. I think that phone call from the Obama is sounding better and better. At least it is a phone call and not a face to face with that freak posing as the Mayor of San Francisco.

  6. I think as far as what Obama has done (or decided to skip) it is a matter of him not caring. I don’t think he really cares about honoring the Unknown Soldier or the current soldiers. He’s so intelligent that those things don’t matter (sarcasm, just another service I offer).
    As far as liberals in general many have a deep hatred for anything military or related to war and don’t want to be seen as supporting it even if their freedoms are intact because of past actions. It may be a matter too of “whatever it is, I’m against it (credit to Groucho Marx).” If Conservatives think it is a good thing they’ll think it is a bad thing (goes both ways).
    Oh, as for the Vick business, I think he thought it would get him some positive press. I’m not a big sports fan (except for the red Sox!) but I think an appropriate punishment for Vick would be to cover him in steaks and leave him bound in the wild. But then some poor wild animal might get sick eating him (PETA would complain) so a short prison term had to do. What makes anyone believe he would treat animals better now? I’m torn though. Should Obama be concentrating more on running the country (into the ground) or playing golf and talking to his sports stars? Tough one.
    Hope everyone had a merry Christmas and a Safe and Happy New Year!
    AndyB, NH.

  7. “I’m not a big sports fan (except for the red Sox!) but I think an appropriate punishment for Vick would be to cover him in steaks and leave him bound in the wild. But then some poor wild animal might get sick eating him (PETA would complain) so a short prison term had to do. What makes anyone believe he would treat animals better now?”

    I don’t blame Michael Vick for playing NFL Football. A job was offered to him and he accepted it. The NFL on the other hand seems to have loose moral terpitude on who it will allow to work and who it won’t. As long as you are not rotting in prison, you can play.

    At the same time I don’t blame the NFL for having loose morals. The Scott Sisters were let out of prison in spite of, being arrested for armed robbery, getting their day in court, and being properly sentenced under the law. I guess their attorney was at the end of the line when plea deals were being handed out? Stupid him.

    So Gov. Haley Barbour grants clemency and the liberal media gushes at the fact only $11 was robbed and nobody got hurt. Oy! When someone points a gun at you, you never ever look at life the same way ever. Since your life is changed forever a double life term in prison fits very well for the scumbag who pointed that gun at you.

    As for the kidney transplant, the Dept. of Corrections in Mississippi won’t have to pay for it. But you can bet Medicaid will pay for it. Way to pass the buck Gov. Barbour.

  8. John – I totally blame the NFL for their lack of morals. I don’t think the government should be in the business of legislating morality, but I think we as a nation need to pressure businesses – PARTICULARLY those in the business of creating “heroes” (a tag I use loosely, but the fact that many youth look up to sports stars has been a constant since before Babe Ruth). It becomes an upward spiral when we hold each other accountable socially.

    I’ll admit to being biased in this – my much loved dog is a pit bull we rescued from Camden, New Jersey who had been used as a bait dog. Ike (our other dog is Mamie) is hands down the best dog we’ve ever had. He is calm, sweet, adores people, and yet is protective when he needs to be. He listens, he behaves around other dogs, and he is a part of our family. To this day, though, after he’s been with us for five and a half years, we cannot put a muzzle on him. He will pass out from going insane remembering the things that were done to him as a puppy. We’ve tried it… twice. The vet advised we never do that again.

    Michael Vick is one of the disgusting monsters that did the things that were done to my Ike. He’s revolting. And a second chance is a chance to support yourself, not a chance to replenish your multi-millions and be held up as a role model and a success story of “rehabilitation.”

    My vitriol is only aimed at Vick, though. And the NFL. Because a capitalist system doesn’t mean that people are free to act like animals. Or, rather, that people are free to act like rabid animals. It means that people and corporations should be held responsible socially for their actions. Vick is a disgusting excuse for a human being. I highly doubt he’s reformed ANYTHING, because he didn’t think he did anything wrong in the first place. He was only sorry he got caught.

  9. AFW:

    I can’t hold the NFL’s feet to the fire when our Government doesn’t set a proper example. There is a difference between legislating morality and setting a proper example. Certain behaviors dictate certain actions regardless of what the law demands or does not demand. Our Government should be setting a proper example so other social institutions can follow along.

    As for Michael Vick…he is one of many reasons why I loathe NFL football. As I posted before if you can play football and you are not rotting in prison, then you will be given a chance to play even if you are a total scumbag or worse.

  10. This made my day. Thank you for writing it… glad to see I’m not alone in the world…
    It’s the articles that take five-ten minutes to read that save me from disaster, for sure.

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