NYC Mayor Harasses AZ Over Gun Laws Despite Layoffs

On January 23, the Crossroads of the West gun show in Phoenix, Arizona became the target of an investigation. Neither Arizona authorities nor federal authorities carried it out. It wasn’t a journalist, either. Private investigators, hired by New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg at a price tag just over six figures, entered the popular gun show with the intent of trying to buy guns and making it appear illegal. Hidden cameras caught the PI’s telling gun sellers point-blank that they couldn’t pass a background check. We don’t know if any sellers told the hired hands to take a hike, but we do know that at least two guns were sold to them.

All of this is going down in the face of the biggest layoffs in the city’s history.

600 NYC firefighters are about to get their walking papers and 21,000 teachers are slated for the same fate thanks to the city’s budget shortfalls, yet Bloomberg is paying top dollar for what amounts to little more than political posturing. Bloomberg already runs a city that bans handgun ownership, but he’s been pushing for more stringent gun laws in the state for some time. The Tucson shooting provided the backdrop he had hoped for and, like any good liberal refusing to let a good crisis go to waste, Bloomberg joined the rest of the harpies in doing the gun control rain dance. The stunt he pulled right here in my city was his swan song.

Here’s the kicker: in Arizona, private sellers can be prosecuted for knowingly selling guns to those who cannot pass background checks. In this case, however, they can NEVER be prosecuted. Bloomberg didn’t notify Arizona officials that the investigation would be going down. So, because he has no jurisdiction, none of the illegal sellers will be held accountable. They can keep selling just as they did on January 23. The law is in place for a reason – breaking the law is supposed to result in penalties designed to deter people from selling guns illegally. Bloomberg wasn’t interested in bringing those sellers to justice. He wanted to accent his point, and in political terms, it is perfectly acceptable to ignore the law if it helps you win an argument.

I’m curious…how many teacher or firefighter jobs could have been spared by the money blown on this peacockery? Since we know that more layoffs will come because of governor Andrew Cuomo’s budget cuts, how many police jobs could have been spared the chopping block before those layoffs were even considered? How many officers need equipment that money could have purchased? How many bait cars could have been bought? How many investigations, rape kits, overtime hours could have been paid for with the money he flushed on this excursion?

What amazes me is that Bloomberg’s spokesman said, “The background check system failed in Arizona, it failed in Virginia and it fails in states around the country. If we don’t fix it now, the question is not whether another massacre will occur, but when.” In the video above, Bloomberg makes much of the fact that the gun purchased – a Glock 17 with two high-capacity clips – is the same weapon used in Tucson. The myth is busted, however. Most people have been led to believe by Bloomberg and most of the press that Jared Loughner, the Tucson shooter, was only stopped when he ran out of ammunition in one high-capacity clip. That is a patent lie. His weapon actually jammed precisely because of the clip he was using. All clips feed rounds into a gun chamber with a simple spring-loaded mechanism; the shorter the clip, the better the spring works. With a little practice and several smaller clips, Loughner could have held off every unarmed person for some time. The larger clip had a spring that was longer and had less loading power, resulting in a mis-chambered round and an opportunity for two unarmed people to wrestle him to the ground. The loading problem is an issue I have experienced when testing larger clips, so I have never bought one.

The background check system would not have stopped Loughner from getting a gun, even in New York. He had no criminal past and had not been determined legally mentally unfit. The only thing that would have stopped him before he killed five people would have been a law-abiding citizen carrying a gun and shooting him. In a day and age where people freak out at the sight of a person carrying a gun on their hip, though, why should anybody in a liberal bastion like Tucson actually have the balls to fight back and defend themselves?

God knows we don’t want to make anybody uncomfortable.


3 thoughts on “NYC Mayor Harasses AZ Over Gun Laws Despite Layoffs

  1. Gun Show? Sheeeyit, I can drive to two neighborhoods less than 20 minutes away each and buy guns. Every day is a gun show in those places. You can get just about any gun with no more than 30 minute wait. Mayor Bloomberg is worred about lawful guns shows? Good God.

  2. Michael Bloomberg… The notorious gun-grabber, and illegal alien lover.

    As Jan Brewer said: “I find it interesting that he’s out here in Arizona solving our problems. I guess he believes that he has solved all the problems in New York.”

    As Joe Arpaio tweeted: “First we have elected officials sticking their noses in the immigration issue and now this.”

    “Why is Mayor Bloomberg concerned about law enforcement in my county? Maybe I should send undercover deputies to New York.”

    As John In CA referenced… It’s much easier to obtain firearms (illegally) at places OTHER than gun shows and gun shops. Those places are usually just a short drive away.

    While Bloomberg was preoccupied with smearing Arizona, here’s what some of his precious illegals were up to in Los Angeles (perhaps, he should flown his $100,000 investigation further west).

    Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

    Joint LAPD – ATF Investigation Into Illegal Gun sales Leads to Indictment of Nine on Federal Weapons Charges…

    The nine defendants named in the indictment, five of whom were arrested this morning, are:

    * Oswaldo Ramirez, 29, of Lakewood, an illegal alien who allegedly arranged and was present at most of the firearms transactions;
    * Victor Huerta, 20, of Paramount, who allegedly participated in several of the gun transactions;
    * Ernesto Figueroa Chavez, 21, of La Puente, an illegal alien who allegedly supplied the gun in three transactions prior to being deported to Mexico in October;
    * Robert Francis Evangelista, 32, of Montebello, who was allegedly involved in seven firearms transactions;
    * Sergio Herrera, 30, of South Gate, who allegedly sold one firearm;
    * Ivan Reyes, 34, who is a fugitive currently being sought by authorities for allegedly selling one firearm and being involved in a narcotics transaction;
    * Robert Michael Roybal, 23, of El Sereno, who allegedly was involved in two firearms transactions and is currently in state custody;
    * Ramon Lopez, 33, of South Los Angeles, who allegedly was involved in one gun transaction and is currently in state custody; and
    * a ninth defendant who is charged with participating in one gun transaction and is the subject of an ongoing investigation into his identity

    While I’m on the subject, let’s review the language of the no borders types…

    “Comprehensive Immigration Reform”.
    “Our immigration system is broken.” This is typically preceded with “I think we can all agree that…”.
    “Regularize” and “regularization”.
    “Ending Illegality” – Newt Gingrich.
    They “live in the shadows”. “Bring them out of the shadows”.
    “Undocumented Workers”. “Undocumented Americans”.
    “Beleaguered Newcomers” – “Cardinal” Roger Mahony.
    “An opportunity, not a problem.” – Jeb Bush
    “Family values don’t stop at the Rio Grande.” – George W. Bush (Every time he said that, I wanted to break something).
    “No one is illegal.”.
    We “need to bring them into the fold”.
    “Doing the jobs Americans won’t do”.

  3. I’ve made mention before my profound respect for Charlton Heston. Heston championed unpopular political causes long before other actors thought it was hip. He is known for throwing his weight behind the Gun Control Act of 1968 – which, on the surface, sounds to be anti-gun, but it wasn’t. The Act forbade several classifications of people from legally purchasing guns.

    Anyone sentenced to one year or more in prison, dishonorably discharged from the military, convicted of ANY violent misdemeanor, carrying a restraining order against them for harassment or stalking, adjudicated as mentally defective, is addicted to drugs, or is a fugitive from justice cannot possess a firearm. Guess who else can’t? Illegal immigrants or those in the country on non-immigrant visas.

    I agree with that Act, too. There should be some restrictions – Bloomberg doesn’t understand it. He, like all liberals, thinks that banning civilian ownership of guns will solve the problem. It’ll only make the populace weak just as it has in England.

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