Westboro’s Comeuppance

I’ve only posted once here in the past three or four years about Westboro Baptist Church and their lunatic ideas. I will repeat what I said then: that they aren’t trying to recruit, they are comprised entirely of the extended family of Fred Phelps, Sr., and the best thing to do with a group like this is often to simply ignore them. They’re after attention and deliberately trying to incite people to violence so they can become honest-to-Fred martyrs.

That said, I can’t blame the military families and friends who have nearly become violent with them. According to ihatethemedia and thehayride, the folks of a little town called Brandon, Mississippi, found a whole new way to deal with the Phelpsians.

Now, a little piece of the public safety worker in me doesn’t want to condone the first part, but the hot-blooded American that I am can’t help but feel some justification for it (if it’s true). There is a claim floating around that a male member of WBC was assaulted after he ran his yap at a gas station; if this had really happened, I promise they would have bleated it from the highest skyscraper in America and demanded justice. Instead, the members are denying that anyone was assaulted on the WBC website (no, I will NOT link it here). I can’t find much news about it – actually, I can’t find any verifiable reports on national media just yet – but that very night, before USMC SSgt. Jason Rogers was laid to rest in his hometown, a whole ‘nother form of peaceful counterprotest took place.

The Phelpsians woke at their hotel to find all of their vehicles boxed in. What’s more, the sole police wrecker in town was apparently busy and couldn’t tow the vehicles that were blocking them. A handful eventually made it to the funeral to protest, but they were escorted away by police. Reports that I’m getting say they weren’t arrested, they were merely asked to come in for questioning.

So, if you wanna know how to deal with WBC, just wait ’til they come to your town, find out where they’re staying, get a hundred friends or so and block their vehicles in so bad it’ll take a tow truck hours to dig ’em out. I don’t think there’s anything illegal about that.


4 thoughts on “Westboro’s Comeuppance

  1. The first part of it alluded to a rather violent action, unfortunately. Here’s hoping that that part of it didn’t actually take place.

    I love the idea of boxing in their cars, but it would have to happen in a very small town without commercial tow services who are all about profits. I guess that’s pretty often the case for the WBC protests though. There are also well-defined techniques for resisting being “led away” by police, though again possibly less effective in a small town.

    This sounds like a ‘works-once’ strategy, overall – I’m betting WBC will have methods to counteract what happened here if people try it again. I prefer the strategies that are harder for them to address, like the “angels” (with the six or eight foot high wings) and the groups revving motorcycles, because those are free speech too. Still, kudos to those who thought of it…

  2. Wrong. This is the best way to deal with Westboro:

    If the link doesn’t show up, just go to youtube and type in Jason Beats the WBC. It is hands down the best way to deal with the Westboro Baptist Church crowd.

  3. What Jason did was totally awsome.I served on active duty for eight years. I personaly have an encounter with the WBC. I was a security guard at Ft. Riley, KS. We had dead soliders coming in from the air field near Topeka. A low and behold two days before the soliders came, the WBC was already there. The main thing they forget is, the men and women past, present, and future who will give the WBC their first amnedment right

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