WHCD Suprisingly Mum on Palin

After watching the White House Correspondents Dinner tonight and listening to the speeches of President Obama and comedian Seth Meyers (a supporter of Mr. Obama), I am left wondering if Donald Trump was a liberal-plant to remove the media’s fixation of Sarah Palin.

The president and Seth Meyers combined must have spent a good three-four minutes on poking fun at Donald Trump as Trump sat and appeared none-too-pleased.  The president also casually mentioned a handful of possible GOP candidates including Tim Pawlenty (snore), Mitt Romney (snore), and Michelle Bachmann.  The president himself mentioned nothing of Sarah Palin.  This is very stunning considering Palin has been the most vocal on attacking the president over his policies (the ones the media claim everyone should be focused on) and she’s probably received at least 90% of the media’s coverage over the last two years in comparison to that of Pawlenty or someone like Romney.

This has me wondering just what kind of Palin-chatter has been happening inside of the White House.  While the MSM has some Americans convinced that they’d love nothing more than for Palin to win the Republican nomination for President, it seems almost strategic on the part of the president to mention nothing of her in his round of jokes tonight.

Just last night in an interview with Bret Baier, Palin continued her harsh criticism of the president by pointing out gas prices increasing by 67% since he’s been president.  She also segued into her experience as Governor of Alaska explaining how she took on the oil companies and how she believed lower tax rates with tough policies against large corporations and closing loopholes would be a great commonsense approach to address many of these issues.  Finally, she suggested Obama has no idea what he is doing with regard to energy and how ramping up domestic production of our energy here at home by drilling — as opposed to asking other countries to do it for us — would be a solid step to better times.

So while Donald Trump is out dropping F-Bombs at speeches in Nevada and setting himself up suspiciously under the name “republican” to further explore an issue dismissed by most conservatives months ago (a rumor which began with the Hillary Clinton campaign), we still have a savvy potential candidate making the case for some of the commonsense ideals mentioned above.


One thought on “WHCD Suprisingly Mum on Palin

  1. When matched up with Republicans on the economy, Mr Obama’s comments are as empty as his lyrical explanation of Libya….. Wow, what a “shocker” to find out he hasn’t the qualifications to debate anyone on fiscal issues… Right?

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