Mission (Finally) Accomplished!

The news tonight is almost surreal. According to Fox News, Osama Bin Laden, mastermind of the 9/11 attacks and multiple other bombings – including the 1996 bombing of the WTC – is dead. US authorities are in possession of his body and have confirmed that Bin Laden is dead.

He was killed during a firefight with US Special Forces in Pakistan.

With a member of my family serving in the Army as an intel analyst, I am elated that his hard work has helped pay off in such grand fashion.

I might remind our readers that had Gore – not Bush – been in office on 9/11, we never would have gone to Afghanistan. Osama never would have had to run. In the end, we still wouldn’t have him because no Democrat would have had the balls to fight back. Lord bless our troops and their bravery, tonight especially for the Special Forces soldiers who did their job so well. Thank you. Get some rest, boys, you’ve done a tremendous job.


8 thoughts on “Mission (Finally) Accomplished!

  1. Since you’ve taken the liberty of politicizing this, I’ll just point out that had the will of the voters been carried out and Gore was president, 9/11 would never have happened, as the inconceivable act of ignoring over 50 separate warnings from all 16 of our intelligence agencies would never have occurred.

  2. Oh only if it were that easy. If Gore were president, he would have continued to ignore it as Clinton did and whom he was vice-president to for eight years.

    Liberals insisted on leaving Afghanistan by 2011 remember when the moveon.org loons and Kucinich nuts were demanding we leave altogether. It was pressure put on by sane Americans that persuaded Obama to stay coupled with the fabulous information-gathering methods developed by our CIA during the Bush years that led to this collective success tonight for our nation.

    You can spin this as a sole victory for liberals if you’d like but you might be better off cooking up a defense for our administration and the-then liberal Congress’s decision to send billions of aid to Pakistan when it seems apparent this early on that they were betraying us.

    It will be Obama’s response to that which will serve as the desideratum of whether or not he should even bother running again. You know we’ll be on top of it, you know Rush will, and you know that unless you can pass a fairness doctrine quickly, America will get all this information as well.

  3. Right, Robert…because we all know that all of the evidence that was gathered illegally would have resulted in all of the hijackers being illegally detained before being illegally tried and our judges would have been angry enough to throw the book at them, right?

    You really are convinced of liberal superiority, aren’t you? If we were to believe you, liberals can do absolutely no wrong. We wouldn’t have been able to stop a damn thing because the PATRIOT Act did not yet exist and WE HAD NO LEGAL RECOURSE AT ALL.


  4. I too am pleased Bin Laden is gone. I hope his dead carcass was defiled by pigs before being disposed off. Even better, I hope they took photos of this.

  5. I wonder what the response would have been had this event happened under Bush or a non-liberal president? I bet it would have been muted. It does seem like the policies started under Bush did the job albeit later than we wanted. I’d be interested in what Congress and the administration do with Pakistan now since they (or some powerful parts of their government) obviously knew he was there and have been harboring and helping other terrorists.
    I haven’t been watching all the news (working one job and on my way to the next) but I bet some are worried that he wasn’t given the chance to surrender! Glad it finally happened and good riddance to him. Hope his body doesn’t wash up on our shores!
    AndyB, NH.

  6. The information that enabled us to find and kill Bin Laden came from Gitmo. Bush had established Gitmo for terrorist prisoners whereas Obama sought to shut down Gitmo and have trials in New York.

    Also… the CIA and the Navy Seals handled the operation that killed Bin Laden. Is Homeland Security really necessary? Hm…

  7. whichever it was… it is now! Thank you!!!
    Mel; Alba wonders if you ever get in trouble for some of the things you say??
    LOL!!! 🙂

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