Holding The Media Accountable

Sarah Palin released the following statement today regarding the killing of Bin Laden:

Yesterday was a testament to the military’s dedication in relentlessly hunting down an enemy through many years of war,” And we thank our president . . . We thank President Bush for having made the right calls to set up this victory.

Tell me, how in the world does this transcend to the headline: Sarah Palin: Bush got Osama?

This doesn’t even qualify as a paraphrase, does it?


3 thoughts on “Holding The Media Accountable

  1. Oh come on. She is obviously trying to let Bush take credit for this. She didn’t even mention Obama by name. Does it surprise you that the media jumped on this opportunity to get people riled up?

  2. She said “we thank our President.”

    We only have one.

    It was more important to say “Bush” with specificity since he’s not the president anymore. She was not taking credit away and she certainly was not saying “Bush got Bin Laden.”

  3. Hmm. I suppose that Sarah Palin could have said: In the car, labeled: kill or preferably capture-Bin Laden, Bush started the drive, and Obama took over for the last half of the drive.
    I, personally, think that the world’s people, or most of them, can breathe easily, now that a man who murdered people for political gain, is now no longer doing his killing games. Heck, I don’t care…let the credit for stopping OBL go to Obama, or anybody. Let the credit go to past president Calvin Coolidge. To me, the criminal has been stopped, permanently. If fools give out medals to the deserved + the undeserved, over the stopping of OBL, my life will not be bugged at all. That’s my view on Ms. Palin’s speech. C’est tout.

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