Anti-Palin Overdrive! (And the Obvious Timing)

For all of the allegedly-credible polls released in the past months which tell us Palin should forget about running for President, I am astonished at the rush of special-interest projects ready to hit the market in 2011 that seek to destroy her.

First Huffington Post blogger by the name of Geoffrey Dunn is releasing a book this month called The Lies of Sarah PalinBack in the day after the release of Going Rogue, Mr. Dunn immediately wrote a scathing attack on Palin which accused her of lying several times.  This was thoroughly rebutted by citizen-journalist, Mark Gillar, who had comments deleted from Huffington Post (which has happened to me before as well).  To date, Mr. Dunn has not responded.

The next Palin hit piece, scheduled for May 24th release, is Blind Allegiance to Sarah Palin written by Frank Bailey, a campaign administrator for Palin’s primary and general gubernatorial election wins in 2006.  He then went on to serve as deputy director of the transition team.  What the rest of his bio fails to reveal is the fact that he is a disgruntled employee and little man who was denied senior jobs in her administration and was not part of her vice-presidential campaign in 2008.  Two contributing authors to the book are Ken Morris, an anti-Wall Street fanatic and lefty, and Jeanne Devon, yet another blogger for the Huffington Post who has spent a lot of time as part of the Trig Palin “Truther” movement which exists to investigate (along with Andrew Sullivan) Sarah Palin’s decision to fly home to give birth and/or if Trig Palin is even the child of Sarah Palin (I.E. it was really Bristol’s). 

Thirdly, we have the creepy next-door peeping-Tom, Joe McGinnis.  His book which is titled: The Rogue promises to dive deep into Palin’s connections in Alaska.  It is not yet told which sources were used, but I am pretty much assuming it’s going to include some of the people who have written the previous two books.

Needless to say, these pieces of literature (and I use the term lightly) will serve to feed the establishment Republicans Palin refused to scratch backs with along with her liberal-haters over at the Huffington Post much to sink their teeth into.  The sad part is, they’ve already accused her of being a liar in the past.  They’ve already gotten perspectives on Palin from other Alaskans.  None of this will be new.  The only person who serves to benefit from all this will be Sarah Palin who knows that this anti-Palin overdrive is conveniently happening just one year before 2012.

One wonders just how blind these authors think American voters are as we listen to them proclaim their confidence in her inability to successfully run for President while they simultaneously crank out the same rhetoric Americans are already used to hearing.

If this is confidence, many are left wondering: what the heck does insecurity look like?


2 thoughts on “Anti-Palin Overdrive! (And the Obvious Timing)

  1. Mikhail Kryzhanovsky. KGB OPERATION “BARACK OBAMA”

    YouTube Video


    Part 1. Bill Clinton.

    On December 31, 1969 Oxford student and anti-war activist Bill Clinton came to Moscow through Holland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland for 5-days vacation at expensive “National” Hotel. His autobiography says the only person he knew in Moscow was Anik “Nikki” Alexis, a daughter of a French diplomat who was now studying at the Patrice Lumumba Peoples’ Friendship University. Clinton recalls, “One night I took a bus out to Lumumba University to have dinner with Nikki and some of her friends” On the bus back home, Clinton says, there was only one other passenger, Oleg Rakito, who “spoke better English than I did” and “asked me lots of questions and told me he worked for the government, virtually admitting he was assigned to keep an eye on me”.
    The story is all fake. First, foreigners who can afford “National” don’t use public transportation on January -30 C night. Second, KGB officer might reveal his identity to a foreigner only if he’s recruiting him. Third, Bill Clinton was recruited, otherwise he would have left Moscow immediately and in panic. Instead, he enjoyed the rest of his vacation and went to Chechoslovakia, another socialist country.
    Bill Clinton tried to move America towards socialism through health care reform plan. His effort ultimately died, though Obama finished the job successfully. Clinton helped Russians a – he saved their # 1 secret source, CIA Director and KGB “mole” John Deutch.
    Deutch was born in Belgium to a Russian father and he was the only Russian CIA Director. He got some jobs with top secrets access : 1983 – President’s Commission on Strategic Forces, 1990-1993 – the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board member , 1993-1994 – Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Technology, Deputy Defense Secretary, 1995-1996 Director of Central Intelligence Agency. Since 2000 – MIT Professor and Director for Citigroup.
    Deutch was appointed CIA Director by President Clinton and stayed in Langley in 1995- 1996. He is a Russian “mole,” and he’s safe because President Clinton obstructed the investigation and pardoned this enemy of state in 2001.
    John Deutch ordered my recruitment. In 1995 I, a former KGB intelligence officer and Ukrainian National Security illegal spy, came to USA where I hoped to work for the government as strategic intelligence analyst. I was recruited by CIA as “Filament” and had to work also for FBI National Security Division – it was CIA-FBI conspiracy.I had to spy on the U.S. Congress They wanted also to influence the White House and I wrote “The Professional” system special instructions for President Bill Clinton (now in use by Barack Obama) on elections technologies, White House and Congress management, mind control and propaganda, world dominance, foreign policy strategies and diplomacy tricks, special operations, murders, total control and surveillance.
    I state that political control over the White House and the U.S. Congress, not national security, was and is the CIA and FBI top priority. The also had “a very important job up to my high professional skills as a sniper”. I didn’t want to kill politicians. They’ve pressed me very hard in return. .Three months before 9/11 tragedy happened, in June 2001, I’ve warned American President George W. Bush and the U.S. Senate on CIA anti-American activity, national security collapse and my personal situation. My Senator Hillary Clinton refused to mess with CIA . In September 2002, White House sent a request to the Dept. of Justice, where FBI Director R. Mueller blocked it because I was a “joint” CIA-FBI project. Senator Chuck Schumer’s (D) Office explained to me that “American national security is not his business”.President Obama, Janet Napolitano, Homeland Security Secretary and Mark Kappelhof, Dept. of Justice Civil Rights Division keep silence. In 2007, ALGORA, a small publishing company, released my “White House Special Handbook, or How to Rule the World in the 21st Century”, based on “The Professional”. 300 universities and colleges including Yale, Princeton, Harvard, Georgetown and Oxford, learn top political management in a right, KGB way .

    Three signs are enough to triangulate a “mole” and here they are for Mr. Deutch:
    1. Two days after Deutch retired from the CIA, on December 16, 1996, technical personnel discovered at his house highly classified information stored on his unclassified computer, loaded from his agency computer. He refused to explain why he violated strict security rules.
    First, Director of Central Intelligence doesn’t need highly classified data on his home computer, because he is a bureaucrat, not an analyst.
    Second, here we have a trick — the Internet-connected computer is accessible by anyone with some technical knowledge and you don’t have to send anything — the Russians will read secret information right from your home computer.
    2. In 1997 the CIA began a formal security investigation. It was determined that his computer was often connected to the Internet with no security, and that Deutch was known to leave memory cards with classified data lying in his car. Deutch used his influence to stop further any investigation and the CIA took no action until 1999, when it suspended his security clearances. He admitted finally the security breach and merely apologized.
    3. In 1999 the Defense Department started its own investigation, and it appeared that in 1993 Deutch, as Defense Undersecretary, used unsecured computers at home and his America Online (!) account to access classified defense information. As Deputy Defense Secretary, he declined departmental requests in 1994 to allow security systems to be installed in his residence.
    4. In 2000 Senator Charles Grassley asked the Justice Department to look into the case. There was no investigation.
    In 2001 President Clinton pardoned Deutch. There were no comments.


    Part 2. “Barack Obama”

    On November 4, 2008 “Barack Obama” won presidential election. He was born on August 4, 1961 in Honolulu, Hawaii.If there’s something very wrong with someone’s birth certificate and if there’s an indication that this someone used a birth certificate information of a newborn child (Virginia Sunahara) who died at birth or soon after birth, we have to talk about the methods Russian intelligence (SVR, a former KGB) and its illegal espionage department. We have to talk about one of the stages of the illegal spy “documentation process” – using “special” birth certificates to get legal documents in USA – SS#, driver license, passport.
    Hawaii law requires the registration of a death within 3 days and the registration of a birth within 7 days. With an Aug. 4, 1961, birthdate, Virginia Sunahara’s birth registration was filed as late as Aug. 11, 1961 – the same day the Nordyke twins’ birth certificates were filed by Kapi’olani hospital with the Hawaii Department of Health local registrar and registrar general. Susan Nordyke, the twin born first, received birth certificate number 10637; Gretchen Nordyke, the second, received number 10638. Barack Obama’s birth certificate was issued the number 10641, even though it was registered three days before the Nordykes’ certificates. However, if the birth certificate number 10641 was first assigned to Virginia Sunahara, the apparent conflict could be explained.

    Now, let’s reconstruct Obama’s biography as I see it with my 30 years of espionage experience.
    Illegal spy cover story works best if it’s a mix of actual and fake facts. “Obama” (let’s call him John Smith) was a child of a student from Kenya whop studied at the Peoples’ Friendship University in Moscow and who dated a Russian girl. Such kids in Russia were often unwanted by both partners and were raised and educated at a special school. Like Obama, John Smith was born in 1961 and like him graduated from high school in 1979. KGB paid attention to a very smart young man. Lieutenant Smith was Intelligence Institute student in 1979-1982 (it’s in Moscow, not far from “Cosmos” Hotel – there are couple of buildings in the area and I got intelligence education myself in one of them back in 1987).
    Then a decision was made to train him individually as illegal intelligence officer .The “dacha” (Russian for small villa) not far from Moscow, provides an ideally isolated territory for training. Two or three instructors also live there to immerse the candidate completely and supervise him all the time. The internal fittings of the dacha are prepared very thoroughly and carefully. From the first day the candidate becomes accustomed to the circumstances in which he will be living and working in USA for many years. He wears American clothes, eats the food, he’s thinking, acting and living like 100% American . From the first day of his training he is supplied with the majority of papers and magazines, he’s watching movies and TV shows. The instructors ask the candidate the most difficult questions imaginable with regard to what has been read and seen. After a number of years of such training, the future illegal knows everything about America, espionage technology and speaks perfect English.
    At the same time, in 1979-1981, Barack Obama studied at Occidental College in Los Angeles where he became a socialist ready to transform the nation by redistributing wealth. KGB station in Washington, DC which was constatntly looking for future secret sources at American universities and colleges, got information about young socialist. They sent his picture and some info to Moscow where strking resemblance was discovered between a college student from Los Angeles and a future illegal spy John Smith.
    In mid-1981, Obama travelled to Indonesia to visit his mother and sister Maya, and visited the families of college friends in India and Pakistan for 3 weeks. Then something happened in India, a good friend to Soviet Union and a perfect place to recruit foreigners. He was recruited and he disappeared – John Smith aka Barack Obama came back to the United States – change of agents, one of regular illegal espionage methods.
    In 1982 Obama’s father died in a car accident in Nairobi, his mother lived in Indonesia and might be just avoided or ignored by her “son” (Don Johnson, Dunham co-worker said “Obama was distancing himself from her”. Russians approached Ann Dunham under a “false flag” ( National Security Agency or CIA) and explained that her son had to stay abroad for a secret mission for some time. They told her that she had to be ready to accept another person as her own son. For operation like that, espionage agencies often recruit close relatives and allow them to meet their son(daughter) from time to time outside USA. Money talks, there’s nothing unusual, though for Dunham the pressure and depression was too big – she died in 1995 of cancer at 52.
    Time changes people, so “Obama” had to stay away from his friends and do not show up in public too much. In 1981 he transferred to Columbia University in New York City, where he majored in political science and where nobody could remember him, and graduated with a B.A. in 1983. In 1983-1985 he worked at the Business International Corporation and at the New York Public Interest Research Group. “Obama” had to function like a regular illegal spy, living a quite life , staying away from his mother and old friends, recruiting secret sources and sending information to Moscow. He worked in Chicago as community organizer in 1985-1988 and in mid-1988 travelled to Europe to meet his KGB handlers and get new instructions. He had a choice – a safe variant (to make a political career in one of African countries), and a risky one of staying in America – KGB wanted him to be Martin Luther King #2 or one of African leaders. But it appeared he get much more which is Oval Office. It was decided he could stay in USA longer and it was a success : Illinois state senator (1997-2004) and U.S. Senator (2005-2008).
    . In 2005 he visited Russia together with Senator R.Lugar and met his SVR handlers to discuss his prospectives for the U.S. presidency.
    In 2007, Obama announced his candidacy for President of the United States. In 2008 he won the race and became the first Russian illegal spy to be elected the U.S. President.The Congressional Research Service, a public policy arm of Congress, officially admits no one in the government ever vetted Obama’s constitutional eligibility.
    After his victory in November 2008. American President “Barack Obama”, the most powerful man in the world, lost sense of reality and ignored his Russian intelligence boss (Mikhail Fradkov) instructions – he had his own vision on how to rule and destroy America .Russians were not going to lose control over the White House and American President. They explained to Obama, that it’s OK, but he had to work together with Bill Clinton, a “big friend of Russia” and his people.. Bill Clinton was instructed what to do and in November 2008 Obama had to divide the power – he appointed Hillary Clinton the Secretary of State, Rahm Emanuel ( Clinton’s chief political adviser) – the White House Chief of Staff and Leon Panetta (Clinton’s Chief of Staff) – CIA Director. On October 2, 2010 he managed to fire Rahm Emanuel (I’ll tell you why) and after that Russians humiliated him one more time – in April 28, 2011, he was forced to nominate Panetta to replace Robert Gates as Secretary of Defense. If confirmed (in July , 2011), Panetta would end all operations and withdraw all U.S. troops from Iraq – that’s another Russian intelligence order. Obama, actually, lost half of his power by giving two key Cabinet positions to Clintons team – that’s how Russians punished their illegal spy for his independence.
    Still, as a Russian illegal intelligence officer he’s good. He’s destroying America – its called “socialist intervention into the US economy”. Besides, while Bill Clinton saved one Russian “mole” John Deutch, Obama saved 10 (ten) Russian illegal spies sending them back to Russia in 2010 without any investigation – severe blow to American national security and priceless gift to SVR, Russian intelligence.
    In April, 2011 he announced his intention to seek re-election in 2012. Coming collapse of America is the KGB/SVR payback for what happened to the Soviet Union which disappeared from the globe.


    Part 3. Hillary Clinton

    2012 is coming and there’s a player who’ll never give up and whom Russian intelligence service can’t stop. Hillary Clinton with a team of her own.
    In March , 2010 I’ve received an invitation for a dinner with President Barack Obama and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi from DCCC (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee) signed by Ian Sugar, Director of Development. Sugar explained that I pay $15,999 (credit card) and on May 13, 2010, at 6.00 PM I can come to St. Regis hotel, New York . Now, guess who was the DCCC Chairman in 2005-2009 and who could advise Ian Sugar to send Kryzhanovsky, a former KGB sniper, an invitation to a dinner with Obama ? Rahm Emanuel. I didn’t go, instead I’ve put on YouTube my video to show vulnerability of Obama’s protection system.
    On October, 12 2010, I had a meeting with two Secret Service agents, John and Bratt (646-842-2107) – they were very nervous about the video We had a long discussion. I’ve asked them why they allow the White House press office to put Obama’s next day schedule on Internet with exact time and place of his trips – it gives a perfect possibility to kill him. They told me it was Rahm Emanuel’s order and they can do nothing though on October 2, 2010 Obama fired Emanuel and it was a small victory over Clintons. More interesting – they told me they wanted me to work for them too :” We know you as “Filament”, you work for CIA and we want you to work for us too under the same alias. We’ll pay you”. So, I’m still acting CIA agent and they’re still sure I’ll do political murders ? And who’s the target – Obama ? That’s why Secret service is nervous – they are in the game ?
    That’s not the end. On January, 20 2011 I talked to FBI agent Eric Perry. He said my video made “high authorities, people on the very top vextremely nervous”. He didn’t explain if it was FBI Director Robert Mueller, the White House Chief of Staff or Obama himself. He asked me to delete the video from YouTube. Why FBI is so nervous, they are in the game ?
    Like with JFK assassination, you don’t need huge conspiracy – it’s enough if CIA Director Panetta, FBI Director Mueller and Secret Service Director Sullivan make a deal. Back in 1963 other 3 made a deal not to touch Lee Oswald untill he finished the job – simple, right , Mrs Hillary Clinton ?


    Part 4. What’s next ?

    “Birth certificate” story made Obama very angry, but actually he’s in panic. Russians are in panic too – it was a 100% surprise for them. They didn’t initially that Obama might get the Oval Office and his enemies would put his fake biography and documents under microscope. Russians could ask Donald Trump to stop his own investigation (Trump met Russian leader Putin and stated that America needs a president like him), but he will run for president in 2012 and he has to press Obama (Trump says “no”, but polls say “yes”).
    Now “Obama” has to make a choice together with his Russian boss Mikhail Fradkov, SVR Director:
    1) resign or just disappear and go back to Russia
    2) commit suicide or wait until Hillary Clinton’s clan kills him with my help, though I can tell Robert Mueller, Leon Panetta and Mark Sullivan one more time – I’m not coming back, I will not kill “Barack Obama” or anybody else, stop calling me and sending agents to get me back
    3) continue his re-election campaign and presidential activity no matter what
    4) fight Hillary Clinton’s mafia, cut off any attempts to investigate his biography

    There’s also “one-way ticket” possibility, if Russian intelligence makes a decision to “neutralize” “Obama” (staged car accident, etc) to avoid huge international scandal.

    And what about his administration ? Panetta, Mueller and Hillary Clinton will resign, then – investigation and jail. Because it’s much bigger than Nixon with his Watergate and Bill Clinton with his impeachment. It’s a conspiracy to commit a murder of the U.S. President. Life sentence.


    Mikhail Kryzhanovsky
    30 years of international espionage experience
    KGB Counterintelligence School
    KGB Intelligence Institute
    a former KGB intelligence officer
    a former KGB “Nabat” anti-terror group sniper
    a former SBU (Ukrainian Security Service) illegal intelligence officer
    a former CIA/FBI “Filament”
    the author of the White House Special Handbook, Algora,2007
    the author of the US National Security System, 2011
    unemployed, homeless

    “Barack Obama 2012 : KGB technology 2008” YouTube Video

    “Mikhail Kryzhanovsky” YouTube Video

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