Why I Won’t Support Ron Paul

Ron Paul is at it again.  Blaming America for 9/11, making hot-headed remarks to those who dare disagree with him, and allows his over-inflated opinion of himself to continue ballooning nurtured by his undying supporters who have turned him into God since 2008. 

In 2008, I had respect for Ron Paul.  Even after his radical first-statement in the 2008 debates which blamed America for September 11th, Ron Paul knew he was un underdog and came across in a very humble way.  Since 2008, he’s become a little more pompous and intolerant of differing views.

In his latest interview with Chris Wallace, the hot-headed Congressman snickered when the Fox News host asked him why he thought it was “wrong” to go into Pakistan to kill Bin Laden without the Pakistani government’s knowledge.  At first he snickered and told Wallace he never said it was “wrong,” but then moved on to say what they “should have done.”  If you’re offering up advice to proclaim what some “should have done,” you are proclaiming that something was wrong.  Yet, Paul embarrassingly continued to deny the charge of what was obvious.  Why not just answer it?  Or better yet, why not just say that suggesting tipping off Pakistan before going in to kill Bin Laden was crazy as most sane Americans would agree?

After moving on to the topic of social security, Ron Paul began calling it welfare and begins suggesting that we abolish the program altogether.  Wallace challenged him reading Article One-Section Eight of the Constitution pointing out that Congress shall collect taxes for the general welfare of society.  Then Wallace went on to affirm that the Supreme Court upheld that it applied to social security in 1938.  In lieu of offering an explanation of difference which inspires Americans to explore, Ron Paul condescendingly snickered and wrote the Supreme Court decision off as a “liberal decision.”

Ron Paul should stick to his fan club territory, continue to criticize our elected officials, and enjoy his untouchable status anointed on him by his legions of followers.  He has been in Congress for decades and has not inspired yet one fellow member of Congress to do anything differently.  As President, he’d have even less influence on a Congress who is generally afraid to align themselves with the radicalized thinking of a sitting President when they are the ones up for re-election every two years.

The right direction for America is a renowned sense of appreciation for business, free markets combined with responsible citizenship.  We need a positive turnaround which approaches to undo years of a messy tax system in ways that won’t immediately abolish the IRS and take social security and medicare away from Americans who have been conditioned for 50+ years to rely on it.

As Thatcher found out with public healthcare in 1979-1990, once public funds are set up they are very hard to get rid of.  This is why we work with what we have while reforming the current tax code to provide for fairer rates, closing loopholes for large corporations and giant oil companies, and fighting proposed nightmares-in-progress like Obamacare before they take effect.

You know, all the same policies Sarah Palin advocates.  😉  Common sense.


8 thoughts on “Why I Won’t Support Ron Paul

  1. “After moving on to the topic of social security, Ron Paul began calling it welfare and begins suggesting that we abolish the program altogether.”

    Social Security is not welfare. It is worse than welfare. With welfare,you have to be poor and have no means to collect it. If you have a pulse then there is some obscure latch provision that will get you covered even if you jumped off a boat from across sees 2 seconds ago. Don’t pay in and get benefits, such a deal!!!

    Rich man, poor man, beggar man, thief, the table is set for all to pig out on the futures of others. I know millionaires who don’t need their Social Security money and they draw benefits anyway.

    I’ll totally back any candidate who favors taking Social Security, ripping to pieces, setting fire to it and starting over. How about this simple concept?:

    If you don’t pay in then you get nothing.

  2. I cannot say it’s worse than welfare. When old people bring me their social security statements every year, I know they darn well worked for those. We can debate the ROI, sure. But welfare is handed out to people who put nothing into things and it is so abused as we all know.

    Even if we could get all conservatives to agree on this, the independents will believe killing social security would be radical. Even if Ron Paul were President, there’s no way he’d get everyone in Congress to comply. Especially when we can do so many other things first like closing regulatory and tax loopholes on large corporations, giving fair tax cuts to all businesses, getting out of Libya, and put pressure on Iraq to pay us back.

  3. “I cannot say it’s worse than welfare. When old people bring me their social security statements every year, I know they darn well worked for those.”

    Those old people worked and a good number of them did not pay FICA tax on 100 percent of their comes. Such a deal.

    My brother in-law is 59. He has terminal cancer. Besides dying, what also sucks is he won’t live long enough to collect his benefits. My sister is 15 years away from her retirement age. Their child turn 18 this Fall. He won’t draw any death benefits from Social Security and my sister is too young to retire. How any person in their right mind can support Social Security as it is now is crazy. As I said, we should burn it.

  4. I agree, it’s not a conservative-principled program. But at least people DO pay into it with the intent of getting something back some day. I’d much rather put my 7.65% into my own retirement plan, I get you.

    But the fact remains, you have to convince 300M (and so would Paul) of killing it. Taking steps to reverse is realistic. And whether we like it nor not, burning social security or medicare altogether would be too radical to get the majority of Americans behind on.

  5. Do you not see the charade my dead gayconservative child? Do you not realize that they hate us, not because of our freedom or because of our culture. They hate us because for over 70 years we have been violating countless other countries national sovereignty and we have disrupted their democratic processes and installed dictators who are tolerant towards US private interest.

    They have every right to hate us, just as we would hate anyone who came from half way across the world, with men and killing machines installing their morals on us, killing our brothers, our moms and dads, our sons and daughters. We must lost our ethnocentric view of the world. It is not our right to try and use force to nanny other countries.

    Ron Paul is NOT an isolationist. He is a non-interventionist, just like our founding fathers were and recommended us to be. We can create strong bonds with other countries through trade and prosperity, we are only making more enemies and causing more people to want to terrorize our country.

    Ron Paul 2012

  6. John, he is too extreme.

    Simply look at what Paul Ryan and Sarah Palin are going through right now in a effort to REFORM medicare for people under 55. The American Left is portraying it and winning the message war on it by claiming all Republicans want to throw grandma over a cliff.

    Enter Ron Paul who thinks social security is welfare. Who thinks Medicare is welfare. Regardless of your personal opinion on it, the fact remains we have a 1938 Supreme Court ruling upholding its constitutionality. The idea that you have responded the way that you have mirrors his hot-headed fashion of refusing to tolerate any dissent from his positions. The man has been pumped up by a small number of supporters (better characterized as “worshippers”) to the degree that he thinks he has ideas that are untouchable.

    Letting such a dangerous person loose on society is dangerous. Simply imagine how the left will deal with him as he tries to abolish Social Security, Medicare, and the IRS altogether watching what they’re done with Paul Ryan in a simple attempt to reform.

    It won’t work.

  7. if you are a true gay conservative then you should support ron paul. he is the only one that would remove the government from regulating gay marriage and handing it over to the state and moreover to the church. there are many churches that are gay friendly and would have no problem marrying same sex couples. indeed if you honestly believe that government does a better job at saving your money then you can then you should call yourself a liberal and not a conservative. the government continues to borrow money from social security and they continue to raise the age to collect it. if social sec was a program that worked then you can make the argument to keep it but the current system is broken and will not sustain itself. nobody can honestly say that our continued occupation of other countries is good foreign policy. it’s true that when the united states picks sides in foreign affairs then you will create hatred towared the united states. our contined bombing and medling in middle east affairs has caused them to target us. just like ron paul has said several times if iraq or china were to built military bases in the united states and interfer with our government and politics then i would guarantee that americans would have a problem with it. how many times have you heard of radical muslims bombing other countries that remain neutral??? of course the united states should go to war if we are attacked or if another country is being invaded i.e. nazis invading europe but otherwise there is no point. And the bottom line is that our country broke so these ideas should even be an option until we fix things at home. your article is pretty weak and doesn’t offer a solution. Also ron paul has openly said that he doesn’t support these 911 truthers. please explain to us how we can continue government programs that we cannot afford and that the government has mismanaged for years. another recent example on foreign policy would be the syrians attacking the us embassy, do you think they are attacking us because we are free and wealthy??

  8. Sean that was very thoughtful. I think Ron Paul is very smart, but in a few of the earlier debates, he came off rather snobbish to other ideas.

    I don’t see it working out for him for a couple reasons.

    First, like Bachmann and Gingrich, he would have to be the first person since 1880 to go directly to the White House from the House of Representatives. Second, he’s really a great voice in the House where he’s been. He has more power in convincing others in what hes great at — a Constitutional perspective on the legislative process.

    I supported Sarah Palin long before McCain picked her in 2008 and I support her now. She respects Ron Paul and even endorsed his son. But she also knew, unlike him, what we deal with when big oil companies get too big for their britches. She’s also very known to reach across the aisle to work with the opposition to get a consensus on holding elected officials accountable.

    Sarah Palin vetoed a bill in Alaska which sought to deny benefits to same sex partners of state employees. Fundamentally, Ron Paul is correct…get marriage out of government. However; there are now too many legal consequences to marriage…inheritance, adoption, alimony, etc. It’s something that cannot be undone overnight. Nor do I believe gays should be allowed to marry simply because the government decided to sanction marriage.

    Lastly, Palin has the youth and energy to devote eight years to truly slashing spending as she did in Alaska and taking the steps to begin paying down out enormous debt. Ron Paul could be a great advocate in the House writing legislation which she’d support most likely.

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