The Liberal Version of Civility

Boy, surfing the comments over at HuffPo is a trip. All this talk about needing to be civil (it even rolled off of Keith Olbermann’s hatemongering tongue) is apparently meaningless now. I should really share some of this with ya’ll so you know what we’re up against.

In a story about Ed Schultz being suspended by MSNBC for his outrageously misogynistic comments about Laura Ingraham (he called her a “slut” twice in a single breath), readers had the following reactions:

“Regardless that it may be factually correct, it was inappropri­ate and he deserved the suspension­.” -reader Jevan

“Ed, you need to_punch Phil Griffin in his mouth and tell him to stick_it where the sun don’t shine.” -reader Icky Sticky

“The truth hurts…Even if she’s not “promiscuo­us” in the traditiona­l sense, the way she routinely misreprese­nts current events qualifies her as something extremely unflatteri­ng.” -moderator TeeLolly

“I just can’t believe you can get suspended for telling the truth” -reader sgraham59

I’m waiting for this one to be removed: “Leave it to Liberals to attack a woman for talking about freedom. That is so typical of the hateful Left and there should be no media voice for any lib.” was posted by reader ConsHEROLibsZERO; “Ohfuckoff, bagger.” was the response from reader mrsmdressup.

“Laura Ingraham is an extreme, right winger who hates America and all it stands for. Ed was too soft on her.” -reader unknown

Others made jokes about why nobody should have sex with Ingraham, encouraged Schulz to enjoy his time off by camping and fishing, and expanded on what they think Ingraham really is (it’s interesting to see the creative re-spellings people will try to get banned words in a post). Click the link above and check it out.


One thought on “The Liberal Version of Civility

  1. Oh, no kidding! I don’t believe in censorship but we should have the right to continue pointing out Schultz’s connection to NBC. Even though they suspended him, it is preposterous to assume sponsors would continue to fund that network. Just wait to see what happens if Palin enters the race.

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