Just Saying

A few good words about my home state from Michael Barone in the Washington Examiner….

If you want to see a place where the private sector in America has been booming and generating jobs, you should look at Texas. That’s my take from these absolutely fascinating numbers compiled from Bureau of Labor Statistics figures by The Business Journals, tracking the increase or decrease in private sector jobs in the ten years between April 2001 and April 2011….

In those 10 years, Texas gained 732,800 private sector jobs, far ahead of the number two and three states, Arizona (90,200) and Nevada (90,000). The nation overall lost more than 2 million private sector jobs, with the biggest losses coming in California (623,700), Michigan (619,200) and Ohio (460,900).

 Texas’s gain was also impressive as a percentage of jobs at the beginning of the period. Texas had job growth of 9%, more than any other state except much smaller North Dakota (19%), Alaska (17%), Wyoming (16%), Montana (12%) and Utah (10%). The biggest losers in percentage terms, by far, were Michigan (16%) and Ohio (10%)…..

The lesson of the previous decade seems clear: if you take a previously prosperous and creative state and subject it to high taxes and intrusive regulations, it loses 5% of its private sector jobs; if you take a previously somewhat less prosperous and creative state and govern it with low taxes and light regulation, it gains 9% more jobs, even as the nation’s economy is suffering.

And another thing of interest from Fox News…..

Texas Gov. Rick Perry said Friday he is considering a run for the Republican nomination in 2012, saying he’ll decide after the current legislative session ends next week.

“Yes sir, I’m going to think about it,” Perry said in a response to a question from a reporter, “but I think about a lot of things,” he added with a grin.

Laughter ensued.

And another article from Fox News….

Perry, who has been governor for more than a decade, is a favorite of the Tea Party movement for his tough stands on state sovereignty, border security, taxes and gun rights. Anybody who packs heat when he jogs so he can blow away coyotes that mess with his Labrador retriever and hangs out with Ted Nugent at a Tax Day rally is going to have serious street cred with the Republican base.

Perry has his problems, but there isn’t a friggin’ GOP candidate who doesn’t.  I’m not exactly endorsing Perry (just like Rush Limbaugh wasn’t exactly endorsing Perry last week). I’m just saying…..


3 thoughts on “Just Saying

  1. I would like to see him shake things up. I know that sounds so common now.

    You might disagree with me, Philip, but I truly believe a lot of potential candidates are waiting to see what Sarah Palin is really doing.

    I am totally energized for Palin — as I have held on for 3 years — BUT she also is the type who can help by being a king-maker. And I know she has campaigned for Perry and sees eye-to-eye with him on many things.

    I am totally with Tammy Bruce and Rush Limbaugh so far. Sarah Palin scares Barack Obama more than any other contender. That is why the White House is trying to front and say they were scared of Mitch Daniels of all people.

    Two more points:

    We should all be excited that many of these contenders (Palin, Perry, Bachmann, etc.) are merely excited to see more people to jump in so we can – as a country – listen to their debates and the more of them there are, the better. Competition makes everyone better, political and private sector, too! That’s the point I think Sarah Palin is trying to drive home.

    Also, do you guys notice that SINCE Palin’s documentary was announced to debut in Iowa next month AND since she’s kicked off her One Nation tour and purchased the mansion in AZ, the MSM’s fixation with her SEEMS to be leading them to taking MICHELLE BACHMANN more seriously. Never would they be taking Bachmann seriously as nobody has ever mentioned it before.

    Does anyone else take her seriously? I personally love Michelle Bachmann.

  2. I think Bachmann is fantastic. I think a Bachmann/Palin ticket would be interesting at the very least. Of course, if the GOP actually ran that ticket, we’d hear an endless stream of misogynistic tripe from the Left about who they’d nuke when it’s “that time” of the month. I’m pretty sure I did see that crack made on DailyKOS at one point in 2008 from a poster who also made reference to the whole “heartbeat away from the presidency” thing.

    I’m afraid that if Palin doesn’t run, we won’t have a candidate who has a big enough personality to compete with the Big O. Trust me, we need that. Daniels? He’s not a contender and the liberals know it. Romney? No self-respecting conservative would vote for the man who helped create Obamacare, however unwittingly. If the GOP really wants to appeal to true conservatives – which they must – they have got to nominate a candidate who will be able to compete with Obama’s outrageous popularity.

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