Supreme Court Backs Ashcroft!

I knew this was going to wind up happening and I also knew liberal heads would explode.  Now, tonight on CNN or MSNBC, I am sure we’ll hear that justice was not done because of Bush’s right-winged Supreme Court and the following will be completely ignored:

But even the justices who disagreed about the constitutional issue agreed that Ashcroft could not be personally sued for his role in al-Kidd’s arrest.



One thought on “Supreme Court Backs Ashcroft!

  1. God bless you. I am ultra-conservative but don’t have the critical ingredient to be fully accepted – I don’t oppose homosexuality and insist that the Constitution protects ALL persons. I am honestly shocked at age 44 at the hatred I am expected to have as a conservative. I feel like I don’t belong with either political party, which lead me to wonder how you are left to feel. This is just a note of support and a word of apology for the people who call themselves conservatives and know nothing whatsoever about freedom. God bless you and keep you and continue your good work.

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