Sarah Palin’s Paul Revere Flub

During her visit to Paul Revere’s home on her One Nation bus tour, Sarah Palin made an honest and innocent slip when she explained that Paul Revere warned the “British” that they weren’t going to take our arms.  What factually happened was that he warned the patriots in Concord about the British whom he suspected was trying to steal them.

Of course I understood.  She was speaking extemporaneously to a drove of reporters who’ve been chasing her around like they do with celebrities.

Of course, her haters among liberal journalists have used the opportunity to condescend to her.  Anti-Palin bloggers are going crazy.

Of course they have amnesia with Obama’s various gaffes as well as Biden’s, nothing new there.

I wanted though to point out that because of one honest mistake, Palin accomplished what she had set out to do.  Because of her, we have an entire 24-hours news cycle of liberal journalists completely commemorating the memory and legacy of Paul Revere.

It was Sarah Palin’s hope of getting back to these principles and re-visiting our nation’s roots.  The Statue of Liberty, the Liberty Bell, and Revere’s home were among her stops.

Revere proved that independence and its accompanying freedoms were worth fighting for.  Now, even liberals are properly schooled on one very important piece of history.

It has to happen little-by-little.  But because we’ve strayed so far away from these time-tested principles, we now live in a world with things like Obamacare and a nation with more food stamp recipients than it ever had before.

Sarah Palin has gladly taken her predictable beating from the left to bring the story of Paul Revere to the forefront of the nation’s attention.  Only she could pull this off.

Good work, Sarah!


6 thoughts on “Sarah Palin’s Paul Revere Flub

  1. The leftists are preoccupied with her to such an extent that it’s really a sickness.

    Just this past week, we’ve heard… “How is she paying for her road trip?” Waaaaah – “Why does she need a 1.75 million dollar home?” Waaaaah – “Her new home was a ‘suspicious’ short sale.” Waaaaah – “She’s eating pizza with a fork.” Waaaaah – “Why did she and Donald Trump eat at such a cheap restaurant?” Waaaaah – “She has an American flag on her tour bus. The ‘whole thing could be in breach of a federal law’…” Waaaaah – “Palin flubs explanation of Paul Revere’s ride.” Waaaaah.

    The last one coming from Martin Bashir;
    “She’s using the flag of the United States for her own financial purposes. She drapes herself in the stars and stripes and makes millions of dollars in the process.”

    That biased OPINION alone was enough to completely negate his specious argument slash political statement. Hey Marty… Go back to Michael Jackson’s milk and cookies, you partisan, incapable, sensationalist tabloid grade fraud.

    Palin on the brain with these people. She’s not going to be the nominee. Keep wasting your time. Go ahead and fritter away another week obsessing over her.

    “Screw you, Tyler. We’ve got her good now, because ‘no shots were fired nor bells rung on the famous ride along the Freedom Trail’. Sarah Palin didn’t know that.”

    AS IF YOU DID. As if you could give a crap, you filthy anarchist scum. I’m sure you also knew “The Bush Doctrine” inside out. You could also use repudiate (versus “refudiate”) in a sentence. You didn’t even know what the damn word meant, until Sarah Palin used her own version of it. When Palin get’s something wrong, you are suddenly a little genius. You don’t know crap. YOU (and people like you) are the real “American idiots”. Your name might as well be Meghan McCain.

  2. Tyler that was a great comment.

    One part of me wonders about Palin’s future and another tells me not to count her out. She’s doing things unconventionally and not any of us can guess her next move.

    Remember November 13, 1979 was the day Reagan announced his candidacy less than 12 months before the election of 1980. At that point, he was 20+ points behind Carter in the Gallup poll.

    Not saying Palin is heading down the same path, but one more year of her chances to campaign coupled with one more year of 4.00 gas prices and through-the-roof unemployment can surprise any of us.

  3. Bravo, Tyler.

    Steve, I agree on the MSM’s convenient amnesia about the Big O’s gaffes. I will never let go of the repeated mispronunciation of “corpsman”, done more than once in front of the very sailors from whose ranks those brave men hail. I knew what a corpsman was when I was nine years old and my father’s Navy service had absolutely nothing to do with it.

    That is merely one in a slew of gaffes, many of them repeated over time (such as standing for the National Anthem in a fig-leaf position and not knowing how to salute once he did take office). If a conservative commits lesser crimes, though, they are completely addlepated and deserve naught but outright scorn.

  4. Hm, yeah. But most of the press, those left leaning people, leave ALL of Obama’s spoken gaffs alone. That’s very unfair of them.
    Such as, I read before June of 2011: Obama explained that the Earthquake, and following disasters, in Japan, were caused by movements in “the Teutonic Plates”. Geez, talk about acting like a brainless man!
    That is the TECTONIC PLATES, that move around and cause earthquakes on the globe, guy.
    Unless Obama thought that [dinner plates with Teutonic Vikings printed on them] caused the earthquake in 2011.

  5. I think Palin just doesn’t know what she is talking about…as usual. Her response was ignorant, and now for it to be spinned as if she possessed some esoteric knowledge of history about when Revere was stopped by the British is ridiculous. Even if I was going to accept this absurd premise, it is still clear that Palin needs to articulate herself more clearly. If Palin wants to discuss the finer details of history, then she should do it without sounding like a mumbling idiot!

  6. Actually child, an article written today states the opposite.

    “Experts Back” Palin’s account:

    I think you have a prejudice of Palin. Since September of 2008, she has been vetted and smeared to such a degree that she’s placed on a pedestal where people seek perfection completely overlooking the flaws of other people.

    The good news for Palin is that she’s been vetted in every way possible. I believe she will prove people wrong as things progress. And I look forward to the direction our country will take whether or not its as a candidate or a kingmaker.

    The point is, she cares about the country’s structure. Her convictions lead her to commemorate these landmarks and to respect these stories.

    Thanks to Anthony Weiner, this will take a back seat as THREE DAYS of vetting Palin’s account of Paul Revere was absolutely ridiculous.

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