Taking the High Road With Anthony Weiner

I must admit, I felt a bit giddy when I saw a man I truly detested literally caught with his pants down.  I believe Anthony Weiner is a cocky man who in many ways does not represent the people he allegedly represents.

On the other hand, though I disagree with his positions to the largest degree imaginable and utterly dislike folks like him and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz who spin and lie about important issues like Health Care and Medicare, I believe Weiner is a liberal who believes in his positions and exudes a lot of passion in fighting for them.

I am far from perfect.  So is Anthony Weiner.  So is Sarah Palin.  So is George Bush.  We can go on and on in the search for divine perfection.

Watching Hannity tonight, I found myself rolling my eyes at all these demands for Weiner to resign.  Are we really so perfect as a society that we cannot allow someone the opportunity of learning from a bad choice?  The first step to moving our Democracy back to a place where ideas alone are debated and tested on their merits is getting past these bizarre delusions that we can expect people to be perfect and divine.  It’s never going to happen.

As a proud Palinista, I’ve watched the media vet Sarah Palin up and down and from side to side.  She made a mistake in a bad interview with Katie Couric and her daughter made a bad choice by getting pregnant out of wedlock.  As a conservative, it was frustrating for me to watch an entire media explosion and the vile hatred from the left come at her in these petty ways completely overlooking her success as a public servant to perpetuate smear from everything having to do with her career as a politician, to her marriage, and even the birth of her son.

It is so easy to buy into the sensationalism of it all.  But folks, we’re at a new time in our nation’s history where lies and deceit from the White House are dictating the rest of our lives and our future.

  • We were told that everyone could keep their health care if they liked it, remember?  That was a lie.
  • We were promised that unemployment would not go above 8% if we allowed Obama to squander a trillion dollars.  The current unemployment rate proved, that was a lie!
  • We were promised health care negotiations would be held on CSPAN, that was a lie!
  • Union-leaders with Cadillac plans were given a pass after the nation was promised fair health care reform.  That was a lie!

We have a country destined for greatness on the basis of its founding but headed for failure on the basis of its current leadership.  We must stay on the issues and support the folks we know hold the right convictions and commonsense ideals to turn it all around.

I’d like for Anthony Weiner’s Congressional destiny to be left up to the voters.  In order for our country to remain free, I would hope Anthony Weiner learns from this stupid choice and continues to use the House to argue for positions he supports.

But the next time some liberal starts attacking someone like Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann for the stupidest and most trivial reasons possible, we need to remind them of how easy it is to take the high road because on the basis of the issues alone, conservatives remain poised at taking this country back and improving the conditions that are affecting all of us.

At the end of the day, this too shall pass.


7 thoughts on “Taking the High Road With Anthony Weiner

  1. So, Anthony Wiener sent other photos to other people and not a peep out of any of them. Then this recent Twitter thing occurred and all of these people come bubbling up from the bottom of the ocean or crawling out of the woodwork.

    That is a ton of garbage. By my personal code, if it wasn’t problem when it first happened to you then it is not a problem weeks, months or even years later.

    While I am here, do you want to know the defintion of 100 percent gross and disuguting? Wierner adn Barney Frank going at it with each other. Someone pass me a vommit bag.

  2. “I believe Anthony Weiner is a cocky man who in many ways does not represent the people he allegedly represents.”

    “cocky man”?

    Is that supposed to be a pun?

  3. ROFLMAO!!! I just saw Karen’s comment! Oh, that’s awesome…

    John, I agree. I wonder, however, how many of them were forced to go public after being discovered by the press. Either way I’m not quite as forgiving of Weiner as Steve is.

  4. Oh, I lost respect when the story first broke. I knew the sorry SOB was lying. It was so obvious I kept hoping a Democrat would call him out on it, but none did.

  5. I think that Weiner’s biggest mistake was to consciously and repeatedly lie to the media, his own constituents, and the American people. It calls into question his integrity as to all other issues. I also believe that we should absolutely hold all politicians to a high moral standard. It’s not hard to follow the law, to be ethical, and to do what is morally right. Taking pics of yourself, some nude, and sending it to random girls is definitely not “right”. It is sick, particularly since he is married. I agree that no one is perfect in any way, however, it is definitely not too much to ask for our elected representatives – our servants – to consistently choose to do the right thing. Weiner demonstrated that power corrupts and that if we don’t hold our representatives to high moral standards, they will use this power toward pathologically narcissistic ends as he did!

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