Are You Part of the 99%?


14 thoughts on “Are You Part of the 99%?

    In fact they should be at every lefty protest! I feel for the cops who have to arrest the naked and near naked grubs (who also defecate on police cars). Stinking it to the Man? (Thank you red eye’s bill Schulz)
    At least the people who admitted they were there to have fun, party and get laid were being honest. We apparently had a protest in my town at a local public park. I would have gone but I don’t think they would have appreciated my protest. I am against swans and geese! They are vicious dirty animals and I once slipped and fell hard on some of the “remains of their day” in that park. I’m emotionally scarred;-)

  2. That’s a great product Andy! Yeah, the cops should be able to hose them down at least before having to be in a police car with them. I’d gag. I couldn’t handle it.

    I used to be a meter reader in my early days. Been chased by geese on more than one occasion. Let’s remove them from the planet!

  3. That is the most disturbing picture I have ever seen here. I would like to see the expressions on those blurry people staring at him. Someone did not move past the hippie movement!

    Steve, you say you have been chased by geese. Are geese more dangerous that dogs chasing a mailman?

  4. I can’t say as I have never been chased by a dog. Yet, I do know of Canadian Geese attacking dogs and actually winning the battle, we underestimate the strength of their wings and beaks. 🙂

  5. Imagine something hissing and flapping wings with a span of up to 7 feet! Now imagine being a under 10 and chased by one in a vague relations yard. Actually I would have laughed if it hadn’t been happening to me!
    I love how many of the “protesters” aren’t even aware of history and people who actually protested when it meant something. Yet they will parrot the words of someone like Van Johnson.
    The best for me is all the expensive equipment like iPods, iPads and MacBooks. I guess they only want to stick it to the “Man” when he isn’t making their cool stuff or North Face gear. It would be okay to use water cannons if they mixed in some environmentally safe soap though:-)
    AndyB, NH.

  6. I guess I can’t begrudge an old hippie getting one last crack at it if he’s just going to pretend to be Toot on the old Hercules cartoon.

  7. John, is that part of job creation I hear about? Every time I hear about new jobs (like baby pigeons, they must exist but I never see them) I wonder how many of those are part time jobs or how many people have to have multiple jobs. I have two also. I feel like I’m not doing it right if these people can apparently afford time off to protest. The only time I remember protesting it had to be a weekend and even then I might lose work. Sigh, kids (pretend there is an eye rolling emoticon here).
    AndyB, NH.
    PS Figure out how to live without sleep and you can get another job! I’m still trying:-(

  8. In the week of Oct 15, 2011, Pres. Obama stated that [Congress should do their job, and vote for Obama’s “job’s bill”.]

    It’s not the job of Congress to do everything that the President wants. Part of the Congresspeoples’ job is to vote down a bill, or bills, that they believe will harm the country.

  9. In the week of Oct 15, 2011, Pres. Obama said that Congress should do it’s job, and vote for [his jobs bill.

    It’s not the job of the Congress to vote for every bill that a President likes. Part of the job of Congresspeople is to vote down the bill, or bills, that the Congresspeople believe will harm the country.

  10. @Andy “The best for me is all the expensive equipment like iPods, iPads and MacBooks.”

    That was the highlight for me, too. That and the use of computers and social networking web sites.

    @TR I absolutely agree. Also a “jobs bill” shouldn’t cost the Government any money.

  11. Does a “jobs bill” mean I will have to get more jobs to afford to live or will I end up sleeping in my truck? I need a newer one so I should buy one soon, join the We’re the 99%” protesters and the banks will forgive my debts. Isn’t that how they want it to work?
    That reminds me, I was thinking of taking vacation time to visit DC and the Smithsonian and all that. The protesters (or writers infiltrating them and attempting to instigate an occupation of the Air & Space Museum) better not get in my way.
    AndyB, NH.

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