More Signs of Negativity — Gap, Inc. Closing Stores

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Gap, Inc. will be closing 21% of it’s stores in North America due to struggles in the United States as profits fell by 19%.


3 thoughts on “More Signs of Negativity — Gap, Inc. Closing Stores

  1. Friendly’s restaurant too is in trouble (but they are a New England only AFAIK). People just aren’t spending money if they don’t have to or they are going for the deals. Then again some companies try to change and it doesn’t work. I used to buy a lot at the GAP when I was younger because it was a good place for decent quality, classic clothes (until the fire a couple years ago I still had clothes from HS, and I could fit into them!) that would stand the test of time. I stopped going when quality went down (but not price) and they tried to cater to fads and odd fashions.
    Change is bad, I always knew it;-) Sad though because this means retail jobs will be lost hitting young people and folks who already had to have multiple part time jobs to survive. Malls will lose too as many people go to malls just for one store and stay for the rest.
    Maybe Michelle Obama will buy from them and give them a little PR?
    AndyB, NH.

  2. Ha. If Michelle Obama does anything, it’ll be at the cost of the taxpayers. Yeah I did hear about that restaurant chain, though I’ve never been to New England.

    My partner would love to go. We keep hearing how gorgeous it is.

  3. The leaves have been slow to change but it is beautiful up here. I ridden my Triumph out to SoCal and back and been to many parts of this country but I always feel better coming back to New England (which I consider to be Maine, NH & Vermont but I am prejudiced against the People’s Republic of Massachusetts and their awful drivers.). NE is great in all seasons, come on up!
    And yes, all these “great” ideas usually end up costing us in the end. Something may be good for us but if the conditions aren’t right people won’t accept it. And if people don’t accept it they won’t buy it and if they won’t buy it it won’t make anyone a profit and if it’s not profitable………
    Sigh, AndyB, NH.

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