Oh, The Possibilities

Most folks who are not in my line of work don’t realize how a capitalist society helps me thrive in my job. EMS is more difficult than it sounds; I once had a liberal chastise me in an argument about education, saying, “why should I listen to you, an EMT, when probably all you have is a certificate from a vocational school?” When I pointed out that I had quite a bit more than that (and pointed out that I could actually pronounce ‘nuclear’ properly, which he couldn’t) he found something else to turn into a personal attack.

These are the people who have lately been screaming for federal aid for “teachers and first responders”.

Anyhow…injuries frequently sideline people I know and respect. Several companies work hard to produce clothing and equipment that make our job easier and put less strain on our bodies. Back injuries are common, as are pulled/strained muscles, sprains, and broken bones. It’s not just treating a patient that can be dangerous – lifting and lowering them is actually even more so.

Stryker is a company that has produced some of the best equipment I’ve ever used in the field. I promise that companies like this would not exist were it not for capitalism. A universal health care system run by the government would not hold up the kind of research and innovation that is helping me do a better job…and come back to do it again on my next scheduled shift.

So click on that link and take a look at some of the things that they have built in the past two decades. The next time you see an ambulance roll by, you should wonder how much time both of the medics driving that tank have had to take off because of injuries that could have been avoided with better gear.


5 thoughts on “Oh, The Possibilities

  1. Liberals lack self-awareness. Self-awareness is a different type of intelligence from an academic education. If they had self-awareness, then they would realize their own egotism and bigotry. Liberals like to say “Shut up and do what we say because we know what is better for you.”

    Reading that comment you quoted from the liberal made me think of my former co-workers at Wendy’s. I would be thoroughly ticked off if anyone snapped at them like that. Even though they lacked an academic education, they were some of the best, regular, and intelligent individuals I have ever met. Unlike the liberals who bloat themselves on academics, they had the intelligence of self-awareness. They are also the type of ordinary people who all politicians _should_ be listening to.

  2. Alfie, I have gone on calls where we wished we had one and some where we DID have one. They are ah-may-zing.

    Karen, you just made an amazing point. The types who tout their “intellectualism” and their superior education (like the ones who point out that Obama went to Harvard and Palin went to a virtually unknown school) are the ones who are looking for a reason to make themselves better than everyone else. I talk to people like that every day in both of my jobs. Yet when they ask a question, they’re not asking because they want an answer – they want to make you and I look foolish. Then when we give an answer they have to find some other way to belittle us. Some of the wisest people I’ve ever known didn’t spend a day in college.

  3. Most people attend college nowadays because they view college as a continuation of high school. Most students have few goals or directions in life. They just don’t know what to do, so they accummulate debt. Sometimes the wisest decision is _not_ to attend college because that decision can show a sense of direction.

    Liberals love to claim that conservatives are close-minded and judgmental of others. However, being judgmental has little or nothing to do with deciding whether something is morally right or wrong. Being judgmental has more to do with egotism. A judgmental person likes to claim superiority over everyone else and considers others as inferior or lacking in worth. In this regard, liberals are the most judgmental people in the world.

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