Occupy Racism

I heart Steven Crowder…he’s fantastic. I’d love to have him, Lee Doren, Jason Mattera, Michelle Malkin and Tammy Bruce all on a panel where the lone liberal is Keith Olbermann. Now THAT would be MSM balance turned on its ear.

Anyhow…Mr. Crowder Posted the following to his YouTube page:

I agree. So, here’s a crapload of hatemongering, idiotic occupests from the OWS movement, putting on their best face to show the whole country just how ridiculous they are.

(My favorite part is the white girl wearing designer clothes, recording on a name-brand camera…wearing a keffiyeh.)

(More of the same paranoid schizophrenic…he either needs a thorazine drip or a serious beat-down.)

(FREEDOM OF SPEECH! As long as I get my say and you don’t!)

(By the way you talk, “Mo”, I can tell why you make $7 an hour. If you can’t tell, then you have issues that we can’t solve.)

(Did you know that the Irish were originally black? I’m Irish and I sure as hell didn’t. This was in my city, too.)

(The only people I’ve ever known to say “f**k the police” are the ones who have broken the law…and he goes on to admit he has.)

(This is still one of my personal favorites…she ain’t screaming, so you know that she’s spent time thinking about this.)

(Excuses are like assholes, Russell…we all use ’em and they all stink.)

I’m sick to death of hearing about how hard it is for you guys. You all show up for these things and piss and moan about how hard it is. You say that you don’t have enough and the corporations on Wall Street need to give you more, then you complain when your $5,000 MacBook is stolen and you complain about cooking for 18 hours a day when more than just the occupiers show up for grub. You bitch about only making $7 an hour, and you claim to have a college degree, but I can’t understand half of what’s coming out of your mouth and you’re openly racist. And you just can’t understand why you don’t have a better job.

Screw your revolution.


7 thoughts on “Occupy Racism

  1. Funny how these occupests say they are against Wall Street, yet their President supported the bank bailouts. Why are they ignoring Obama’s hypocrisy? They are nothing like the Tea Party. The Tea Party elected more conservative candidates to replace the Repubs that didn’t do their jobs. The occupests are doubling down with the people who have failed to represent their views and who give them lip service while ripping them off (like Maxine Waters and Charlie Rangel). Russell Simmons is apparently blind and not very politically astute himself if he thinks the occupests are so wonderful, sweet and nice. The Tea Party was against the bank bailouts, let the market correct itself, let the banks fail and rebuild. Capitalism is so simple, yet our govt. is too involved in controlling the market, like Free Trade Agreements. And I’m very disapointed in and sorry for Morgan Freeman. Both he and Bill Cosby sound like old men who have Alzheimer’s and don’t recognize their families and friends anymore.

  2. Also, as a taxpayer, I want those occupests to get off the lawn I have to pay to maintain. Get off my lawn!!! I don’t want my taxes going to support a bunch of WATB having tantrums.

  3. Hitting the nail on the head: “You bitch about only making $7 an hour, and you claim to have a college degree…” Baits my question about American “Higher Education”; Higher than what?
    An interesting poll to conduct might queery how many of these militant milque-toasts studied accounting, economics or ever did a visit to a factory.
    Taking coures in “Film Arts”, “Media” (not journalism) and “Gender Studies” doesn’t give carte blanche to the decision makers of the economy – (oh, btw, that economy need not be so vast an interpretation – the landscaper fits into it as well). (Hell, even English Lits learn how to parse – {whether they do or not is arbitrary.})
    Now, as scrutiinous as we might all want to be about hedge-funds and junk-bonds dealers, we might consider whether or not the country’s been been bettiing on three-card-monty scams being dealt by “Academia”; degrees held hostage by publishing, then editing (rotational every other term), tenured professors. Maybe these pseudo radical lemmings will investigate the substance for which they’ve gone into “hawk”.
    Maybe, just maybe, this whole rampage is just working off the hangover for the “Bacchalaureate Binge” (sic) (but I like that).
    But, many of this crowd would choose the dramatic foray of splash-flash-dash and tweet. They get their Warhol 15 and assume bragging rights for the next Plenum 20 years hence.
    And that will be a big banquet; the caterer will probably use the same olive oil that Professor Emeritus Corleone (tenured) forced upon those starving for “Kahhledge Edgekations for decades in the Land of the Glee.

  4. “(My favorite part is the white girl wearing designer clothes, recording on a name-brand camera…wearing a keffiyeh.)”
    And she’s quite aware she ‘Is To Be Seen’ if you look at her.
    But, that’s all this is, isn’t it. Nothing coherent, nothing compelling, nothing constructive.
    But, Conspicuous? That’s the ONLY reality to it.
    If it wasn’t for the Kadashian brat and the Greeks, there’d be no news at all.

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