Occupy THIS, Morons!

Check out this absolutely unbelievable footage from Occupy DC, courtesy of the Daily Caller:

Watch the video first. My responses will make much more sense.

First, to the idiots chanting “f**k the Daily Caller”…that’s it? That’s your intelligent response? You don’t like the fact that a certain news organization is questioning not only your beliefs but your methods and tactics, and the best reply you can conjure is a profane, three-word chant? Rosie O’Donnell may be proud, but it frightens me that you are eligible to vote.

Then there’s the idiot who gets right in the woman’s face and shouts, “are you actually covering this, or are you just making stuff up?” Well, dipshit, when the video footage appears on YouTube, it’s pretty clear she’s not making it up. You really are that stupid.

I just love the guy who goes on a tangent about how his “brothers and sisters” told him not to talk to her. Actually, genius, you’re saying quite a bit. It’s taking you an awful lot of words to explain that you’re not going to talk to a reporter from the Daily Caller.

Then there’s the mob surrounding an SUV with children in it, telling the driver, “you have to turn around, I’m sorry, but you have no power right now!” What is your point in doing this? When you are blocking a man who tells you he has a toddler in the vehicle and you refuse to move, are you still making a statement? No. Now you’re just being a colossal prick. You have no reason to block these people in, and I’m sorry, but the need to scream about the evils of corporate greed do not justify this.

Then it takes a decidedly violent turn. You won’t hear about any of this in the MSM because they, too, are trying to spin it – as an innocent, justifiable cause worthy of respect. I’m sorry, but I don’t have one ounce of respect for the mob that attempted to storm an event put on by Americans for Prosperity: Defending the American Dream Summit. These people physically, violently attacked several attendees of the conference. Some were elderly. Some had children with them. Every person attempting to enter or exit the event was set upon by this band of thugs chanting “hey, hey, ho ho, corporate greed has got to go!” Each and every one of you deserved a first-rate beatdown. The only reason you didn’t is because you deliberately attacked people who literally couldn’t fight back.

Then we get back to the idiots trying to block traffic. This one is a hoot.

You see one protester talking about seeing a car run over a person, then it cuts to dramatic screaming and chanting from others about the driver of the car that refused to stop. They complain that protesters were arrested, but the driver of the vehicle wasn’t. Then they turn on the cameraman and reporter from Daily Caller and scream, “how’re you gonna spin THIS?!?” Okay, dumbass…there’s no spinning this. Your rank stupidity is on full display and you are completely clueless about it. Here’s how it works: pedestrians have right-of-way in certain situations. I don’t give a damn what you’ve been told, you do not automatically have right-of-way simply because you are on foot. If you are on a sidewalk – a sidewalk being a thoroughfare not designated for vehicular movement – you have right-of-way. If you are crossing an intersection that has no crosswalk and you are not near a crosswalk, you are required to obey the same rules that those in vehicles have to obey. If you are in a crosswalk, you are required to obey traffic signals specific to pedestrians. There are a number of good reasons why you can be ticketed for jaywalking. There are just as many good reasons why you can be arrested for deliberately blocking traffic.

A supposedly “peaceful” demonstration does not give you carte blanche to surround cars, block traffic, chant and threaten people. When you DO block traffic and you get your ass run over, you do not then have any place screaming at the driver. Why? Because YOU are the dumbass who purposely stepped in front of a rolling one-ton mass of steel and glass to make a point. That driver shouldn’t be arrested – the poor bastard probably went home and started looking for a therapist.

This is mob rule, plain and simple – and it is an absolute shame to the rule of law that has for so long defined America. The instant these protesters started blocking traffic and putting their hands on people, the cops should have immediately rounded each and every one of them up into paddy wagons and tossed them into the clink for the night. And when they got violent, they should have started using rubber bullets and tasers at the very least.

This display of wanton recklessness has gone on far too long. If it is not stopped and the mobs dispersed as soon as humanly possible, we may not be able to come back from this. I believe with all my heart that Obama wants it that way.

It shouldn’t just frighten us that these people are voting…it should scare us a hundred times more that they are breeding.


9 thoughts on “Occupy THIS, Morons!

  1. “I believe with all my heart that Obama wants it that way.” As has every despot from The Gracchi to Peron.
    And, it’s not that they themselves would pound the pavement in outrage.
    No they indulge it from a distance and interpret it. It’s the history of tyranny and Obama indulges in it.

    It shouldn’t just frighten us that these people are voting…it should scare us a hundred times more that they are breeding. (But, they’re all for birth-control.)

  2. I wonder how the occupy movement would react if this happened?

    100 percent of business owners say and do the following, “Screw it. I am wealthy so I am shutting it all down so I can lay back, put my feet up and enjoy life. No more business, no more unions on my back, or government regulation, or enviro nazis, or discrimination lawyers, etc. etc. etc.”

    If that happened then who is left to pay the bills if everyone is out of work and those who can make work due to their talent and money refuse to?

    One more thing. National Transfer Day was a total flop. Less than one half of one percent of accounts went to credit unions.

  3. I think the fact that the Democrats have so crassly tried to tie into the OWS movement is just delicious. They have screwed themselves in the 2012 elections.

    Most Americans — the overwhelming majority — don’t want this crap. I am sure of it. I still have enough faith in this country to believe that when ugliness and grievous error shows itself for what it is, Americans will reject it.

  4. I am full on for reasonable protest – even protests I don’t agree with. But this behavior is far from reasonable.

    Why is it that the people who most need to look in the mirror and watch themselves do not?

  5. That was difficult for me to watch. It made me feel a little sick watching these people not care about hurting people. I do love the “How ya gonna spin this?” guy. If he answered questions and put forth what he saw in a sane manner then maybe he wouldn’t be seen as a total nut job, tie or no tie. Granted he IS a total nut job and it’s nice he acts that way in public (I wonder if his employer, if he has one, has seen this video yet?) to warn others.
    I bet these thugs (they aren’t really protesters) use terms like “gestapo” to describe the cops but terrorizing elderly people and kids and families is okay because “they have the power?” I’ve seen videos from college town riots that looked better (except more overturned cars and open drinking). I hope more people see this and see these people for what they are and what they are doing. I don’t have kids but I would want to do a lot more than scream at these dicks if they came anywhere near them. Where are the water cannons when you need them?
    AndyB, NH.

  6. I like the title of this entry. I found your blog by typing “gays occupy this”. I just had a hunch gays were unhappy about the occupiers.

    Let’s give the police a huge sheet cake with “Occupy This!” and “Our Thanks For Protecting Us” or something.

    I positively hate the word “breeder” and “breeding.” Can you use “reproducer” and “reproducing?” I thought gays wanted adoption rights or is that propaganda just to arouse sympathy toward same-sex marriage? Or maybe you’re against gays adopting since you’re a conservative? Anyway, I do not see the point in name calling people who will provide those babies for adoption, do you?

    I’m a seasoned pro-life activist, organizer, and blogger. The Left are aborting. If they keep it up the Center-to-Right will win in the end. 🙂

  7. I am for gays adopting as long as they are fully vetted the same way any other adoptive parent would be (which would be more vetting than was carried out with Jerry Sandusky).

    And while I’m familiar with terms in the medical world, here MSM only means mainstream media. That’s all.

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