I may not care much for his father, but when Rand Paul gets going on the intrusive nature of liberal legislation, I have to say – he makes one hell of a good point. I couldn’t have said it better. Tip of the mean black cowboy hat to Maynard over at for sharing this one.

In hearings about the banning of incandescent light bulbs (a decision which has shuttered several factories here in the US, ended many jobs and shipped more industry overseas for the production of CFL’s, or “compact fluorescent lights”), Rand Paul grilled Dept. of Energy shill Kathleen Hogan for several minutes. He started by asking her if she was pro-choice – then went on to make the best point I think I’ve ever heard about all of this nonsense. He found it astonishing that these people could fight hard for the right to choose whether to keep an unborn child alive but fight even harder to take our personal choice on what appliances and light bulbs we’ll have in our homes.

That’s the best summary I can give. You need to see the video yourself:


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