The Children of Hamas

I just got into it with the most absolutely hypocritical Ron Paul supporter ever (and that’s saying something). Myself and a fellow conservative found ourselves set upon by a guy who told us that we weren’t true Christians or conservatives because we supposedly deliberately murdered innocent women and children. Where did he get this?

Well, he might as well be a code pinko, for starters – he likes to quote Ann Wright, a former US Army colonel who resigned in protest of the start of the Iraq war in 2003. Wright is also famous for claiming that Israelis murder women and children every time they go to war in Gaza or Lebanon with Hamas and Hezbollah. Our good little member of the Ron Paul ranks kept telling me that I was swallowing MSM propaganda (no matter how many times I told him that I don’t even have cable TV and don’t watch the MSM all that much) and gave me “facts” in the form of propagandist rants from Ann Wright and like-minded anti-Israeli propagandists who invent stories of so-called atrocities that nobody bothers to question – even with the lies staring them right in the face (anyone remember the pictures of Hamas gunmen staging a milk run through their gun-running tunnels under the Israeli border?).

Well, here’s a little bit of sobering reality – actual facts, none of this is contrived – of those “innocent” children that Israelis are supposedly mowing down in cold blood. I will warn you: these are not safe for work or kids. Some of the footage is disturbing.

With this kind of indoctrination going on, it astonishes me that there are still so many in the world who place the blame on Israel.

Palestinian terrorists not only indoctrinate children to hate infidels – especially Jews – they use them deliberately as human shields. If you watch the first video, you see multiple shots of terrorists dragging kids to stand in front of them. They keep kids around while they wire damaged buildings with explosives that they intend to set off as Israeli forces move through the area. They were knowingly putting these children in harm’s way for a purpose: propaganda.

Thousands have bought the lie that this is all Israel’s fault. This isn’t merely disheartening – it is infuriating. It is an injustice on a massive scale, and I have no tolerance whatsoever for those who spout this crap.


One thought on “The Children of Hamas

  1. Hi Mel, this morning I got another comment on my blog from Karen:

    “Hi, can you please tell Mel that I sent her an email in response to her most recent post? Email is titled ‘Importance of History,’ and tell her to check her spambox.

    I had a job interview earlier, so I temporarily got waylaid from relaying this message. Sorry it took me so long.


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