Further Proof of Liberal Hate (As If We Needed More)

Remember all of those tolerant, lovely people who attacked Ethan Sabo and his supporters? They’ve taken it a step further…one of the users set up a mock Tumblr site for him (I suspect who it is, but I can’t be sure) that calls him a mental disorder, self-destructive, repressive and homophobic.

Boy, all of this tolerance from the gay left is wonderful. Just freakin’ heart-warming.


8 thoughts on “Further Proof of Liberal Hate (As If We Needed More)

  1. These people are unhinged. But I’ll bet most of them come from the coasts and the bigger cities. Here in Phoenix, though I am very outspoken about being a libertarian conservative, I haven’t gotten much actual hate (yet). A lot of really lame-brained remarks, yes. But in a more conservative community, gays at least realize how badly they’re outnumbered.

    Of course, I’m talking primarily about people I’ve spoken with in person. There’s something about the anonymity of the Internet that really seems to bring out the screeching hordes.

  2. Oh, I’ve come up against it right here in the Valley. Remember E Lounge? I was standing in line to get in there once and a girl behind me recognized me from the blog. She immediately started yelling at me, and when I started laughing at her (no, I never said a word, I really thought it was funny), she started shoving me around.

    About six months (or so) later, I went to Charlie’s with a couple of straight friends and their gay boyfriend. I hadn’t even touched my drink when this great hulking mass of a guy came up behind me and shoved me into the bar. He goes, “you’re Mel Maguire, right?” I put my drink down and faced him, but I sure as hell didn’t want to fight him. I kept looking at the security guy, just a few feet away, and he was watching indifferently. This guy kept shoving me toward the door, all the while telling me if I didn’t leave he was going to kick my ass. Finally I got tired of his attitude and leg-hocked him. THAT was when the bouncer got involved – and he threw ME out. I was going to leave anyway, but that tells you just how little these people care about justice or tolerance.

  3. Well, since I joined A.A. I haven’t been to many bars. But I appreciate the heads-up. I will definitely be more careful about when and where I express my views.

    Once our gay conservative group gets going, you’ll have some people to watch your back.

  4. I never go to the bars anymore. I don’t see the point. I’ve got a girl I’m interested in and you never meet anyone of decent quality at the bars anyway.

    So, basically it’s just an expensive trip to a place that you can’t drive home from in the vain hopes you might meet someone who has too much class to go there, anyway. 😉

  5. Mel, I see our opinions on bars are the same. I only ever go when my friends or brother want to go and ask me to go along…which means I rarely go to gay bars. *shrug* doesn’t matter. I’ve more or less given up on dating until after I finish school.

  6. Hey, Mel – I can’t seem to find your email address, so I’m giving you a heads-up. Our Phoenix area gay conservative group is now planning our first get-together on Sunday, the 29th. It will either be in the afternoon or evening. We hope you can be there. Please let Meredith or me know.

    And of course, we’d like to get as many people as possible together for this event. We’re also talking about possibly all going to see the move “Iron Lady” if it stays in town long enough.

  7. Just came across your page and wanted to say that it’s so good to have you on the conservative side. I’m a conservative Hispanic who’s against illegal immigration so I know all too well about the intolerance of liberals. Stay strong!

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