I Am Andrew Breitbart

It is with heavy hearts that we here at gayconservative.org acknowledge the death of conservative leader Andrew Breitbart.

CNN called him merely a “conservative blogger.” MSNBC called him a firebrand. Comments from leftists the world over have been outrageously poor; judging from their words, you would have thought Adolf Hitler finally died after unfairly living a long life. Many called him controversial; I’ve even heard some call him a racist, sexist and a homophobe.

That last one actually gets under my skin in a huge way.

Last night, while I had drinks with one of my closest friends, Andrew was out for a walk in his Brentwood, CA neighborhood when he collapsed. Someone saw him fall and called 911. Paramedics were unable to revive him. He was pronounced dead at the hospital. He was 43 years old.

I get push notifications on my iPhone at all hours of the morning, noon and night. They don’t usually wake me up. This morning, one did, and I thought it was a hoax. Pulling up the news, I saw that it wasn’t, and I was stunned beyond words. Tammy Bruce was in fine form on her show as she spoke of the principles that Andrew stood for; my fellow TAMs were just as stunned as I was, some still in tears. We all knew Andrew to be the fearless type who never backed down from his beliefs.

Many don’t realize that Andrew was actually close friends at one point with Arianna Huffington and even helped her launch the Huffington Post. Surprisingly, with all of the vitriol being spewed, none of it is coming from HuffPo – the commenters have actually been very classy. It is on sites like CNN and MSNBC as well as Twitter where the hate has been most prevalent. The hate is there, however, and when he was with us Andrew took pride in leftist hate. I frequently saw him re-tweet hateful comments made by leftists that I wouldn’t even post here. He wore those hateful comments like medals. He saw it pretty simply: if the left hates you that much, you’re doing something right.

I had the opportunity to talk to Andrew about a year ago and he was very kind and graceful. In 2010, when a handful of hard-right fringe groups boycotted CPAC over GOProud’s inclusion and CPAC cracked and rescinded GOProud’s invitation to be a sponsor, Andrew stepped up and hosted us himself. I wish I could have been there. I remember seeing pictures of a brightly-smiling Andrew with GOProud leaders Jimmy LaSalvia and Chris Barron and believing that a new day had begun for gay conservatives. One of the heaviest-hitting voices in the conservative movement had not only accepted and approved of us, but was standing with us – and the conservative establishment absolutely took notice. This was just one year after an anti-gay nutjob named Ryan Sorba was booed off the stage at CPAC for decrying GOProud’s presence. In standing with us, Andrew was telling the establishment what they refused to accept on their own – conservatism isn’t about your religion, it is about limited government, fiscal wisdom and personal responsibility

My favorite author, Brad Thor, kick-started something I think we should all follow. He Tweeted, “Who is @AndrewBreitbart? I am #AndrewBreitbart.” Almost immediately, one of Thor’s followers started the #IAmAndrewBreitbart hashtag. I followed suit. We should all pick up his torch and run with it. We should all dare to fight for what we believe in until nobody can forget just what it is we’re fighting for. We should all be so fearless in the way we live our lives and treat other people that we stick out in people’s minds as the type who will never back down. We should all take a stand for what we know is the right thing even with the withering hatred of the hard left aimed fully at our collective heart, and we should never give up no matter what anyone says. From here on, I will re-post the hate just as Andrew would have if only to prove just how depraved hard-left liberalism can be.

Our hearts go out to his wife, Suzannah, and his four children, not to mention his extended family (his father-in-law, Orson Bean, wrote for BigHollywood.com) and his network of close friends. I leave you with Andrew’s final speech at CPAC 2012.


8 thoughts on “I Am Andrew Breitbart

  1. I thought it was a hoax as well…
    It breaks my heart that it wasn’t. He was so young (my father is over 20 years his senior) so it hits hard. We didn’t see this coming at all.

  2. I liked Andrew Breitbart, but… everytime I made a post on any of his blogs/sites and mentioned I was a gay conservative/republican I got slammed with hateful comments and emails. That was the only time I have ever experienced that and never had that with other conservative sites. (That’s ok. I can still hold my own!). Their comments were never removed. Eventually, his sites started screening comments before they post them and now when I mention I am a gay republican my comments don’t even get posted. Look at all the stories on Breitbart.tv for gay themed stories- and everyone has comments calling gay people names worse that just “fag” and calling for violent acts against them. In spite of this- I still love Andrew Breitbart but I dont understand why his people didn’t screen out anti-gay comments. Liberals make it seem like Christians and Conservatives are against gay people (which they are not!) but if you read the comments people left on his blogs you would believe they are correct.

  3. I appreciate the stance he took in favor of including gays in the conservative movement but really did he care about hurting people’s feelings or about appearing callous and tasteless when he screamed at Occupiers about 50 times to “stop raping people”….. not a specific occupier actually accused of rape, just associating all occupiers with rapists? Or did he care about the grief of some of Ted Kennedy’s younger and/or less political family members when he called him a ‘pile of human excrement’. Breitbart had nothing to do with this but do conservatives worry that Sandra Fluke might have young nieces and nephews who are traumatized by hearing auntie being called a slut and a whore? The decline in civility is annoying but even more annoying is when one side says “OMG look at what THOSE people are saying”.

    Really I get that Breitbart was someone who shot from the hip and I respect that but you can’t be too shocked or offended when the same type of barbs that he liked to fling out also landed back in his skin (and I am an atheist and thought the same way when Hitchens died, he didn’t hesitate to speak ill of the dead, so I had no problem with Christians talking about how he was burning in hell). I doubt he (Brietbart OR Hitchens) would have cared much in any case.

    It get the impression of about 90% of hard-core conservatives (and to be fair about 50% of hard core liberals) as more and more like a gaggle of hysterical Victorian-era ladies who need to break out the smelling salts every time an ill word is directed at one of their own (but can still dish it out to others just fine).

  4. I could never understand what the man was saying because of that lisp of his. Did he ever come out of the closet?

  5. I’m sorry the man died, but sadly his hatreds seems to live on in the Breitbart website. I wouldn’t be suprised if his hatred caused his health problems.

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