We Are All George Zimmerman

On August 19, 1991, a Jewish man driving a station wagon in a motorcade fell behind and eventually got into an accident. The driver knew he was going to end up on the sidewalk, so he steered his vehicle away from all of the people he could see – yet ended up hitting a wall. The wall collapsed, killing 7-year-old Gavin Cato and seriously injuring his cousin, Angela. The two children were black, their parents immigrants from Guyana. City EMS and Hatzalah (an all-volunteer private Jewish EMS service) both arrived. City EMS directed one of the two Hatzalah units to take the driver to the hospital for his own safety; another Hatzalah unit stayed to help extricate the children from the rubble and transport the children to the hospital.

Crown Heights has very high numbers of blacks and Jews, and the two had long kept an uneasy relationship. When 22-year-old driver Yosef Lifsh averted one tragedy only to unleash another that day, long-dormant tensions almost immediately hit the ignition point and the neighborhood was overtaken in a racial flashover of epic proportions.

When city EMS workers arrived, Lifsh was being pulled from his vehicle and beaten by black witnesses – some the very people he had desperately tried to avoid hitting. A large crowd gathered. Lifsh tried to help the children but was eventually beaten back, and when the ambulance services arrived, Lifsh was taken away to the rising fury of the crowd – which had begun to chant, “Jews! Jews! Jews!” The resulting uproar sparked a pogrom which, to this day, has never really been answered for.

Ari Goldman, then a reporter for the New York Times, was openly angry with his bosses for not reporting the truth about the riots. Jews, who had not shown violence, were brutally attacked by their black neighbors. A few hours after the riots began, some 20 black youths set upon Yankel Rosenbaum, an Australian Jew in the US to study for his doctorate. Yankel was beaten and stabbed. As he lay dying, he was able to identify the 16-year-old who stabbed him for police. The next day, black demonstrators chanted, “death to the Jews!” Jewish homes and businesses were looted and set on fire; bricks and bottles were thrown through windows and at Jews. At Gavin Cato’s funeral, race-baiting charlatan Al Sharpton made crude remarks referring to Jews as “diamond merchants” and said, “it’s an accident to allow an apartheid ambulance service in the middle of crown heights!”

Sharpton has since had the unmitigated gall to claim that he went to Crown Heights at the start of the riots to see “brick-throwing on all sides.” He’s talked about “extremists in the Jewish community” and how those supposed extremists called him out wrongly for referring to them as diamond merchants. He claimed that he should have talked about how precious Yankel Rosenbaum was as he eulogized Gavin Cato, but failed to mention that he was too busy challenging Jews to “pin their yarmulkes back and come over to my house!” Even more astonishing, he has the temerity to say that we shouldn’t be too concerned with who is the “greater victim”.

Lemrick Nelson, Jr. was acquitted of murder charges in the death of Rosenbaum despite video evidence showing his involvement. He was later found guilty on federal charges of depriving Rosenbaum of his civil rights. Only one other rioter faced any charges; nobody else was arrested or brought to justice, and not one acceptable apology has ever been offered to the Jewish community in Crown Heights for the outrageous crimes committed against them in August of 1991. Yet we have never seen Jewish protests or outrage; we haven’t seen Jewish youths go on rampages down black streets. Instead, they have maintained their dignity and used their intelligence to call out the flagrant anti-Semitic acts during the riots and the lack of concern on the part of the press or the authorities.

Fast forward to February 26, just one month ago. 17-year-old Trayvon Martin has just gone to stay with his father in Sanford, Florida and on a rainy day walks to a convenience store for iced tea and candy. He has his hood pulled low over his face. As he walks back to his father’s house, neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman spots him and calls police to tell them he’s following a young black man who is acting suspiciously. After a long spate of break-ins and violent crimes in the gated community, Zimmerman hears a dispatcher tell him not to follow Trayvon and goes back to his SUV.

The story gets hairy from there. The only eyewitnesses say they heard someone scream for help and came to see Trayvon standing over Zimmerman, banging his head against the sidewalk. Several 911 calls are placed. A gunshot is heard. The voices go silent. When police arrive, they find Zimmerman bleeding from his nose and the back of his head, a single round discharged; Trayvon is lying face-down, a bullet wound to his chest, dead. Other witnesses made claims that couldn’t be corroborated. Zimmerman tells the police that Trayvon attacked him from behind, knocked him down and beat him, eventually leaving him with no option but to shoot him in self-defense.

Since the incident, tensions have reached the boiling point yet again, with members of the black community spewing vile hatred for Zimmerman, claiming he’s a white racist (in fact, he’s Hispanic). Trayvon’s family has claimed he was just a good boy. Pictures of Trayvon as a 12- and 13-year-old, smiling in his football uniform, have been widely circulated. A picture of Zimmerman after an arrest in which charges were dropped has been widely circulated. Strange facts have begun to emerge: Trayvon was with his father because he’d been suspended from school after getting caught with marijuana. Zimmerman was actually well-liked by his neighbors and had thwarted at least one known break-in attempt.

Just like they did during the Crown Heights riots, the press has made a mess of the story. They’ve provided extremely biased coverage. They haven’t challenged a single aspect of their own story. They’re not reporting on Spike Lee tweeting Zimmerman’s address or the death threats Zimmerman has received; they haven’t called out the New Black Panther Party for openly putting a $10,000 bounty on Zimmerman’s head. Instead, they report only on the emotionally charged family demanding justice without questioning whether their son may have actually attacked a man. Yes, it is tragic that Trayvon died. It is unthinkable that we would allow mob justice to take over in America and a travesty that nobody is asking questions before taking action. We should have learned after Crown Heights.

The title of this post is meant to get your attention. I hope it has. We could all end up being George Zimmerman someday – accused of a hate crime you didn’t commit, the people in your corner being ignored by the public when they say you’re not a hatemonger or a thug, with extremist groups so ready to take your life that they’d offer a large sum of money to anyone willing to deliver you to them. If for no other reason than the fact that the truth is often distorted and we could one day be the targets of unfounded rage, we should defend Zimmerman’s rights and shout down the mob. If warranted, we should be willing to do violence to be sure the mob is stopped.

We all know the images being circulated of George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin. We’ve become well-acquainted with them. What if someone showed you different images of the two? What would you think then? Well, here you go…

NOTE: it would appear, according to a commenter, that Twitchy did, in fact, acknowledge that the photo previously posted here was NOT of Trayvon. While I didn’t get the photo from Twitchy, I feel it necessary to remove the photo and put another one up – this one actually of Trayvon. I maintain that the more recent photos of Trayvon have been deliberately hidden from the public.


23 thoughts on “We Are All George Zimmerman

  1. I actually cried yesterday when I heard the press statement about the bounty (which they claim to be climbing toward $1Mil) because I immediately thought about Holder’s Justice Department’s “policy”. Man, things are crazy right now…

  2. Hey gayconservative,

    Great article — but twichy (Malkin’s website) retracted the above photo because the picture on the right is not actually Trayvon.


  3. this really disturbs me that you all are choosing race sides, thats exactly what this is about.. who give a fuck about the color. the point is you have a grown ass man who killed a KID!!!! but your more worried about what fucking color they are. stupid people. smfh.

  4. I didn’t choose a race or a side. If that was what you took away from this article, then you missed the point completely. Maybe because you didn’t want to get the point in the first place…

  5. Kristian, I had to decide whether to respond to your idiotic comment the way I really wanted to, but I don’t think Steve, Philip or Mark will really mind, so here’s what I have to say to you…

    First, you say “go fuck your mother.” If you stopped there, it might make sense, since I am a lesbian. However, you go on to call me a “cocksucking faggot” (I’m correcting your deplorable spelling because the fact that you are an idiot does not mean that I have to be one). Okay…since I go by Mel, and I do not keep a picture of myself on the blog, it’s easy to mistake whether I am a gay man or a lesbian. If, however, you were to assume that I were a gay man, saying “go fuck your mother” is silly on it’s face. If I were a gay man, I wouldn’t be screwing anybody’s mother. Since I’m a gold-star lesbian, however, you can be sure there is no cocksucking going on in my life.

    If you must insult me, learn how to do it right, you dumbass.

  6. Mel, thank you for correcting Kristian. Insults and slurs are one thing, but poor spelling, grammar and lack of logic is inexcusable!
    I really don’t know what to say about this case because I don’t have all the facts. So, I don’t think it is wise to jump to a conclusion (Mr. President). I’ll wait till the facts come out.
    And Demi, are you assuming that someone under the age of 18 (a minor) cannot harm an adult (over the age of 18)? Also, I don’t see where the author, Mel (a woman), has chosen sides. It is the press that has decided to choose sides and report what fits their initial idea. Obviously some groups like the New Black Panthers are doing that too.
    And would it kill you to capitalize the first letter of the first word in a sentence? This isn’t tweeting and you can write more than 140 characters. I’m sorry that you believe people who hold different opinions are “stupid.” Excellent debating.
    AndyB, NH.

  7. A child KIKKER? Never heard that one before.

    I will talk more about my experiences with juveniles in another post. I think that comment deserves one.

  8. Well, the letter “K” & “L” are next to each other and considering the care and thought that was put into this comment (and others) it’s understandable that the writer (typer?) couldn’t be bothered to know what they were typing. Besides, clearly anyone who gathers facts and puts forth a thoughtful statement (Mel) is wrong because that statement and those facts don’t fit with others preconceived notions. Hate Facts?
    Wait, maybe they were trying for a Jewish slur? Hard to say but ridiculing them works for me.
    AndyB, NH.

  9. Whoa you got some facts distorted. That’s george zimmermans account of what happened. And there is video showing no bleeding or bruising on george zimmerman. And I wouldn’t hesitate to beat someone following me with a gun and a truck for no reason. He was unprovoked. I don’t care if he saw trayvon martin selling crack to his kids he still had no right to persue and attack. He should have let the cops do their job and I’m sad to hear this from a gay person who is supposed to be a champion for human rights issues shame on you

  10. Yes, I did offer Zimmerman’s account of what happened. Is he not innocent until proven guilty? I offered it because precious few ARE offering it.

    About the video: yes, I have seen it; I also know from experience that the video is too grainy to pick up some injuries. Way back when I was working as a corrections officer, I was attacked by two inmates. I walked away, albeit not unscathed – both eyes had begun to turn black and looked ugly by the time I left. When I returned, I was shown security video of me walking out with black eyes. You couldn’t tell that I had bruises. Is it possible that he wasn’t honest? Yes, but it is also possible that he WAS, and possible that he was injured and immediate bruises were not among his injuries. It’s also possible that the video is just too grainy (which is what I get from the video).

    As for being followed, if you wouldn’t hesitate to attack a man following you in a truck and that person might be armed, you are begging for very serious trouble. I’m former corrections, SRT, I’ve been a martial arts instructor and a student of Shaolin and Krav Maga for a good portion of my life. I’m also well-trained in firearms and tactics. As much training as I have, if I thought someone was following me I would not want to confront them with violence. I would high-tail it to a populated and well-lit area, even knock on someone’s door before I allowed violence to occur, and I sure as hell wouldn’t instigate the violence. As tough as I might be there is always someone out there who is bigger and badder. If someone is following you, it is not a crime (not unless you have an order of protection against them). If you attack that person, YOU have now committed assault and you are the one who will face charges for it, completely negating anything that the person following you may or may not have intended to do. If you have it in your head that you would commit a violent act against a person you thought was following you, then the shame is on you, not me.

    As for human rights, it is downright ridiculous for you to brag about being violent and then tell me I should be shamed because I should be “the champion of human rights”. What about Zimmerman’s rights? The man, his family and all of his publicly-identified friends have gotten a steady stream of death threats since this story broke, even to the point that Spike Lee tweeted some poor elderly couple’s address as Zimmerman’s to encourage violence – and those people had to move out thanks to the threatening visits, phone calls and mail deliveries. When you are able to calm down and think rationally, come back and talk to me about human rights.

  11. Mel –

    Interesting post. I do understand the commenter who states it appears you are taking a racial side (the prologue sets this up). A couple points:

    1. You write “the only eyewitnesses say they heard someone scream for help and came to see Trayvon standing over Zimmerman, banging his head against the sidewalk.” I haven’t seen this reported. By almost all accounts there were no eye witnesses. If there were then this case would have been long settled. This is just Zimmerman’s account. Not an eye witness.

    2. You write “If warranted, we should be willing to do violence to be sure the mob is stopped.” I feel that if the point of the article is to argue against violence and to call out The New Black Panther group, it really takes away from your article when you argue that the use of violence is to “stop the mob.” Not sure what you mean by this exactly. If you mean if the mob is violent, we should stop them. That is one thing. If you mean if there is a giant mob outside of Zimmerman’s house protesting but not violent…that is completely different.

    3. Your argument in your last paragraph states “What if someone showed you different images of the two? What would you think then?” While, I understand the media utilizes images to make a point…aren’t you doing the same thing? This reads like it’s understandable for someone to shoot a 17 year old if they happen to be bigger and black.

    While, I think you are correct that this event has been portrayed by the media in a specific manner and that we need to give Mr. Zimmerman a chance to defend himself before proclaiming him guilty, your article includes some factual inaccuracies and some things that (for me) take away from your message.

  12. Actually, there was one eyewitness who has gone on record with police and reporters as having seen Trayvon on top of George, beating him – even describing George’s red sweater.

    Part of my beliefs, as a conservative, are strong justice – believing in justice means that when a person or group becomes wrongfully violent, it then becomes necessary to use violence to stop it. The NBPP is very, very wrong for their calls to violence; if it came down to it, I would stand next to Zimmerman myself and fight tooth and nail to keep the mob from taking him away, whether he’s guilty or innocent.

    Yes, I am doing the same thing, and that was exactly what I said I was doing. My point was to turn the tables on media rhetoric that the mob has magnified.

  13. This is the best commentary I’ve read on the issue, trifles notwithstanding. It’s really refreshing to read this excellent piece. Thank you for the thoughtful read.

  14. First, none of us were there, not even the “eye witness”. So, we can stop with the speculations. There’s a major problem here… the other party in this big mess is deceased. Zim is going to say wtf he wants because, there’s nothing to compare his story to. Second, I don’t believe it’s a racial issue. The media has made it one. The parents made it one. The attorneys and Sharpton/Jackson have made it one. The issue at hand is, a grown man MURDERED a child. Zim could have been green and Martin could have been purple… who cares? We know that Zim IS GUILTY OF MURDER, there is no innocent until proven guilty in this case. He admitted to murder so, why is everyone trying to figure out who’s at fault? Armed against unarmed, unarmed gets murdered by armed. What’s innocent about that? The article was poorly written, in the sense that, Mel made it a racial issue. Started off telling of other accounts where, black kids were hurt by Jews… so the fuck what?? I’m sick of whites crying every time blacks do something to a white as if, whites are some kind of special jewel! Proven through history and now that, whites fuck over every race in this world. Tell me someone please, who said whites were superior to any race on this Earth?? Payback is a motherfucker. Can’t enslave blacks and kill off tribes of Native Americans and put Jews in Concentration Camps and think, nothing will ever happen to your race if, you want to go there with the race thing. Since we’re giving opinions however, let me chime in, Zim was gay. A married, in the closet gay. What the hell was he doing playing police? I think, he was trying to pick up the deceased Martin and got his ass beat. Gotta kill the victim because, if he lives, word in the hood is Zim is a fag!

  15. I have just had a very heated, and what I have decided last debate on the Zimmerman/Martin issue. I was not there, I do not know all the facts of this case. So, I do not know if Mr. Martin actually tried to attack Mr. Zimmerman or not. What I do know based on the evidence released by the police and, Mr. Zimmerman’s lawyer. There is one fact that is not in dispute, and that is that if Mr. Zimmerman had chosen to do as he was told by the police dispatcher. Which was do not continue to pursue Mr. Martin and to wait for the officers dispatched.

    Mr. Martin might still be alive today and Mr. Zimmerman and his wife would not be facing criminal charges, at least not for this. Say what you want about what type of person Mr. Martin was or Mr. Zimmerman is, this all could have been avoided and that cannot be disputed.

  16. Sarah, it is interesting that you state that Mr. Zimmerman was/is a closeted gay man. I had not heard that, but I found this blog today after reading a report about Mr. Zimmerman’s computer files being searched. They apparent found that on several occasions he had been visiting various Black gay websites, more specifically one that seem to portray them as “thugs” and “Gangsters.” If in fact this is true that does shed a whole new light on this case.

  17. I’ll get right on that, Anonymous. By the way, thanks for being so brave and standing up to speak your mind without revealing who you are. Very mature.

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