Life On The Gay Liberal Plantation

I’ve finally decided on the book I’m going to finish first – it’ll be a nonfiction political/social commentary, and I’m tentatively calling it “Self-Loathing Closet Case” for the infamous insult that so many gay leftists like to throw at me.

I’m about to go off on all of the leftists out there. Here’s why: every single leftist on Twitter says the same thing to me when they see that I’m a lesbian and I’m politically conservative. “Wake up! They don’t want you to marry! How can you vote against yourself?!?”

I’m sick of hearing that.

I fail to understand why I should vote solely on the basis of what’s best for me. I’m a lesbian; I’m part of a group that makes up no more than 8% of the population. Expecting the entire population to cater to me because of my sexual orientation on a singular centuries-old issue is ludicrous; I’ve said before that I’d like to marry one day, but it’s not going to happen overnight and I think we need to be wiser about how we obtain marriage rights.

Liberals, for their part, want welfare, socialized healthcare, higher taxes on the wealthy…all in the name of doing what’s right for everyone, not just one group. It’s selfish, they say, to only care about issues that only affect your social group. It’s wrong to be selfish. It’s wrong to be greedy. You should care about more than just yourself and your vote and beliefs should include everyone – at least, as long as the “everyone” you’re talking about is 100% liberal.

Taking that into consideration, why does it make any sense for liberals to tell me I must hate myself because I vote for a political ideal that doesn’t agree with gay marriage? They say it as if it is the only issue I should care about, and I should damn and curse any politician who doesn’t believe in my right to marry.

Here’s the big problem with that line of thinking: most Democrats don’t support gay marriage, either. If you listen to most vocal liberals, they’ll have you believe that gays should all be liberal because everyone who is against gay rights is a conservative. That is a bald-faced lie straight from the pits of hell. I’ve had more conservative friends come out in support of me in the past couple of years than I would have ever believed would. VERY few of the liberals in my life have stuck around. I can count them on the fingers of one hand and still have fingers left over. Even conservative pundit Lee Doren weighed in on gay marriage, declaring that he supports my right to marry and he hopes that the GOP, traditionally the party of civil rights, will be the first to get behind it.

Democrats, however, are not nearly as behind gay marriage as many of these people would have us believe. Proposition 8 – the law meant to repeal gay marriage rights in uber-liberal California – was passed with the help of hundreds of thousands of Democrats who still believe gay marriage to be wrong. Barack Obama has said many times that he believes marriage to be sacred, a pact between one man and one woman. When pressed on it by the gay community, he finally said, “well, how about this…if you challenge DOMA in court, I won’t defend it, how’s that?”

I see that cowardly posturing for exactly what it is: a politician trying to fish for as many votes as he can. The gay liberals all snap to and kiss his feet, ready to lap up the crumbs he offers while he works to destroy our Constitutional rights. They’d rather vote for a man who is willing to lie about his intentions than even entertain the beliefs of a party who will listen if given the chance. The very instant they come across someone like me, someone who refuses to just take what the party of choice is willing to offer right now because there are other dangers lurking within that party, they start hurling insults and death threats to try and put my leash back on and drag me back to the gay liberal plantation.

I won’t go.

Who the hell do you think you are? You claim to be the pillars of tolerance, yet when faced with someone who disagrees, you pitch a hissy fit and try to degrade me by calling me names and threatening bodily injury? Are you serious? Who appointed you the keeper of morals? If it’s wrong for the religious right to impose their morals on you, what makes it acceptable for you to impose your morals on me by way of denigration?

I think for myself. Unlike the liberals (who all vote to try to assuage their own emotions), I am capable of looking at all of the issues, include them all in my beliefs and decide based on the totality of those issues what my beliefs are and who deserves my support. Insulting me when I disagree is not exactly the best way to convince me that I should be liberal – it is, however, the surest way to help me be sure of my conservative values. You can be damn sure of one thing…

I will not be kept.


14 thoughts on “Life On The Gay Liberal Plantation

  1. You call out the hypocrisy of “tolerant,” gay statists with solid proof and reason. I, like you, have been lovingly accepted by more conservatives and Christians than I ever have by gay leftists who seem to rule their lives and others’ lives with a good amount of bitterness and blame. There’s great grace and love in conservatism, because it is, by and large, built on true human rights that stem from love!

  2. “…. most Democrats don’t support gay marriage, either. If you listen to most vocal liberals, they’ll have you believe that gays should all be liberal because everyone who is against gay rights is a conservative…”
    In reality, it’s the Liberal’s cynical use of a tactic; controlling a portion of the electorate a a commodity that they can dispatch stumming the stings of emotions or only raising during a session when not on the local stumps.
    What is so liberating about having to self-define oneself in applications or quata-ledgers to enjoy freedoms?

  3. I, like you, Mel, am more than sick and tired of being bullied for not agreeing with the democrat agenda. I want to tell them – grow up and understand that reasonable people can have a difference of opinion on any number of topics. Your temper tantrums don’t make your arguments any more valid. Indeed, I am often reminded of the truism I learned in law school – the stronger the words, the weaker the argument. Things are approaching a breaking point in this society. It is frightening and it is requiring and will continue to require great courage to stand up to those demonize and marginalize others to get their way.

  4. I’m getting blasted right now with the same old tired insults…”they hate you! They’re anti-woman! They’re anti-GOP! I can’t believe you’re a GOP lez!”

    Really? Seriously? That’s all these people have? No facts, figures, nothing? Just insults? How in the hell do these people keep breathing?

  5. Follow gay conservatives; This is the greatest day of my life! Finally I found a group that I can relate too!

  6. “Liberals, for their part, want welfare, socialized healthcare, higher taxes on the wealthy…all in the name of doing what’s right for everyone, not just one group. It’s selfish, they say, to only care about issues that only affect your social group. It’s wrong to be selfish. It’s wrong to be greedy. You should care about more than just yourself and your vote and beliefs should include everyone – at least, as long as the “everyone” you’re talking about is 100% liberal.”

    This is a false assumption. You have fundamental misunderstanding of liberal ideology(do you watch fox news?). A liberal wants equality and liberty to be equal for everyone. No liberal says it is selfish for someone to want to be equal. The selfish comes not from wanting something for yourself but from not wanting other people to have what you have. I suggest you take some more time to read up on liberalism.

  7. Thewatchfuleye, I read your reply a good number of times because I wanted to address your concerns, but you didn’t really make a point. It was all very generic (especially the Fox News retort). Could you please give an example illustrating the equality and liberty you speak of relating to Liberalism? I, as well as history, have a hard time documenting such relations. To just say “A Liberal wants equality and Liberty to be equal for everyone” is not factual nor does it prove anything. I do believe it’s possible that you are an honest liberal person who does want those things. I think it’s possible that you are accepting of all people and are trying to make the world a better place, but that is not the role that Liberalism has played, although we are practically forced to believe that it has.

  8. You want equality to be equal…that’s redundant no matter which way you look at it. Spectacularly so.

    You are correct, it isn’t selfish to want equality or liberty. You missed my point. I’m not talking about simply wanting equality; I’m talking about the people who SAY they want equality, but they really only want everyone else to agree with them and will damn to hell everyone who disagrees. They’ll smear me all day long because I don’t agree with their version of “equality”. I believe in equality of opportunity – not equality of outcome. That makes me a target.

    As for the Fox News remark, I don’t respond to those anymore. That retort is a massive cop-out, one made by cowards who have no justifiable argument otherwise.

  9. Hey Mel, just wanted to know if you take procaution on having some of your readers being outed by non-readers?
    Sorry, i am just so nervous posting here:/

  10. I have tentative plans for a nonfiction book in this vein as this idea. There are practically no books in advocacy or defense of gay conservatives, it’s a bit sad…

    I get sick of that same attack as well. It makes me want to scream when someone says it to me these days.

  11. I will admit that I went a-Googling for this blog… I am writing from Canada, and am currently following a heated provincial election race for Alberta’s next premier. If you Google the Wildrose Party (of Alberta), and hook into why it will be a fiscally positive change for Albertans, I’d love to hear your commentary on the controversy surrounding one [or two] of the party’s constituents…

    I am a conservative…and while I am not gay, I have a number of friends who are – and who have focused solely on said controversy. The waters are beyond muddy.

    It is a yarn I won’t waste your readership’s time with….but I am extremely interested to hear your thoughts, should you decide to look into some of what’s happening north of the border!

    All the very best,
    Dionne in Canada

  12. Good for you. I’m tired (a la the Chick-fil-A debacle) of gay-marriage terrorists. Who says everyone has to agree with gay marriage or be subject to a verbal auto-da-fe? His company seems not to be discriminating in its hiring policies, but the big boss still has to trash his personal morals and come out in favor of gay marriage? Why? Since when are we not allowed to disagree in America?
    As a religious person, I don’t approve of gay marriage; I do have gay friends, however. And see no contradiction. It’s called mutual respect. It’s a good basis for a friendship, too.

  13. Mel you nailed it! To start with, My wife and I are both bisexual and poly-amourous conservatives. We hear so many of those same tired lines. We both believe in working towards gay marriage but that it’s not going to happen over night and that as we are the minority it’s not as high a priority as, oh say, immigration and education reform on the scales of genuine substantive benefit to the public at large. We also want to see plural marriage de-criminalized but I figure that will come shortly after gay marriage.

    The one thing I saw I. What you wrote that stuck out with Me is this, it will come in steps. I remember President Bush 2 saying he supported a state of legal union so long as it wasn’t called marriage while Sen Kerry wouldn’t commit to either side as a Catholic ajd Democrat. I remember the back-lash of the gay activists screaming “All or nothing, half measures aren’t equality.” The truth is sime, they aren’t. The truth is also that other minority groups didn’t gain full rights immediately after something became a hot button issue. It’s not right and the idealist in Me hurts to see it but the pragmatist in Me says every step in the right direction IS PROGRESS. We need to keep that in mind and work at the issue a little more all the time. We are not so different and so unique we are entitled to take benefit without paying our dues. Part of that is to get out and get involved. That means learning more than the media talking points on the gay friendly media blogs and spitting back what we’re told our opinions should bed. I think that is what you were most getting at, think and be for yourself. Be informed and form your own views, not follow the party line, whatever party it is.

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