Obama For Gay Marriage…NOT!

I have said before that I believed Obama’s announcement that he wouldn’t defend DOMA in court was little more than a ploy to placate hard-left gay rights activists who won’t stop until they push gay marriage rights on everyone. It was Obama’s way of keeping gay leftists on the plantation. I still believe that, particularly in light of his announcement yesterday.

He announced that his view on gay marriage has “evolved.” After saying during his 2008 campaign that he believed marriage to be a sacred pact between one man and one woman – something that a majority of Democrats also believe, particularly black Democrats in California who voted yes on Prop 8, guaranteeing its passage into law – he suddenly believes that same-sex couples should be allowed marriage rights.

Of course it has nothing to do with Biden’s diarrhea of the mouth the other day, saying that HE believed in gay marriage rights (which, when hard-left website ThinkProgress announced it, turned into a bald-faced lie when they claimed that Biden had “backed equal rights for the LGBT community throughout his career,” which is complete tripe because when DOMA and DADT were being debated Biden was a senator and he backed the legislation then, as did his good friend Robert Byrd). It couldn’t possibly have had anything to do with Biden beclowning himself yet again. At least this time he didn’t claim that George Washington tweeted news of his big win at Yorktown to all of his generals.

It should be interesting to note that Max Mutchnick, creator of Will & Grace, has recently been on CBS to say that Biden’s remarks seemed very “choreographed” when he first made the comments more than three weeks ago at a Hollywood fundraiser that White House staff were videotaping. I agree with Mutchnick that Biden was testing the waters to see what would happen, and the White House recorded it for posterity to make sure they could have something to point to and say, “lookit! This isn’t a gaffe, he really, really meant it!”

Then, this past Sunday, Biden finally said it publicly: he absolutely believes that two men and two women should be able to marry each other. The White House feigned shock, a kabuki theater act complete with Jay Carney pretending to have no idea what reporters were talking about when they asked about Biden’s flip-flop on gay marriage (sorry, but I don’t believe for one second that every White House staffer in creation didn’t know exactly what he said, and I am certain they knew BEFORE he said it). Gay rights activists went into a tizzy. Will Obama finally stand up for gay marriage? Will he do what no other president has done before?

The answer? Yes!

Not so fast, folks. It’s not what you think.

Obama naturally cited his daughters in interviews about gay marriage. He claimed that watching Malia and Sasha hang out with friends who had same-sex parents made him change his perspective. ABC broke in with a special report yesterday to announce Obama’s “evolution.” But the big problem here?

Obama still openly believes that gay marriage is a states-rights issue.

That fact alone makes his remarks supporting gay marriage outrageously disingenuous. Currently, 32 states have state laws barring recognition of same-sex unions. North Carolina became yet another one to pass such a law with a pretty serious margin, along with uber-liberal California. If Obama really, truly believed in gay marriage rights as strongly as he says he does, he wouldn’t believe it was a states-rights issue. A few gay rights activists have picked up on this, but most haven’t – they’re still naively celebrating his announcement as if it were a flat endorsement.

Obama doesn’t want you to know that. He doesn’t want you to question him. You should stop and think, however, before taking his supposed change of heart as a ringing endorsement. The man still believes that a state has the right to refuse to recognize your marriage, a stance that many took on interracial marriage back in the 70’s. If he’s not completely for it, he’s not for it at all. He’s still tap dancing to try and make one group happy – and that one group happens to make up a very small minority of voters. Unfortunately for him, it’s going to cost him quite a few votes. A very high number of black Democrats (as I mentioned before) are against gay marriage. They will stay home during this election simply because of his beliefs on gay marriage.

Obama’s announcement that he changed his mind on the matter was nothing more than duplicitous windbaggery. I will continue to caution gay rights activists against embracing this news.


8 thoughts on “Obama For Gay Marriage…NOT!

  1. I suspect, unfortunately, that this tactic will work on the people it needs to work on. Would a presidency built on polling make such a mistake? I I hope so, but I think that the people disposed to turn on Obama after this would have been largely against him to begin with.

    It’s always possible with this president that any calculated move was disastrously out-of-touch with reality. But I think that this issue is coming out now so Obama can campaign on social issues (the only field Democrats can fight on). The media is already drawing battlelines between Romney’s man-woman stance and Obama, our gracious lord and master.

    Nice post, anyways. 🙂

  2. So the choice is basically between Democrats who offer tepid support for marriage equality in a cynical ploy for the LGBT (and supporter) vote and distract voters from more pressing issues OR the GOP who claim to stand up for “traditional families” in a cynical ploy for the anti-gay, religious nut-job vote and distract voters from more pressing issues. Not surprisingly, you are rightfully skeptical of cynical ploy #1 but seem completely blind/naive to cynical ploy #2. I’ll at least take the side that is every so delicately stepping over to the right side of history thanks.

  3. If you’re siding with the Democrats because of gay marriage, aren’t you being distracted from more pressing issues?

  4. At least they’re not lying about their position, Luke. I’d rather know where they stand. And, to be sure, more and more conservatives are coming out in support of gay marriage, including within the Tea Party (see Lee Doren’s recent remarks on the issue). More than a few of my conservative friends – people who became my friends even though they knew I was a lesbian – have changed their minds about gay marriage over the past few years.

  5. I’m just curious. How many conservative gay people are out there like you? I’m not gay or anything but it’s kinda refreshing to know that there’s gays like you that share similiar views on what’s going on in the world unlike liberals esp Ben Savage. Not sure what Savage is trying to do but he’s making things worse by saying offensive things like that. Oh well. Keep up good work on this blog site.

  6. @Qwerty There are a lot of us gay conservatives out there. GOProud, Log Cabin Republicans.. I think you may be talking about Dan Savage, and yes he’s very offensive, often hateful. Gay conservatives are some of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet.

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