Brett Kimberlin, Domestic Terrorist

In the extremely early hours of July 1, just last year, LA County assistant district attorney Patrick Frey – better known as blogger Patterico – was on the phone with a man he had never met in person before when Lomita County sheriff’s SWAT members pounded on the door and demanded that Frey come out. He was handcuffed, marched to a police cruiser, questioned on whether his wife and kids were still alive, and left there in full view of his neighbors – while police woke up his soundly sleeping wife and children. A helicopter woke anyone who might have missed the hubbub otherwise. A call had been placed by a person who read off Frey’s address and said that a woman had been shot – they claimed to be Frey, and said he’d shot his wife. It was a dangerous hoax that’s come to be known as “swatting” because it results in SWAT teams coming to your front door.

Astonishingly, authorities have never even attempted to file charges against the man responsible. Patterico hired a professional acquaintance who is an expert at audio forensics. The man who placed that call was Ron Brynaert, an extremist so far out there even the left wing won’t accept him anymore (he has reportedly been banned from further posting at Daily KOS, which if true should speak volumes). Brynaert isn’t working alone…along with Brad Friedman, he’s the “janitor” for Brett Kimberlin.

If you’re just a little older than me, you may recognize his name. In 1978 he became infamous as the “Speedway Bomber.” To understand what he’s up to now, you have to hear the beginning of his story. It’s a doozy.

On July 29, 1978, 65-year-old Julia Scyphers was shot and killed in her garage by a man who had claimed he was interested in buying items that she’d had on sale. Her husband only caught a glimpse of the killer as he ran to his car and sped away. Police ended up looking at her daughter, Sandra Barton. Barton was dating a man whom Scyphers had never liked and had begun to suspect was molesting her granddaughter. That man was Brett Kimberlin. He was never charged with child abuse or molestation, but police believed that he hired an associate in his drug-dealing background to kill Scyphers after she had the locks changed on her daughter’s apartment door.

Not long after, on September 1, 1978, the Speedway bombings began as a distraction from the murder. Bombs went off every night until September 6, when US Army Maj. Carl David DeLong (retired) came across one of the bombs in a duffel bag in the parking lot of Speedway High School. When the bomb went off, it nearly killed him – it took off his right leg, two fingers, and sprayed his entire body with shrapnel. His wife was also hit by shrapnel. DeLong, a Vietnam Vet who bravely served his country, endured nine surgeries and years of therapy.

Kimberlin, who police had always believed was using his vegetarian restaurant as a front for smuggling pot, was caught at a local copy shop wearing a Department of Defense uniform to excuse replicating military ID’s (pictures from the Indianapolis Star show him in that uniform after his initial arrest, with a full beard). His car was searched and police found the unique timers that had been used on the bombs along with traces of Tovex – a water gel explosive comprised of a sodium nitrate/ammonium nitrate/aluminum mix that is so much more efficient than dynamite that it is used by hot shot fire crews to create fire breaks while fighting wildfires – which was the explosive used in the bombs.

It would be 1980 before Kimberlin was tried for anything, and he was never tried for his involvement in Julia Scyphers’ murder; the only witness, her husband, died before charges could be brought and he was the only one who could identify the shooter (William Bowman, who immediately recanted upon the death of the only witness). Kimberlin had just received four years on a Texas drug conviction, and finally he was given 12 more years for impersonating a DoD official that year. One year later, he was finally found guilty on charges of possessing illegal explosives and other bombing charges. He was sentenced to 50 years in prison and his other sentence was rolled into a complete sentence of 51 years, six months and 19 days. During the trials, he intimidated witnesses. Some witnesses even ended up dead. While in prison, he made his victims’ lives a living hell, suing them along with police and prosecutors in true jailhouse lawyer fashion.

On February 23, 1983, after five years of trying to reclaim his life after the bombing, Carl DeLong committed suicide.

Incredibly, Kimberlin was paroled in 1994 after spending a mere 12 of 51 years behind bars. He refused to pay a dime of the $1.6M settlement that had been awarded to Sandra DeLong, so his parole was revoked – for a whopping four years. in 2001, he was released again.

Fast forward to 2010. Kimberlin has become a dedicated liberal activist, setting down roots with the Occupy movement and founding the “Justice Through Music” project. The nonprofit organization has drawn nearly $2M in donations from the likes of George Soros’ Tides Foundation, as well as Teresa Heinz Kerry and Barbara Streisand. Rock acts such as Third Eye Blind, Miley Cyrus, Bruce Springsteen, Joseph Arthur (lesbians would recognize his music from the first season of The L Word), Crosby and Nash, and the lead singer of Anti-Flag have thrown their weight behind the Occupy movement and JTMP (and I can promise you, I will not waste another penny on any music written by any of those artists – they may not realize who they’re partnered with, but they should). Interestingly enough, the site itself makes no mention of the new controversy.

In 1988, Kimberlin got a taste of fame by claiming he’d sold pot to then-VP candidate Dan Quayle. Most people outside of Indiana didn’t have a clue who he was until then. He had no proof and a press conference he’d set up was shut down by prison officials – unwittingly setting him up for the outing he faces now. He claimed to be a political prisoner and left-wing journalist Mark Singer wrote an article about him in The New Yorker. Publishers were so impressed that they offered Singer a book deal, and Singer split the advance with Kimberlin – only to discover that Kimberlin was actually no hero. The result was Citizen K, in which Singer revealed that Kimberlin was deliberately hiding the advance money from Sandra DeLong to avoid paying the settlement.

Then, in 2010, the other shoe dropped.’s Mandy Nagy, aka Liberty Chick, wrote a major expose with the backing of Andrew himself. The piece was devastating, showing that Kimberlin – though not named as a founder on the website – was the braintrust behind JTMP and a related group, Velvet Revolution. He was sweeping in hundreds of thousands of dollars annually in donations to his “foundations”. He has the websites registered to his mother’s house in Bethesda and here’s a very interesting reveal – in 2006, JTMP recorded rent of around $10,000 on tax returns. Four years later, tax returns claimed $80,000 was paid in rent. Multiple court cases have revealed Kimberlin to be a paranoid narcissist, even clearly stating that his claims of conspiracies against him were complete fabrications. It’s also been revealed that he was convicted of perjury in a federal court before he even finished high school.

Kimberlin and his two cronies, Ron Brynaert and Brad Friedman, opened up a nasty attack campaign against Nagy after her post. By this time he was nearly famous for calling for the arrest and execution of Karl Rove and offering a substantial sum of money for information that would lead to the conviction of Dick Cheney. This is where Patterico comes in. One month after the Breitbart piece, Patterico started writing about the Kimberlin saga. He almost immediately found himself the target of an extreme harassment campaign. “Anonymous” complaint calls began coming in to his secretaries, claiming that Patterico was a racist, homophobic stalker. His boss started getting the complaints. Twitter and other social networking sites lit up with references to Patterico. Threats were dropped (including threats to do physical harm to both him and his wife). Then, in July, SWAT arrived at his home.

Patterico and Nagy are not the only victims, sadly. Ace of Spades, whose identity has yet to be revealed (thank God), has gotten threatening emails from the same source that originally threatened Patterico. Then, a lesser-known blogger in the DC area, Aaron Worthing, was outed as lawyer Aaron Walker. Phone calls were made to his employer and his wife’s employer. Both Aaron and his wife have lost their jobs due to the relentless campaign of hate and vitriol poured on them by Kimberlin, Brynaert and Friedman. Aaron also now has to fight a frivolous “peace order” that Kimberlin has filed; and a left-leaning blogger who refused to give Kimberlin Aaron’s true identity was threatened and harassed, too. Now, Robert Stacy McCain has had to go into hiding to protect his family because the same campaign has been waged against him – to the point that the threats made them leave their home suddenly.

I have always said that the First Amendment protects us from the government, not from people. In this case the First Amendment should be used to stop the government from allowing someone to misuse the legal process to bully people into shutting up. Not one blogger has lied when outing Brett Kimberlin as a domestic terrorist or as the founder of two major money-making nonprofit organizations, yet he has sued, filed harassment injunctions, and openly threatened every person who has dared to drag his misdeeds into the sunlight. The MSM has been asleep while all this goes on; not even Fox News will touch the story. It hasn’t even become a blip on anyone’s radar, yet the blogs (even the liberal ones) have made it the biggest story of the day. When people lose their livelihood, their home, and fear for their safety because of the actions of one man and his two friends, it’s time to stand up to the bully and tell him to piss off.

Here’s a list of the major bloggers who have brought this outrage to view:
Gay Patriot
Michelle Malkin
Sister Toldja
Ace of Spades
The Blaze
Atlas Shrugs
Breitbart News
Lee Stranahan
American Thinker
Dan Riehl
Yid With Lid

If you want to donate to help Aaron Worthing and Stacy McCain, click here and support the innocent victims of continued domestic terrorism.


2 thoughts on “Brett Kimberlin, Domestic Terrorist

  1. Yeah, this post covers it all and it covers it well.

    Thank you for doing your job as a journalist and pundit on this serious matter.

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