Outing True Hate

I got into it on Twitter with a guy who talks like a 15-year-old. He says he’s Catholic. He openly hates gay people, loves using the word “fag”, and is an incredible hypocrite.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the man who calls himself Daniel Cali – AKA @dheaddan from somewhere in the liberal state of Illinois:

Now, after the “discussion” began (if you could really call it that), I called him a hypocrite. Why? He spouted the tried-and-true Leviticus “clobber passage” to try and prove to me that I am damned for being gay. I pointed out that the same set of ceremonial laws – the very laws that Jesus Christ purportedly sacrificed Himself to fulfill, thus no longer requiring ceremonial cleanliness – ban us from handling pork products and wearing cotton/poly blends. Simple argument, right? He comes back with the argument that the New Testament tells us we are allowed to eat foods considered unclean despite that law, purely because of Jesus’ sacrifice. He replies that only food was made spiritually acceptable again (but not fabric woven of two different materials? Interesting…). I called him a hypocrite, because that’s exactly what he was.

He later made multiple excuses for calling me a sodomite and a fag.

First he called me a sodomite – which, since I am a lesbian, is not possible. Sodomy is defined as “anal or oral copulation,” the key word being the very last one. Copulation requires the involvement of male genitalia, and Dan apparently doesn’t know enough about biology to understand this. He insisted that I was a sodomite even after I first pointed him to Ezekiel for the reasons that Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed (homosexuality is never listed among the sins God destroyed those cities for), and I contend that based on scripture, the use of the name of that city to describe male homosexual acts is incorrect in any case. He continued to call me a sodomite even after being reminded that the word describes male interactions, gay or straight.

He wasn’t listening. He went on to call me a fag multiple times (all spelling inaccuracies are his, cut-and-pasted from his Twitter feed):

Daniel Cali ‏@dheaddan
@animelmaguire I am not a hypocrite, but your a fag.

Daniel Cali ‏@dheaddan
@animelmaguire BTW when you cite chapter and verse where fag is OK with God, then let me know until then you’re wrong and don’t bother me.

Daniel Cali ‏@dheaddan
@animelmaguire Sodmite is another one of those inaccurate descriptions, sodomy is any abominable sex act which, you as a fag engage in.

Daniel Cali ‏@dheaddan
@animelmaguire keep twisting sorry that is not condoning fags

Daniel Cali ‏@dheaddan
@animelmaguire I am in good company for the same term “fag” was used by William F Buckley when referring to Vidal Gore.

Daniel Cali ‏@dheaddan
Fag-> @animelmaguire: I thought you were shaking the dust off your feet. Since you cannot stop using that foul word, let me help you.Buh-bye

If you doubt me, click here and read his tweets before he deletes them.

His first excuse for using the word “fag” was he was “saving space.” I called him on it, and his next excuse was that we had “perverted” the word gay and he refused to use it in that connotation. Well, in England they call cigarettes fags…cultural reference. If a word has such extreme negative connotation, you’re not doing yourself or your so-called faith any favors by using it continually. In reality, anyone with half a brain knows that you’re playing games with me, particularly trying to get me worked up. I’m doing with you what I did with Jeffrey Don Davis – I’m outing you, a supposed conservative, for the hard-right hatemonger that you are. You are another part of the reason why liberals call me a self-loathing closet case.

I hate to break this to you, but the Constitution will not hold up under social conservatism. It will not jibe with laws being passed based purely on religious dogma, which is all you seem to believe in. America was founded on Judeo-Christian principles, and I am a believer, but our founding fathers were not all Christians (several were actually Deists, including Thomas Jefferson) and they specifically wrote the Constitution to reflect America as a free nation, one that was never intended to recognize as law the beliefs of a singular religion.

In other words, if you’re against Sharia being passed into US law, you cannot turn around and insist that Catholicism be what our laws are based on.

So that I don’t beat a dead horse, here are a few other blog posts I’ve written on these subjects. Oh, and Dan…take a gander at Luke 11:37-52. The only time Jesus openly condemned anyone to hell (that we know of) were the religious leaders who pretended to have it all figured out. If you look at the way He continually deals with them throughout the gospels, He gets irritated that they put on a good face and twist scripture and the law to turn it into what they want it to say. I find it amazing that, despite His dire warnings, a couple thousand years pass and nothing has changed. Just like Fred Phelps, you claim that you’re behaving this way out of “love”. You apparently missed I Corinthians 13.

Whose Morality? – Commentary on the birth control debate and how liberals are attacking Catholicism

Put It In Context, Part I – Debate over what hate is and how it does still infect those on the religious part of the Right

Jennifer Knapp Makes A Comeback, Part II – contains my testimony and comments on going from being religious to being a person of faith


17 thoughts on “Outing True Hate

  1. This guy is an idiot for calling you a fag Mel! Did he think that you were a guy man or what? Wow..what a Moron!

    Also..speaking of homosexuality in the bible..where can i find “Sodom and Gomorrah”? Because i would like to read about it.

  2. Oh, he knew I was a lesbian. It says so on my profile, plain as day.

    Here’s a link to Genesis 19, which describes the two angels in Sodom and exactly what happened…I would actually suggest reading Genesis 18 as well:


    One thing is very interesting – Dan, like many other Catholics in the US, openly said that being gay is a graver sin than any other. Ezekiel 16 would have something to say about that. The 16th chapter of Ezekiel (which I’ll link here) talks about the sins of Jerusalem; sins of the Israelites after their deliverance from captivity. They had turned away from God, worshiped idols, even sacrificed their own children to false gods. Verses 48-50 of that chapter are VERY clear on why Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed:

    ” ‘As I live,’ declares the Lord God, ‘Sodom, your sister and her daughters have not done as you and your daughters have done. Behold, this was the guilt of your sister Sodom: she and her daughters had arrogance, abundant food and careless ease, but she did not help the poor and needy. Thus they were haughty and committed abominations before Me. Therefore I removed them when I saw it.”

    Here is all of Ezekiel 16, where God lashes out big time against His own people for sins that were far more egregious than Sodom – a theme repeated multiple times throughout the New Testament:


  3. The truth about the Bible is that on the first day, man created God. It was just some form of literature that the Church used for hundreds of years to accumulate all the wealth from all the Kingdoms of Europe back then. Who are they to say what is right and what is wrong. I don’t think they archaic teachings applied then and so it does not apply by all means now. Those people should wear engagement rings for gay men and let’s see who will burn in their hell first.

  4. Thanks for th recommendations Mel. I’ll look that up:) Also you seem to be very knowlegable about the bible. If you don’t mind me asking.. did you ever have a problem being a Christain and a Lesbian?

  5. Thanks, Mel. You’re saying things that really need to be said. (And you have WAY more patience with these people than I do!)

    It does need to be exposed — and held up to relentless sunlight — that this sort of person, though on the fringe, is the sort the Left points to to supposedly exemplify all conservatives. Some housecleaning is definitely in order, because the rest need to strongly disassociate themselves from the under-a-slimy-rock element.

    Kudos to you, also, for knowing your Bible. You won’t concede an inch to the bigots, and you’re fighting the good fight.

  6. Veryopinionated, I had a problem for about six months. When I first realized that I was a lesbian and nothing could change that fact, I struggled hard. It took me a long time to accept it. The dichotomy was not lost on me. It took a great deal of reflection, reading and praying to come to a place where I was willing to question what I’d been taught my whole life, then realize that what I believed was only what I’d been told by others. I can honestly say that I am now more at peace with God than I ever was (honestly, before I accepted the fact that I was gay it was all a put-on, and my friends would all tell you it was a poor one).

    Lori…thank you!

  7. Thanks Mel for sharing. That must have been hard for you. As for me i really don’t have a problem with GOD and my sexuality that much, not too sure about the bible, although i am open to readding it. I believe that your relationship with GOD is between you and Him and same goes with your sexuality.. that’s between you and Him and that’s it.

    Although my parents have a different view on that issue and we tend to argue about it at times. They think that i will go to heaven but she may not see me because i might be somewhere lower level of heaven or something.. i don’t know. Sometimes they make me feel that i will go to hell for being a lesbian, but then i tell myself “That’s not true, you know that God loves you and that He will never foresaken me or turn His back on me”. Again i really don’t have a grudge against God for being a lesbian and i never have.

  8. I definitely think those particular laws in the Bible are based more on a small group of people trying to breed their numbers up. It sucks that translation threw the word “abomination” in there, because I think that’s a bs translation; that it’s not intended that way and that it had more to do with saying it was unusual, which it probably was when there were just fewer people in general on the earth.

    I think there is a certain genius behind monotheism, the idea of one unseen God was really much more advanced than the worship of many idols, but I also think if those people were around today to make observations about how nature, the voice of God, works, they would certainly accept same-sex relationships as a part of it, since the population is so much more plentiful and it can be demonstrated that it will happen with some frequency.

  9. Twitter has got to be the most worthless invention ever to curse mankind. Seriously people think that some sort of useful dialogue or debate is going to be achieved in 140 characters? I spend way too much time in comment sections of blogs or news sites which also seems equally pointless but still I am glad I never got into Twitter.

  10. Actually, that’s the nice thing about Twitter—say it in 140 characters or less; no bloviating, no ranting & raving (yes, I know there are ways around that limit so that it’s merely often a headline service for longer writings). Yes, that means that slurs and nonsensical abbreviations are often commonplace; but then in an age in which many ppl use txt-speak 2 rite thgs whn they hv a full-sz keybrd in frnt of them, should we automatically expect better?

  11. Dear Mel:
    You are not going to believe what I am about to tell you. Daniel Cali went to high school with me at Ramapo Regional High School in Franklin Lakes, NJ and we both graduated in 1976. I googled his name and was shocked to find his picture on your blog. I saw the Gay Conservative on your website and I initially thought that Daniel was finally coming out of the closet!!
    Also, just so you know that this is authentic, his twitter address ends in @dheaddan and that stands for Dead Head Dan. He was VERY much into the Grateful Dead back in the day and he did a LOT of drugs including LSD, cocaine, etc.
    Now, please, brace yourself for what I am going to tell you. Daniel forcefully sexually molested me in my basement (I am a male) back in 1975 when we were 16 years old. He hugged me and grabbed my privates and told me that he wanted to have oral sex with me. I told him NO a number of times. He eventually forced himself on me. He told me that he was Bisexual. It is amazing that he is bashing gays on your blog. He is in complete denial about his own sexuality because he was always afraid that I would tell people that he was Bisexual. He always lived his life as a closet queen. Unbelievable. He was also very much into the bible and believes that the planet earth is the only place in the entire universe that contains life.
    OK, so now I finally get some pay back here. I could tell you everything about him. He lives in Algonquin, Illinois and is married to a woman named Michelle. He has a son by the name of Joshua. Boy, payback is a real bitch!!
    BTW, Larry Holmes is my psuedonym. Believe you and me, when Dan reads this he will Know exactly who I am.

    Please feel free to email me for more info on Danny boy. I have been waiting for this moment for decades. Oh, the power of the interntet.

  12. I know this Daniel Cali guy. I meet him at conference in Chicago. He told me is gay, Why he berates other gay people while the fact of the matter is that he himself is gay? I no unnerstand.

  13. I know this Daniel Cali guy. I meet him at conference in Chicago. He told me is gay, Why he berates other gay people while the fact of the matter is that he himself is gay? I no unnerstand.

  14. He is probably in a state of utter denial. It happens very often. It sure does look like his tweets were from a teenager. The guy seriously needs his head examined. It is too bad we have so many hypocrites in this world. Oh well, life goes on I guess.

  15. Very intelligent, Sammy. Your mother should be so proud.

    There really is no mean soul in this world like one who is being mean for Jesus. Remember, my friend, that the only people Jesus openly condemned were the religious leaders who thought they knew it all and were so quick to pass judgment.

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