Romney’s Better History

In 1964, Democrat Robert Byrd – formerly a leader in the KKK – joined a Democrat-led filibuster of the Civil Rights Act. He personally held the floor for 14 hours as a part of the left-wing attempt to hold America in the dark ages.

A year prior, in June of 1963, George Romney – Mitt’s father – was marching for civil rights. He highly supported Dr. King and believed that civil rights were vital to all human beings in our country, regardless of the color of their skin.

Don’t believe me? Here he is – second from the left:


One thought on “Romney’s Better History

  1. Ms Maguire,

    I recently stumbled across your writings quite by accident. While I largely categorize my viewpoints as “conservative,” you and I definitely do differ on a few key issues. Despite this, I just wanted to express my utmost respect for you and your frank and non-hateful manner of speaking/writing. Keep it up!

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