Adam Smith Spreads the Insanity

If I, a front-of-the-line public safety worker, were to film myself harassing someone and post it on YouTube, I would be fired from my job. Immediately. There would be no question. My neighbors and quite a few people in my city would recognize me immediately. Even those who may agree with my views would frown upon me behaving that way and would likely complain that a public servant – even one at the bottom of the food chain – had behaved so childishly.

You can imagine my stunned silence at the idea that so many would fail to understand why a chief financial officer, an executive employee, of a major medical supplier, would lose his job upon behaving exactly that way when he goes through the drive-thru and pitches a narcissistic fit at a very nice employee of Chick-Fil-A.

Take a look.

Adam Smith Rant

First of all, he’s practically bouncing in the car waiting to get to the window. You can tell he’s excited about what he’s about to do. On CFA Appreciation Day, he got in the drive-thru line, ordered a free water, then waited. Once he got close, he turned on his cell phone camera. He captured himself joking how “it tastes better when it’s full of hate” and hoping that a group of college-aged kids the next building over might be getting ready for a sit-in (for the record, none was reported that I know of, and this was in Tucson). Listening to this guy say “I think I might just say a few words, let’s see!” makes me gag. He knew exactly what he was going to do – that’s why he was filming himself.

He gets up there and as soon as he starts talking, he cements in our minds the fact that he had the whole thing planned, right down to what he was going to say. This was not impromptu. I’d be willing to bet he practiced it. He complains, “come on, I want my free water,” still fidgeting in his seat like a little kid about to sing for a talent show. He then unleashes a tirade on Rachel, telling her “I don’t know how you sleep at night” and repeatedly telling her she works for a hateful organization.

This is just about the most low-brow, juvenile thing a person can do.

If an EMT, firefighter or police officer had done something like that the public would have called for their head on a pike. For the record, Adam did film an “apology” video. Personally, I don’t believe most of what he says, especially when he excuses himself by claiming that certain passions could be turned around and used for gay rights. That was sick.

I do not, however, have any problem believing him when he says that he and his company, Vante, have received threats via voice mail and email. I’ve heard even some of those I consider perfectly sane do that kind of thing, both left and right. If I find that a single one of my friends has been involved in threatening Adam Smith, his family, and/or his former employer, I will out you for it. There is no excuse for that kind of behavior. To those of you I don’t know who did that – stop it. You aren’t being a better person. Threats are never acceptable, no matter how angry you might get. Besides…I’d be willing to bet that at least a handful of you have screamed at me and treated me like dirt a time or two. Get off your self-made pedestal and fix that cranial-rectal inversion.

And Adam? If this is your idea of helping, please stop.


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