Tragedy at the Sikh Temple

I have yet to offer my thoughts on the Aurora shooting, mostly because I know cops and firefighters who were there and I’d be walking a fine line when I do say something about it.

Today, though, I’m stunned at the news that a gunman walked into a Sikh temple near Milwaukee and opened fire with a single handgun, killing six and wounding three (including a police officer) before he was taken down by police. What we’ve heard so far that the attacker was a former military member in his 40’s and he had a 9/11 memorial tattoo on one arm. There are rumors the he mistook the Sikh temple for a Mosque.

I have never met a Sikh whom I did not deeply respect. Sikhism is the polar opposite of jihadist Islam; they believe in peace and genuine equality, that men and women of all races are completely equal in God’s eyes. Sikhs are supposed to be saint/soldiers who live to help others and defend those who have suffered injustice. Like the Shaolin monks who have taught me, Sikhs have good hearts and are very giving people.

My heart goes out to the victims, their families and their friends. Today is a very sad moment. I will not condemn the shooter just yet, as we don’t know what his actual motivations were. Like the Sikhs, however, I pray for peace and justice, and I hope the public can gain greater understanding of who the Sikhs are through this.


4 thoughts on “Tragedy at the Sikh Temple

  1. Agree that it’s better not to rush to judgment until knowing more about the situation, but sorry, I can’t imagine what motive this guy could have that would make him not deserve condemnation.

  2. >> I will not condemn the shooter just yet, as we don’t know what
    >> his actual motivations were.

    What motivation could result in anything other than condemnation?

  3. The media outlets are claiming that he was a White Surpremesses, but i don’t know about that. That’s a possability, however we don’t know all of the facts just yet.

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