A Prank…Or A Hack On Fox News?

Click on this link to a Fox News internet story. You don’t have to read the story; just click on the very first link, the one with “California Academy of Sciences” highlighted in blue, and tell me what you think.

It takes you straight to the Amazon.com page selling the Confederate flag with “REDNECK” painted across it.

Either someone on the web team at Fox News was playing a dirty prank, or a Fox hater hacked the site. I’m guessing that Fox is pretty diligent about making sure nobody defaces their website and likely have another anti-conservative insider working for them.

I have screen grabs in case anyone needs to ask.


2 thoughts on “A Prank…Or A Hack On Fox News?

  1. It never fails to astound me how vicious, anti-social, and downright juvenile the Left behaves when faced with dissenting opinions. Instead of boycotting FNC (or, God forbid, discussing their differences in a civil fashion), they insist on silencing it. To people like this, the First Amendment apparently only applies when you’re spewing hate.

  2. Wow.. this is pathetic. The leftists are doing everything in their power to silence the ones who tell the truth because they don’t want us americans to know the truth about Obama and his real socialistic agenda.

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