The Fiddler

I was watching the news a few days ago when our ambassador to Libya, J. Christopher Stevens, was assassinated along with three of his staff – Sean Smith and former Navy SEALs Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods. I refuse to pay for cable and rarely, if ever, watch TV; this time I was visiting a friend. I was stunned at the news of the attack and the initial claim that the deaths were being attributed to riots by jihadists angry about a trailer for a low-budget film depicting the prophet Mohammed and the birth of Islam. I knew as soon as I heard it that the riots were just a cover story.

US embassies and consulates are typically built protectively and are guarded by Marines or former special forces operatives, sometimes both. There were no Marines at our embassy in Benghazi that day. Now, a few days later, we know that AMB Stevens had only recently returned to Libya and his visit was supposed to be classified – it wasn’t public knowledge. The secret location of the US safe house in Libya was also compromised.

Then, the news reported that President Obama hadn’t attended a security briefing in at least a week. He made his fundraisers and campaign stops, but he wasn’t doing his job. He’d refused a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (and, since the start of his administration, has not visited Israel once). There may well have been news that this attack was coming, but neither Obama nor Secretary of State Hillary Clinton were paying attention. Now four of our finest, including an ambassador, are dead.

What was the first reaction by Obama and his administration? Apologies. They condemned the trailer for Innocence of Muslims as “disgusting”, even asked YouTube and parent company Google to consider removing the trailer. If you click on the link and watch, you’ll likely think, “that’s 14 minutes of my life that I’ll never get back.” The video is very low-budget and poorly acted. It’s the type of video that would normally be ignored. Because the jihadists of the world were offended, though, Obama and every member of his cabinet who spoke about the tragedy and the surrounding events apologized profusely.

They’ve spent more time talking about that ridiculous farce of a video than they have on actually trying to do something about what’s going on.

In 1979, Iranian jihadists stormed the US embassy in Tehran and took the Americans inside hostage. Jimmy Carter kept apologizing and asking what he could do to make them happy; 444 days later, the very day Ronald Reagan was inaugurated, the hostages were released and the siege ended. The terrorists knew that we would crush them in short order because we now had a leader who wouldn’t tolerate their actions.

In 1983, terrorist attacks began afresh when the US embassy in Beirut was destroyed by a suicide bomber. The military barracks at the Beirut airport was also bombed that year, as was the US embassy in Kuwait City. In 1984, another vehicle bomb was detonated at the US embassy annex in Beirut, and Kuwait Airways flight 221 was hijacked with Americans on board. In 1985, TWA flight 847 was hijacked, the Achille Lauro was hijacked, and bombs were set off at the airports in Rome and Vienna – all targeting Americans. In 1986 a discotheque popular with American servicemen in Germany was bombed. In 1988, Pan Am flight 103 was bombed over Lockerbie, Scotland.

Finally, after the bombing of Pan Am 103, then-president Reagan got tired of talking and bombed Moammar Qaddafhi’s turban off. We didn’t have one more second of trouble from Libya after that – until this year, after President Obama started apologizing. Reagan took on the Soviet Union, a massive world superpower (despite widespread poverty and hunger), and won; Obama can’t even deal with Iran. Democrats scream and wail that we have no business being in Afghanistan and Iraq, but they insist that we get involved in civil wars in Libya and Egypt, two countries we have no business screwing around with. Then, when we have a clear issue with terrorists brazenly assassinating one of our ambassadors, our President – the same one who doesn’t know what to do with Iran – tucks tail and apologizes.

Oh…and with even more violence at all of our embassies across the Mideast, Obama was gracious enough to “offer” to send the Marines to secure our embassy in Sudan. Not surprisingly, Sudan rejected the offer. It’s our embassy, therefore technically our soil with our people on it, but we are OFFERING TO SEND THE MARINES TO SECURE THEM. How quaint.

We’re sorry, terrorists. We didn’t mean to offend you. We’ll just cower in the corner and keep begging you to leave us alone even though you’re all living in the stone age and we’re sitting pretty with enough enriched uranium to turn the entire Middle East into a glass canyon.

I’m so embarrassed at Obama’s reaction that I’m almost physically ill. The man has no spine. He bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia and the Japanese emperor, he went on an apology tour, he doesn’t know what a corpsman is, and he has no idea whether Egypt is an ally. When faced with a major tragedy, rather than call it exactly what it is, he all but says we deserved it.

When protesters in Cairo storm our embassy, tear down our flag and rip it to shreds, and raise the Al Raya (the black flag emblazoned with the Shahada, or the Muslim declaration of faith), he had absolutely nothing to say. He made a short statement condemning the attacks on our embassies and left for another fundraiser.

Nero fiddled while Rome burned. Police attended a ball while LA burned. Obama…

Well, let’s hope he’s bad enough at the fiddle to be replaced in November.


8 thoughts on “The Fiddler

  1. This is just another attempt by Obama to distract from his miserable failures as president. He cannot run on ideas, so he is running on fear, division and distraction. He cannot win with this either. I like your blog, I just started my own at I am a conservative Musical theatre student. Go figure, right? I would love it if you would take a look and peruse. Thanks.

  2. Obama scares the hell out of me and all because of his cowardly actions toward our enemies. When he made the call to get Bin Laddin.. i thought at first cool.. our millitary got that bastard, but then i realized that Obama doesn’t have a plan at all just in case of retaliation of the Taliban.. Great we’re so fucked!

  3. And, now we come 359 degrees. And….the big question is….Does the American public have the ‘stuph’ to break away from the propaganda ande leave the Alpine Club of social climbing and vote to save the country – again.
    Born in 1941, I crawled, drooled and totted during WWII. Watched home being build with 2-car garages during Eisenhower, felt the youth of Kennedy, served in intelligence (didn’t everybody?) from the Cold War and engaged in the focus on Islamic terrorism from the mid-80’s..
    …and beyond then watched the toboggan slide down hill to the current pit.
    (During the “Sexual Revolution” I witnessed marriage being regarded as out-dated institution, and now see it as the echelon issue of gay largesse. And, I was ‘out’ long before that.) I just had to carry my own reputation as a fellow worker, friend and family member without legislation. (I ponder from time to time if what we call rights aren’t pleas to be infantilized.)
    Today, all that spirit is gone. (And, I’m angry at myself for failing to keep up the spirit.) I’m not sure if I’m not going to up my expiration date.
    May those who can, take a grip; stand up while – you’re still allowed to. Speak truth as you find it. (And, as you find it, you may be surprised, is much closer to how it really is – opposed to some propaganda enterprise.)

    This is the heart of it; “as you find it, you may be surprised, is much closer to how it really is..”. What is a “right” and what is a “want”, might seem different, What is a “place” or “position”, you might find too static, maybe even suffocating. Does the nation in which you want to expand your “issues” have a policy (policies) in place that will secure your forum?
    Take a few step in the direction of your hearts (that ethos engendered in mankind that signals right or wrong) and even stumbling, keep going…While you’re still allowed.

  4. Ya know Shawmut, if only kids today have seen what you have seen ( and seems to me that you have) it would blow them away and naybe they’d appriate and actually do their own homework before having an oppinion.

    I am sorry Shawmut, but i read your blog and i am just fasinated on what you have experienced and what you have been through. I am a female, in my 20’s and still not out because of all of this pro-gay propaganda,, and it makes me sick to my stomach. I also love to learn about history through people before me.

  5. For 3.5 years we’ve watched in stupefaction at Obama’s slow-crawl toward Muslim acquiescence, but now, in the space of a couple days, he’s proven himself to be the most incompetent—and borderline traitorous—leader the US has ever elected. I suspect that when war breaks out between Iran and Israel, we know whose side he’ll be rooting for, and that the blame will fall squarely on our American shoulders. Leadership has never been this weak, not even under Carter. Four more years of O’Bomber means four more years of reversing American exceptionalism. God help us.

  6. Would we excpet anything less from a man who bows to the King of Saudi Arabia (something EVERY Muslim world wide does) and urges America to be more “Shari compliant?”

    I’ve seen Shari Law first hand in Afghanistan. How could ANYONE urge we be more accepting of a way of life and code of laws that treats humans as property and women as object of their own shame? Did we not have the former at the center of a civil war and the latter as damned near the cause of a second?

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