Charity Is Not A Thief

“When the people find they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.” -Benjamin Franklin

I must ask…why would a government strapped for cash and in desperate need of a serious financial overhaul do all it can to enlist more for the food stamp rolls?

I don’t know that we’ll ever have an answer for that. According to Fox News, however, not only has the US government tripled the number of food stamp recipients since 2001, they have more than doubled the number of “legal non-citizens” who use food stamps. In 2001, there were right around 425,000 legal non-citizens taking part in the food assistance program. As of this year, the number is 1.63 million.

We’ve reached critical mass on our debt, now standing tall over $16 trillion. We’re pouring money into Libya, Egypt, and a host of other countries that hate America and pray for our utter destruction. We’re paying for continued conflict in Afghanistan when our President isn’t even willing to do what needs to be done (and can’t keep his people quiet, leading to the deaths of a number of US operatives in the Mideast). We are shoveling money into a bottomless pit called “the stimulus”. Obama has given millions upon millions in loans to shaky, unknown companies specializing in alternative energy only to see each and every one of them go bankrupt. We are hemorrhaging money through nearly every possible financial orifice and absolutely nothing is being done to stop it.

Add on top of that we have 43.6 million on food stamps, a form of welfare that has been proven to be abused on more occasions than we can count. When Obama took office, we were paying $33 billion into the fund for SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program – the sanitized name Obama has given food stamps) benefits; an appalling three and a half years later, the amount has more than doubled to $77 billion. At the same time, the number of inspectors overseeing the program and going after stores that aid in trafficking SNAP cards sold for cash (read: liquor and narcotics) is only about 40. According to the Wall Street Journal, some extremely serious problems with SNAP have been uncovered – including prison inmates collecting, state employees reaping thousands in fraudulent benefits, and lottery jackpot winners continuing to collect benefits long after their multimillion-dollar payouts have arrived (there have been two that I know of in Detroit in the past two years). The Obama administration, which has long touted healthy eating and exercise, has outright refused to prevent food stamps from being used to buy junk food such as snack cakes and sugary drinks (yes, the same ones that super-nanny Michael Bloomberg has sought to limit in NYC).

Moreover, I can’t think of a single nation anywhere on this planet where you can go to live as a non-citizen and collect public assistance…that is, aside from my own country. If I wanted to go to Mexico, I wouldn’t be allowed to live there unless I were able to prove high-level financial stability. I wouldn’t even be allowed to buy property there as a non-citizen. If I went to jail in Mexico my family would have to send me food, and the guards would pick through and take anything they wanted before I got it. There isn’t a snowball’s chance in Sonora that the Mexican government would allow me to live off their public.

They’ll insist that OUR government allow THEIR people to live off of us, though. What will shock most of our readers is that meetings and campaigns began in earnest to enroll non-citizens for food stamps back in 2004. That’s right: George W. Bush and the GOPE (Grand Ol’ Party Establishment) started the movement. Since he started, more than 150 documented meetings have taken place between US and Mexican officials seeking to bring more people onto the government dole. Obama has doubled the effort, resulting in even higher numbers of people living both in and off of America.

Mexico’s brazenness is incredible. They give out free GPS modules to those who want to enter America illegally. They campaign for more water stations in high-traffic human smuggling corridors. Now we find that they’re asking the American public to pay for their people to come and eat for free?

Some might argue that feeding those who are less fortunate is a charity we must provide; I, and many others, say that charity cannot be forced. When you elicit charity at the end of a gun it is no longer charity. It’s theft. We put people in prison for that sort of thing. A free country cannot survive if its freedoms are chipped away in the name of charity, safety or conscience. Freedom does not exist in the vacuum between the clash of ideals.

The government’s pockets are not endless. Those who vote for a living are about to take away our ability to work for a living.


5 thoughts on “Charity Is Not A Thief

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. There are so many examples of this that it boggles the mind. It is so sad and I believe there is certain kind of evil in purposely nurturing dependence in others. The lefts whole coalition building policy is to make different groups dependent. They have been incrementally changing the nature of our Republic since Woodrow Wilson. It has taken almost a century but the Socialist finally have the country on the verge of becoming a Progressive Socialist State and most of these dependent groups don’t really care because they are getting the free stuff because each dependent group feels like they can ride the gravy train for ever. In every Progressive Socialist revolutionary movement for the last century ignorance and dis-information fuels class war fair, racism, homophobia, and ageism. Through this kind of divisiveness, community organizing, and agitating the Socialist build political coalitions that can be relied upon to repeatedly vote for Socialist in order continue to receive benefits. The reality of this is that at some point the system will collapse and there will be no money to provide the benefits. Once that happens the soft tyranny of the administrative state will naturally evolve in the the hard tyranny of true Socialism. In the words of Margret Thatcher, “the problem with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other peoples money”.

  2. Good stuff, guys. Glad I found the site. It goes in my bookmarks now. I find myself in bitter battles all the time, partly because I can’t find the words as well to express conservative values. Hope you don’t mind being quoted on occasion.

  3. Well, THIS voter works for a living, and will continue to vote to keep America a prosperous, working nation, instead of a world leader in freeloading. Despite the vocal opinions of those on the Left, America is a nation of makers, not takers, and to behave otherwise would be the beginning of our downfall.

  4. Because they are easily bought votes. It’s easier to pay out money from “those who can affourd to pay a little more” than to be the un-popular guy who starts programs to actually put people to work. With an ever increasing social well-fare class we grow closer socialist state THEY want to impose on us. If you bankrupt a nation the people will scream for more regulation and all their “needs” to be met rather than scream for reform where it counts.

    No, not all liberals are this radical or insidious but there are those like the President, previous Dem. Speaker, and others we can point at that very clearly are.

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