On The Brink

I have to apologize to our readers…both Steve and I have been busy with a number of things, especially politics. I had intended to live blog the election results here but I worked late tonight. I was initially heartened by Romney’s early lead, but two hours later I saw that Obama had taken a huge jump in electoral votes.

At that moment the count was only at 201-193. The twenty-minute drive home apparently proved fatal, as I got home to find that Obama had surged ahead to 275 electoral votes. At this point, even if Romney won all four states remaining to be called, he would only come up with 260 votes.

Obama is going to be our President for the next four years.

I have to trust that God is in control of the situation, but with all of the incredible scandals – Benghazi not the least of them – and a media all too happy to cover up for Obama, I’m afraid I see the end of our country not far down the road. The People have discovered that they can vote themselves money; that fact has just heralded the end of our Republic.

I had hoped it would not come to this in my lifetime. I fear for the futures of my nieces and nephews, my cousins and their children. Four years of extreme liberal policies have already shouldered them with a burden that they don’t deserve. Four more will destroy any hope of recovering their future.

I can only hope that a new Revolution may save us.

Regardless of our situation, I will never back down, I will never give up, and I will never be forced into submission.

Fight on, patriots.

PS: I have no respect – none at all – for any person who refused to vote for Mitt Romney on the basis of some anti-two-party principle or the idea that he was not conservative enough. Please, do not try to argue that in this forum because I will not suffer fools gladly after today.


5 thoughts on “On The Brink

  1. I was devastated as I watched the results come in last night. I am a gay conservative from columbus ohio. I work in the restaurant business, and would classify myself as the working class poor. I have never been on public assistance, and was raised on a working farm back in the 70s and 80s. I was taught the values of hardwork, and thinking for yourself, and doing for yourself rather than asking for a handout. It appears that too many in this country do not share my values. I fear another 4 years of this and there will be no republic… not the america I remember… the one where anything was possible if you were willing to work for it.. i worry about our military safety, and the devaluing of our money as the debt grows and they just keep printing money.

    Signed,, totally depressed in Ohio.

  2. I suspect no one on the Left was actually paying attention to Obama’s performance these past 4 years (with the obvious exception of him going into Bin Laden’s bedroom and personally shooting him), being as they’re so infatuated with his minority status. You know the country is going to hell when we apply affirmative action to the election of the highest office in the land.

  3. I can’t believe this.. how in the heck did Obama get back in the White House when the unemployment is higher than 8% and we as a country are divided than ever before!

  4. I, like many others, have been through the range of emotions following the election: denial, shock, anger, disbelief, etc. I woke up this morning searching for answers. I’m not angry at President Obama; we as a party know, well, who he is, what he represents and what, likely, to expect from him. I am profoundly disappointed in my fellow Americans, those who re-elected Obama. I fear for our country, our economy, our society. As parents, my wife and I worry greatly about the shift in our culture and how we go about raising decent children in the face of that shift. I am deeply conservative – both socially and fiscally – and will not abandon, bend or deprecate my values and principals. With all of that said, however, it appears that as a party, we Republicans and conservatives must take a hard look – no, completely overhaul – the appeal of our party to those groups we completely failed to attract in this election and how we reach them. I don’t have the answers to how we start down that path, however it’s clear that we must … else we will continue to lose elections, be marginalized, mocked … and worse.

  5. I feel very uncomfortable with the current mind-set of today. Punish those who are successful. Take more money from them and give it away. What happens if the successful and rich leave California? THEN who do they take money from to fund all their programs? It’s scary.

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