Best Served Cold

How did conservatives react when Bush was re-elected in 2004 over uber-liberal John Kerry?

Thank God, Kerry won’t pull a Winter Soldier on our troops overseas!

How are the liberals reacting now that Obama has been re-elected?

Take that, Mitches!

No kidding. Pop superstar Beyoncé took to Tumblr to throw it in our collective face, setting the tone for everyone else who would have something to say the day after the election. I visited the homepage of one friend who voted for Obama to find several of her friends had tagged her in a theme photo of Beyoncé’s quote. That friend was willing to agree to disagree with me but none of those I know who voted for Obama have called out those who are behaving like juvenile delinquents. They’re celebrating with them. Relatives who are liberal weren’t willing to admit that the behavior from Democrats on election day was unacceptable; I was literally told to “quit whining” and be more graceful, as Romney was in his concession speech.

Sorry. I fail to see how I’m wrong for pointing out just how callow some people are being about this.

Not one of my relatives or friends who are liberal ever once tried to stand up for me or anyone else when accusations of racism began being tossed about carelessly. Not one of them, who all know many people like me who are conservative and know what kind of people we are, ever raised a single question when we were attacked as hatemongers and homophobes. None of the people who knew me as a child, watched me grow up, and know my heart have ever once stopped to tell others who didn’t know me as well that their outrageous comments were unfair. NEVER. Not a single time.

Where were they when Bill Maher made multiple unutterable remarks about Governor Palin? Where were they when David Letterman made tasteless jokes about her children? Where was such sentiment about being civil when the shooting in Tucson was politicized, and conservatives were branded as being at fault for the tragedy? None of them, not a single one, stopped to think that their side was being hysterical – not even when it was discovered that Jared Lee Loughner wasn’t political at all, but was genuinely koo-koo for Coco Puffs. They certainly didn’t speak up for us. They either let it go or, in some cases, joined in. None of us on the right side of the political spectrum lives in a vacuum. We all have liberals in our lives. How many of them bothered to stick up for us? We called Ann Coulter out for calling the President a “retard” because she was wrong – how many of the liberals in our lives would stand up to Keith Olbermann calling us the worst people in the world?

I love all of my family. I think the ones who are liberal are wrong, but I don’t think it’s up to me to change their minds (and I couldn’t even if I wanted to). Some of my liberal relatives, however, have no respect at all for me. They’ll put on a nice face when the family comes together, but they think I am out of my mind for supporting the one political ideal that they have decided is anathema to everything I am as a lesbian in America. They’ve never asked me to explain my beliefs, but they have no problem spitting out incredibly insulting things (such as remarks about how the troops are all rapists and murderers) in front of me, then looking at me for a response.

I’m sick of it. I’m tired of doing this back-and-forth with liberals, listening to them talk about how evil I am and wondering why the liberals who really know me never had my back. I’m tired of being called a traitor, a collaborator, a quisling, and a self-loathing closet case because liberalism makes no sense to me. I understand mathematics and basic economics, the rules of which say quite plainly that if you keep taxing the people responsible for the jobs in this country to give to people who won’t work for a living, eventually you’ll run out of rich people to tax and everybody is miserably poor.

I believe in charity – I just happen to see the basic truth that charity cannot be forced upon people. If my neighbor, who frequently gushes about how nice my truck is, decides one day to steal it, he’ll go to prison if he’s caught. If he breaks into my house and steals my computer or my guitars, same deal – he goes to prison. It doesn’t matter if he tells the judge that he needed transportation or if he needed to hock my things to eat. The judge will still ask him, “did you know that it was wrong to steal?” If it’s illegal for my neighbor to steal my physical possessions, how is it acceptable for the government to tax me half to death in the name of altruism?

The phrase “revenge is a dish best served cold” has been in use since the first half of the 17th century. Nobody knows exactly where it came from, but the phrase is often misunderstood. What it means is that revenge works best when it is exacted through calculated planning and emotional detachment. When the one seeking revenge plans every step, carries it out, and then walks away without another word, it bears far more profoundly than the oaf who takes a wild swing at your nose and guffaws when you hit the floor.

Most liberals today don’t understand that. They can’t just get their revenge – they have to gloat afterwards, making certain to twist the knife after burying it in our backs. They’ve spent the last five years calling us all racists, homophobes and hatemongers while those who know we’re none of those things sit and let it happen. The propaganda is slowly killing us.

Who are the Nazis, again?

Don’t retreat, reload – and keep your powder dry.


14 thoughts on “Best Served Cold

  1. I can tell you exactly what it is going to take to make the Republican Party a force that will be unbeatable. They need to stop bowing to the radical right and they need to stop being obsessed with only putting people in office who share every single view of their platform. There are mainly, in my opinion, three groups of people that the Republican Party needs to start being more friendly and welcoming to….Hispanics, Women, and LGBT persons.

    The Dream Act is a great piece of legislation. Certain persons who were brought here as young children through no fault of their own and who speak no language other than English and only know our culture…if they get a college degree or serve in the military they can stay in the US as citizens. This is an absolutely perfect way to handle such a moral dilemma, but no, Republicans insist that “illegal is illegal, get out of our country” and refuse to pass it. Obama then bypasses them to get similar legislation into effect. No surprise that Hispanic voters passed up the Republicans.

    We’ve all heard the idiotic remarks made by a handful of lawmakers regarding abortion rights. One said that if a woman is legitimately being raped, her body can shut down and prevent pregnancy, another said that a pregnancy resulting from rape is a gift from God. Comments like these from people who make laws should strike fear in the heart of every American, man or woman, who values freedoms we enjoy in this country. Again, no surprise that the women voters passed up the Republicans (and lots of men who love those women).

    Last but not least, Romney was very clear in his intentions to try to amend the Constitution to ban gay marriage. He also stated that he would not require hospitals to allow LGBT couples to visit their partners in the hospital. Meanwhile, four states rejected anti-gay measures on their ballots (three voted to allow same-sex marriage). Obviously the public at large is changing their views on these issues, but the Republican party stubbornly continues to take their anti-gay stance. Obama on the other hand has repealed DADT and has now come to believe that marriage should be open to LGBT persons as well.

    I briefly switched to the Republican party about two years ago because I was fed up with some of Obamas policies, but I quickly learned that I was not welcome and that all I was doing was helping people who want to attack my marriage and my family. I just couldn’t keep doing it.

    If the GOP would just tone down their radical stance and move to the more moderate approach of these issues, I truly believe that they could be unbeatable and would be able to do great things to our country. All it would take for me to jump on board with the GOP is for them to stop fighting LGBT rights, and that same lies true for my partner as well as many of my friends.

  2. Thank you. I’m tired of people who think LGBTs are only concerned about one thing. The economy is just as much an issue for gays as anyone. I’m tired of being treated like an idiot because of my political views. Not only that, but everyone acts like belittling and ridiculing me is OK. Why are they labeling me as the close-minded one here.

  3. Luke, your claim is so silly that it hardly dignifies a response. All I will say is this: if you seriously think that ANYTHING Beck has said comes close to being like what liberals are saying now – comparing us to Nazis and saying “take that Mitches” – you are living in a delusion.

  4. I remember right after he was elected My favourite morning DJ in Salt Lake was calling.the administration to account on a lot of topics from evasiveness and rudely ignoring direct questions in interviews to outright fabricated “facts” and figures for Obamacare. He received DEATH THREATS for saying anything un-kind about Pres. Obama. This is NOT a recent development, nor is it one that will change soon. NBC affiliates were quietly berating those of us who held out hope for Gov. Romney before all votes were counted or even half in Ohio ajd Virginia. Until the newa media, left AND right, stop editorializing everything the “present” those of us who expect better than this will be let down. The Beyoncés of the world will not only keep this crap up but they will continue to receive accolades for it.

  5. Whatever happened to free speech in this country? It’s sad that we conservatives/ or anyone who disagrees with liberals about obama or gay marriage are called “hatefull” or “biggots!” I do have liberal friends and they also know that i’m a conservative, normally thay don’t say anything to me about my politics, but i do get a couple of being called “hatefull”.

  6. Oh and Dennis Bartlett, i don’t think that the GOP should be forced to be moderate on social issues. Any as for illegal immagration.. we should deport as many as we can and then set up restrictions for the ones who want to stay!

  7. The thing is Dennis- the conservatives aren’t opposed to abortion when it becomes a state issue. They’re not opposed to overhauling the healthcare system and they don’t want to take anyone’s birth control away from them. They do NOT however want the federal government to support and pay (read their TAX dollars) for such things. I am not gay, but I know plenty of people who are, that are conservative, who would be tickled pink with civil unions so they can legally be the next of kin etc. I don’t see anything radical about the GOP. What I see is a group of people whose message isn’t clearly articulated 1. because of the MSM and two, b/c they do a terrible job at their PR. They are NEVER all on the same page. Further, it’s the beltway repubs the rest of us are tired of. they don’t live in the real world and they don’t get what the rest of us in the country really want. I also think they’re going to have to embrace some of the principles of libertarianism if they don’t want what happend in this election (in FLA) to happen in future elections.

  8. Let’s face it: To those dregs in our society who only know how to take and spend and not how to earn and give, a Democrat in the White House is like Santa Claus on Christmas morning. All you have to do is whine and stamp your feet and you’ll get whatever you ask for. That’s their MO, plain and simple. ObamaCare should be called ObamaClaus.

  9. The GOP knew they’d lose if they picked Romney, and so should any of you if you were paying attention. So…congratulations. 🙂

  10. Oh…. silly me, I guess it must just be all a bunch of liberal saboteurs who in the last 4+ years go onto Twitter or conservative blog and comment sections and call Obama the next Hitler, Stalin or antichrist (eg: , or nickname Hillary as Hitlery. Or call Obama voters pimps, whores and welfare brats.

    Or call pollsters absurd because they don’t like what they are being told ( Is is all of that nicer or less nice than “Take that Mitches”? Or was I just delusional when I read all of that that?

    Or threaten to cut family members out of their lives like…. oh find the link yourself.

  11. Luke, people will attack politicians. It’s expected. The opposing side will always paint the guy they don’t like as Hitler or Stalin or Jefferson Davis or who-have-you. At least Nugent was correct in his ranting…most of Obama’s supporters just want their free shit. That has been quite well-documented. It’s no surprise coming from Nugent, either. Beyonce, though? Did she really think she didn’t have fans who voted Romney? The fact is that we have not behaved nearly as childishly as the liberals have during this win, and it’s getting very old. Especially with the accusations of hatemongering and racism. THAT cannot be well-documented among conservatives. I’m sure you’ll come up with a few examples, but I will come right behind you and point out the fact that the three total publicized cases of documented racism were not from the Republican party nor were they supported by the Republican party. Try again.

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