The Mystery of “Tolerant” Gay Liberals

A friend who reads the blog was recently quoted in a New York Times article about lesbian conservatives. I was surprised – it was very tasteful, something I hadn’t expected from the Times. My hope that we might be looking toward actually being respected for once was immediately dashed when Bruce over at GayPatriot linked an op-ed from about “The Mystery of Gay Republicans.”

If I wasn’t angry before, I certainly am now. In fact, I’m downright pissed off.

Broadway diva John Carroll is the author, and considering the fact that I’ve been openly hated (and even threatened) in the comments section of multiple articles on that website – to the point that I no longer post comments there – I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. I am appalled at his open hatred and intolerance. I have to ask, where is all of this tolerance the gay left keeps preaching?

Carroll sings the worship of Obama and describes his elation at the President’s re-election, then goes on to detail everything the President has done for the LGBT community. True enough, he ended DADT – it didn’t happen in a vacuum, though. There were Republicans who wanted to see the policy end. I have friends and family in the military who never saw a point to banning gay and lesbian troops from serving, all of them conservative in nature. What else does Carroll claim the messiah has done?

Well, he signed the Mathew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Act into law. So what? How many times have I asked why we need a law to make our lives more valuable than the lives of straight people? Why do we need a hate crimes law in cases where the murderers were already sentenced to death? What are you going to do – resuscitate them then execute them a second time? If you’re like most liberals who are against the death penalty, what more can you give Matt Shepard’s killers than life in prison without the possibility of parole? Do you really think that sentencing them to 400 years is going to send a message that people should stop and ask, “hmmm, maybe I shouldn’t beat this guy to death…after all, I might be kept in prison until my corpse has rotted!” It’s one step closer to hate speech legislation. Sorry, but that’s no great leap forward in gay rights.

What about his executive order to all facilities that accept Medicare/Medicaid patients to immediately allow patients to be cared for by their same-sex partners? That wasn’t just for us, kids. It was a blanket order forcing hospitals to allow patients to decide who they wish to see and who will make decisions for them. What that order doesn’t have power over are situations where the patient is incapacitated and there’s no living will in place (I learned in EMT school to have one, and my significant other is listed on it along with my father). If you get into a wreck and you are brought to the hospital in a state of unconsciousness, the hospital still has every right to restrict your visitors to immediately verifiable relatives. We’re still not onto anything major here.

He announced that the Dept of Justice would no longer defend the Defense of Marriage Act, or DOMA. I’m sorry, but how is this supposed to make me happy? He didn’t say he was going to work to repeal it, he just said he wouldn’t defend it anymore. That is what we riding the fence, and it’s a tactic commonly employed by politicians looking to seal the gay vote in their bag. By not openly supporting DOMA the way he did during the 2008 elections, he gets on your good side. It’s his way of making you happy without having to anger the rest of the liberal base. Believe what you will but there are many Democrats who still believe that homosexuality is wrong and gay marriage is an abomination. Ask Bill Clinton, who signed it into law. Ask Democrats Robert Byrd, Dick Gephardt, James Clyburn, Gary Condit, Dick Durbin, John Edwards, Steny Hoyer, Jack Murtha, Chuck Schumer, and Bart Stupak – every single one of them supported DOMA when it was passed, and not a single one has come out to say it should be repealed although most of them are still in Congress (two of them died while in Congress, having never admitted they were wrong to vote for it). Republican Bob Barr, on the other hand, helped write the bill and he has vocally come out in saying he was wrong and DOMA should be repealed.

I’m sorry…that last bit didn’t fit the narrative very well, did it?

He expanded benefits for federal employees to unmarried, same-sex partners. Fantastic. My life is already better. Not much to sing about, since the VERY Republican state I live in, along with the very Republican state that Sarah Palin hails from, allow the same kind of thing for the same-sex partners of State employees as well.

He directed all federal agencies engaged abroad to “promote and protect” the human rights of LGBT people in foreign countries. That’s rich…you mean the rights of 12 men currently awaiting execution in Libya for being accused of being gay? How about the rights of gays in Uganda who face stiff jail sentences or even death for engaging in homosexual sex acts? Oh, I know – they’re talking about protecting the rights of gay people in Egypt, Iran and Gaza! (Meanwhile, back on the farm…) Barack Obama has favored Sharia-led nations and their rights for his entire administration, and we have heard him pay lip service to protecting the interests of gay people abroad, but action is scarce. I sincerely doubt that Carroll (or any other gay liberal) could name a single instance in which any member of Obama’s cabinet has made even a half-hearted attempt to intervene on behalf of any gay person in a foreign country.

Oh, but he came out in support of gay marriage! WOOHOO! Hold on there, Sparky. All he did (yet again) was pay lip service to the issue. He may claim to support our rights to marry, but he currently calls it a “state’s rights issue” (the same thing the gay left got mad at McCain for saying back in 2008, as I recall) and told MTV flat-out that gay marriage was not going to be an issue he is willing to take up in his second term. Here’s the telling part, though: he blathered about his supposedly personal beliefs about gay marriage for a couple of minutes before getting to the part where he said he wasn’t willing to approach the issue. Not one of you have called him out for merely claiming to support it and not being willing to do anything. He was playing every one of the gay liberals who voted for him like a fiddle and they let him get away with it.

Gay liberals talk about how we, as conservatives, are willing to merely take scraps from the Republicans’ table. What on Earth do they think they’re doing? They’re supporting a party that lies to their faces. At least I know exactly where I stand with Republicans. Plus, they’ll sit down and talk to me while they won’t give the likes of Carroll the time of day. Why? Because they know that I care about their rights, too, and I’m not being so brazenly insulting that they can’t stand to be in the same room with me.

Instead of wondering how their bastion state, California, could possibly pass Prop 8, now they’re breathlessly asking what Obama can do during this term to further the rights of gays in America. Sorry, folks. This term won’t be one for the record books. He’s not actively trying to repeal DOMA, he’s not interested in fighting for gay marriage, and he’s not even broaching the subject of adoptions for gay couples.

The comment that really roasts me is where Carroll says, “So basically a vote is cast for their bank account while they remain spiritually bankrupt.” Wait just one damned minute. Is that not the exact same kind of line that the gay community has so despised American Christians for? Super-religious Christians are famous for calling gay people spiritually bankrupt. I listened to it all throughout my childhood. He’s willing to make a moral case out of his arguments, but he dismisses the moralizing of the other side as being…what, irrelevant? Who decides who is right? Whose morality is the right one? How do you know that your brand of moralizing is somehow better than the ones you’re so mad at in the first place? Somehow, in an article written about the desire for tolerance, you manage to come off as a self-righteous, arrogant cretin, especially when you congratulate yourself for turning your back on a gay Republican at a party.

Maybe I should tell myself that it gets better.


17 thoughts on “The Mystery of “Tolerant” Gay Liberals

  1. “where is all of this tolerance the gay left keeps preaching?”

    Some people aren’t tolerant. But to choose a few examples and then say that these represent the whole is misleading. And this is true whatever side of whatever argument you stand on.

  2. It’s not all that misleading. I’m speaking from experience. Gay liberals absolutely hate us, and John Carroll verbalizes it perfectly (if not more civilly than most do).

  3. Hate you? No. Some do. And they’re the loudest. Most certainly don’t.

    They may not understand you. They may dislike you. They may passionately disagree with your position. But it takes a heck of a lot to get hate going.

  4. I’ve been thrown out of three gay bars in the Phoenix area because the patrons knew who I was and didn’t like my political views. Each time I had someone trying to start a fight with me or just screaming at me because I wouldn’t engage them. I’ve even gotten death threats – some out in the open on the comment pages of, once from a U of A professor.

    I have never once gotten a death threat from a conservative for being gay.

  5. “I’ve been thrown out of three gay bars in the Phoenix area because the patrons knew who I was and didn’t like my political views.”

    Maybe part of that is that you go to the wrong bars? How do they know who you are? I’ve never heard of you before posting a response to your blog. As far as I know, you’re Animal the Muppet.

    “Each time I had someone trying to start a fight with me or just screaming at me because I wouldn’t engage them.”

    That’s completely inappropriate behavior on their part.

    ” I’ve even gotten death threats – some out in the open on the comment pages of, once from a U of A professor. ”

    Then those people should be investigated, possibly arrested and/or fired.

    “I have never once gotten a death threat from a conservative for being gay.”

    So…because you have gotten a death threat from liberals, that means that all liberals hate you and would threaten you if given the chance?

    The problem with broad generalizations is that they, generally, tend not to be true.

  6. Once upon a time, I had my face plastered on the front page of this blog along with the fact that I live in Phoenix. I was also being published in the local gay mag from time to time. Back then I was widely known in the gay community and roundly despised.

    Interestingly, I did call the police and nothing was ever done. As far as I know, Bill Armstrong is still employed by U of A. I never heard anything from the campus. The comment is still posted on and the man was praised by other commenters for what he said.

    I’m not talking about ALL liberals – I’m talking about gay liberals. They are a different breed. The overwhelming majority of gay liberals hate me enough to wish I would have succeeded in committing suicide (yes, someone who was once my friend and celebrated my coming-out actually said that to me). My experience is a little different.

  7. NotAScientist simply wants to deny that our experience is worth anything. Yes, I’ve been shouted out, threatened, and HATED by gay liberals. It’s the norm for them in response to gay conservatives.

    I was at gay pride a couple of years ago (will never do that again) and the Republican candidate for mayor had a booth there. I decided to go chat with him (as I had the libertarian candidate, the Democrat had no booth there strangely) and as we were talking, people walked by glaring at us openly. One group came up to us and and one of the men told him he was not welcome there and gay people would never vote Republican. I told him that I was a lesbian and a Republican and he SPIT on the ground at my feet. His friends cheered him on.

    That’s hatred. There is no other word for it.

  8. Anyone still not convinced that gay liberals would like to see their conservative brothers and sisters thrown in an oven and slowly cooked to death need only go to the site Queerty and look at all the venom they spew at anyone who doesn’t agree with their uber-liberalism. I’ve been called every name imaginable there—and yet they still claim to be tolerant and inclusive . . . as long as you hold the same ideology. Otherwise, you will indeed feel their wrath, with everything from name-calling to lies about your family to threats against you.
    Class act, those libs.

  9. I’m straight, I’m glad I’m not the only one who has noticed and experienced this intolerance. I tend to lean Conservative and a majority of Liberals hate it. Just because I wouldn’t be a frantic crazy neo-feminist, I was judged by a lot of them. Do to my age, they thought I should be thinking like them and thought I was “backwards” because I was different from them. Mad-dog Leftist don’t like it when people don’t follow the status quoe.

  10. 100 years ago, it was “I am not a racist, I am a Republican.” Now, it’s “I am not a Republican, I am a Tea Party Bagger/Racist.” Whats next? The Order of the White Sheet?Sorry I just had to go there. Glenny boy gives eeyvrone plenty of raw meat to chew on, and then spit out in disgust.

  11. Gabriel, I hate to ruin your narrative but 100 years ago it was the Republicans who were fighting to end segregation. The Republicans were founded in the fight to end slavery. Try again.

  12. Oh, and BTW…if you come here with accusations of racism, you need to have proof. I will ban the IP of anyone making that claim without providing verifiable evidence.

  13. @Gabriel

    Your words are a reflection of your supreme ignorance, and stupidity. I attended many Tea Party events, and was looking for racism, as I kept hearing such on silly news networks like MSNBC. I didn’t find it, and saw speakers of different races speaking, who were being applauded by the audience, not to mention respected.

    I saw many videos on youtube, of people posing as Tea Party members, holding up racist signs, and or wearing and saying racist crap- getting surrounded, shouted down, and told to leave…I later learned these people were instructed to do this sort of thing, on a site called “crash the tea party”. Try to make the Tea Party look bad in the media, so their message of smaller more effective and intelligent government, and accountability among our leaders, all common sense things lost- which is a huge reason why we’re in the mess we are in… Could be drowned out, by talking about race. Ill-informed morons who cannot think for themselves (that would be you) believed that crap.

    Are there more whites at Tea Party events, than there are blacks? Of course, and do you know why? Of course you don’t, here is why. Most blacks, tend to not care about movements, and rallies that has nothing to do about blacks. Many blacks are also bought and remain loyal to the Democratic party, and absolutely dependent on gov- so when they hear things like responsibility, smaller effective government, they then give into fear mongering leftist who see them as a voting stock, who tells them “they want to put you guys back in chains” or “they want to lynch you”, or “they want you to fend for yourself”, and because they are slaves once again under Democrats- they fall for it.

    The blacks, who do attend the rallies, understand the role of government, the history of this country, what large government leads to, and they don’t care nor worship their skin color or race- but god, and care for the constitution. They are strong and proud- real Americans in my eyes, and remind me of the heroism of black Republicans in the early days of the Republican party… Republicans today aren’t racist… Just stupid, and weak, which is part of why Tea Party people don’t care much for the Republican party.

    In fairness I also attended Occupy Wall Street.. Aside from seeing the violence, destruction, the mess, and smelling the horrible smells… I saw full support from The American Nazi Party, and Communist Party USA…. The Tea Party doesn’t get support from The American Nazi Party, and if you don’t believe me, and aren’t so lazy and dishonest- go look at their sites, and see what they have to say about the Tea Party, Republicans, and Occupy Wall Street… I also didn’t see that many blacks at those events either.

  14. Ok now about the gay issue…. I’m straight, consider myself a classic conservative, and classic liberal. My classic conservative views, believe government should be small, so it can be efficient, and intelligent. I’m fiscally conservative, as its common sense when followed, and conservative on national security- again common sense.

    My classic liberal views are more in line with the original philosophy of the Republican party. The government doesn’t have the right to tell people how to live period. Modern liberals, who were originally progressives, then hijacked the term liberal, and modern conservatives, who push social issues, aren’t practicing true conservatism. Sure abortion is horrible, but its not your business or concern over what a woman does with her body, nor is it your business or concern over two consenting adults in love.

    Yes I notice the hypocrisy, and hate from the left… I don’t care anymore, the best way to expose their rubbish, is to be more vocal. Gay conservatives aren’t loud enough, aren’t in the light enough, get out there, show how phony the left is to all. Make the Republican party move back to its original philosophy, and get off of Nixion’s social conservatism. That is how you change things.

  15. […] – particularly the gay left. I’ve written about life on the gay liberal plantation and the mystery of “tolerant” gay liberals among many other similar posts, and yet still I get nothing but sneering and derision. It was a […]

  16. I fear for our future. If intolerant former victims of prejudice adopt what they deplored in others, suppose one day if any single situation, this should backfire and following physics, foster and opposite and equal reaction: Ask this, who do we know about and even if they don’t celebrate any rights of one side are intolerant of the rights of others. Heterosexuality or homosexuality will not be the undoing of freedom, intolerance and hatred will. When we become the intolerant of God speech, intolerant of anyone who does not accept everyone under all circumstances, we have become as bigoted as any group in world history. .

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