Please, Make It Stop!

Many of my friends have been posting a video clip of Alex Jones on Piers Morgan telling the British liberal elitist that “1776 will commence again” if the government tries to take our guns. They all think it’s great, but they forget who he is.

Jones is a 9/11 truther, a bona fide member of the tin-foil hat brigade who was interviewed along with several other truthers for a History Channel special on 9/11 conspiracy theories – toward the end of the special, he compared himself to Galileo, saying, “I’m saying the world is round, I’m saying that 9/11 is an inside job, I’m showing the official story is a fraud, a flat Earth theory, and I know I’m going to be vindicated.” Later, outside the Denver Mint (near the 2008 Democratic Convention was taking place), Jones went on a screaming rant during which he chased Michelle Malkin around the crowd, calling her “evil” and “a monster”. In an interview after that incident he claimed that he was set up, that his voice was normal, he was being polite and just asking a question – but that Malkin’s “people” created the video as disinformation.

In short, Alex Jones is a couple of french fries short of a Happy Meal.

I can’t stand the guy. He’s an embarrassment to the conservative cause. Completely aside from fudging the fact that 1776 actually wasn’t the start of the American Revolution (it had been cooking for years prior to the outbreak of the actual war, with the Tea Party occurring in 1773 – yes, I really am that cheeky), Jones did exactly what Piers invited him on the show to do: have a complete meltdown.

Jones fudges a few points in his long-winded growling and howling session. He states that out of 11,000 supposed gun deaths in America in 2012 (a figure that can’t be backed up since statistics won’t be available until next year), 74% were gang-related – that is false, and he never says where he gets his ridiculous statistics. The most recent statistics available from the FBI show that in 2011, 12,664 homicides occurred. Of that number, right around 68% were committed with firearms – 8,583 exactly. About 53% of all homicides occurred during the commission of another crime (burglary, robbery, auto theft, rape, etc.). According to the statistics, only about 673 homicides in 2011 were inter-gang in nature – that’s about .5% of all homicides. Oops.

Rather than calmly countering Piers’ questions about gun murders in the US as opposed to the UK (something that’s easy to do if you simply compare violent crime rates as a whole), Jones just calls him “a Hatchet Man of the New World Order” and then tells him to set up a boxing ring. Jones is a one-man wrecking crew; Piers knew what he was doing when he invited him, and Jones played right into it. He beautifully made the Limey’s point that those of us who support the Second Amendment are all drooling mouth-breathers who don’t know how to have an intelligent conversation.

He is the pathetic caricature that President Obama paints all conservatives as. Sadly, the media is only to happy to give him airtime because of it.

Not quite two years ago, however, Ted Nugent went on Piers Morgan’s show and very articulately took him out to the woodshed on gun control. It’s so beautiful it almost brought a tear to my eye. You aren’t going to see Nuge or John Lott on Piers right now…he’s too busy building the aforementioned narrative.


9 thoughts on “Please, Make It Stop!

  1. I enjoyed that bit with Ted Nugent (one of the few times I watched Morgan’s show). I have not watched the one with Alex jones because he is a nut and was brought on to be a nut.
    Unfortunately it appears that the “task force” headed by Biden hasn’t and was never going to listen to other opinions. That isn’t the Obama way. They are going to attack this problem the same way they attacked the economic problems: with plans that didn’t work the first time. The assault weapons ban of the 90s had no affect on violent crime and neither did their economic stimulus, etc.have a positive affect on the economy. But they’ll hammer that square peg into that round hole telling everyone they are doing something about the problem(forget that federal gun crime prosecutions have been down under Obama).
    AndyB, NH.

  2. Please… Alex Jones, as well as the INFOWARS group in general are more than a few fries short. The bad thing is that all too often what they have said turns out to be true.

    Here’s my point: The Bill of Rights keeps us all safe. No person is perfect, and in essence a “minority.” Be that being a person that happens to be a Jew, or Gay, or maybe even a Christian, and the list just goes on… Political correctness will ultimately destroy the idea of a Republic in favor of the tyranny of the majority. Read up on the Federalist, and Anti Federalist papers.

    The “Gun” issue isn’t really the issue. The issue is freedom and liberty. What our half ass*d leaders are doing is wetting their collective fingers, and figuring out which way the wind is blowing. In other words feeding at the trough of the tyranny of the majority.

    This isn’t about guns, or about public safety or even social responsibility. It is about power, and power mad people using us, the people. What next? And yes this example is directed at this blogs primary followers: What about when this oh so wonderful grab at freedom and liberty is enshrined in law that it is used as a precedent to annihilate gays and lesbians..?

    The various minorities of all stripes need to stand up and refuse to kow tow to those in power that Laird it over us when it comes to the Second Amendment. Yes, I know it’s “bumper sticker,” but without it? No rights are safe.

    This is not simply about the Second Amendment.

  3. Liberals know full well that gun control has little to do with guns and everything to do with control.

  4. The funny (sad) thing is I know plenty of people who actually believe that gun control (sorry, it’s “violence control” now, polls better) is about making people safer. No one mentions what was done to keep post-civil war freed slaves from having weapons nor the crooked Tammany hall pols who came up with the Sullivan Act to keep guns out of the hands of the honest while protecting their own gangs (and it didn’t hurt that it went after immigrants too).
    Sad that even when Biden admits that the things he’s proposing may not fix the problem (“then why do it?” no one in the press is asking). Or Obama bringing up that old chestnut of “if it only saves one child.” I tell people that if a law or regulation only saves one child, it is a piss poor law!
    I wish I could speak out more openly but working for the Episcopal Church means many in charge are quite openly liberal and I’d rather not be the chicken that sticks his head up;-)
    AndyB, NH.

  5. Amen to that, AndyB, aka I heartily agree.

    When I was under 16, in a USA school, I was threatened with death, by a thug with a non-gun, deadly weapon. Did the laws against deadly weapons stop that attack?


    In the same school, a kid threatened a friend of mine with a knife. The kid threatened to cut his throat.

    Did the laws against DEADLY WEAPONS stop that attack?


    Lots of celebrities throw their voices behind Obama’s over-bearing gun-law ideas, because the ideas are popular, + the with-Obama celebrities, some press people and some with-Obama democrats [ like to back a popular + powerful Obama], and not look at the REAL problems that make violence in the country.

    My view: locking up the tools + guns owned by USA citizens won’t stop much violence. Instead, to help prevent some violence, help to change the people’s bad habits, and other habits, for a less violent America.

  6. Hello forum. This is a blatant effort to dismantle the 2nd amendment, for other purposes, it is NOT what it seems. Alcohol and drug related violence, is by far the most serious form of violence in our society both in the US and globally, It is a primary causal factor for the spread of HIV infection (drunk/high people do stupid things). It is a primary cause of rape, incest, domestic violence, theft, on and on.

    So, I also am looking for a new political home. I have voted independent always and for the first time voted Republican this past year. I shocked myself and my friends who I dare told. I should be the bastion of liberalism. Openly Gay, female, PhD in the social sciences/public health, a foreign aid worker, Yep. Voted Republican. I also grew up with guns and grew up with a significant amount of my protein coming from wild ungulates and fowl. I have been known to frequent shooting ranges. I also grew up with mental illness in my family. And, oh, I realize I am staunchly fiscally conservative and dare speak, ‘personal responsibility’. That is what any type of foreign assistance should be about – supporting others to learn to support themselves – building – tearing down institutions that foster dependency – largely what foreign aid is about – I am also a public health specialist – imagine saying that many people are fat, well, because they simply eat more than then they burn calories and must change their lifestyle. I believe that mass killings that we see in the US is largely a statement of the current way in our society deals with violent /potentially violent mentally ill persons. I say this as a public health specialist and as someone who has mental illness in my own family. Things are NOT what they seem and this is another blatant action by our breakaway culture in their effort to control the masses because things are imploding and civil unrest is only going to increase. So by taking guns away from citizens, its easier for government to control the masses. OK, I also believe that the slow burn to completely destroy the American dollar is real, and that crony capitalism and globalization is and can completely destroy the ability of people to take care of themselves. Oh, and I also support any measure, initiative, or policy that puts money into the pockets of the workers of America who support those who don’t. I can’t wait to get out my forced 401 k plan at work, and, pray daily for the gold standard to return. Oh, and I also work and live in Kenya on a large USG funded ‘foreign aid project”. I have worked on community-based violence prevention projects. Here in kenya, alcohol contributes significantly to HIV transmission, and interpersonal violence which is very horrific here. (exchange guns for machetes and you get the picture – remember Rwanda?)

    What is unfolding now is government efforts to dismantle the 2nd amendment – for other purposes – Another topic – but I am seeing first hand how globalization by foreign governments, in bed with global corporations, are playing out. I am a pariah in my gay /lesbian circles and also my public health circles. I like this website. I hope I can find a new ‘home’. Regards, AB

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