Open Invitation

Thanks to a friend, I recently rediscovered a blog called Skipping To The Piccolo. I don’t agree with the author all that often, but I thought he was a good writer and I started following him and even joined his Facebook following. Today, he posted this picture, shared from a group called “Americans Against the Tea Party”:


First of all, that he’s aligned with that group tells me that he’s remarkably anti-conservative – more so than I previously thought. Second, I posted a comment – pretty tasteful. I told him that if this is what liberals really think of conservatives, that we dislike science somehow, then liberals need to study up on us some more. His reply? “Mel – maybe conservatives need to stop letting people like Rick Perry speak for them.” My response to that was somewhat long, but I basically told him that with the likes of Dianne Feinsten talking about gun laws and rights and Obama disrespecting the military and military families at every turn and expecting that we’ll believe him when he claims to support us, liberals have plenty of people we consider stupid in their ranks. I wasn’t trying to cause trouble, I was pointing out a truth that many gay liberals choose to ignore: there are stupid people on both sides of the aisle. Stupidity is a human condition and knows no party affiliation, much like anti-gay sentiment (hello, California! Proposition 8!).

He immediately called me a troll and banned me from his page. I guess tolerance means you’re not allowed to disagree.

I try not to make things personal, but the gay liberal vs. gay conservative battles have gotten really nasty more recently, and I’m getting really tired of it. Gay liberals have begun to make everything as personal as they can. I’m not just a self-loathing closet case; I should just kill myself so the gay liberals can use my story to bash conservatives, at least according to my old friend Cliff (his exact words were “take that gun you carry and put it in your mouth so we can put your picture on YouTube and get rid of the Republicans!”). I should be beaten and left to die on a fence post so I know how it feels according to Anthony (as if HE knew how it felt). I should have my head shaved, my throat slit, and my body hung upside-down from a lamppost just like the Nazi collaborators were at the end of WWII according to Bill (that comment was bravely posted on – and he is a college professor, or used to be).

Until the gay left changes the way they speak and behave, there can be no end to my posts on just how intolerant and downright hateful the left can be – particularly the gay left. I’ve written about life on the gay liberal plantation and the mystery of “tolerant” gay liberals among many other similar posts, and yet still I get nothing but sneering and derision. It was a living hell coming to grips with the fact that I was a lesbian ten years ago, but it didn’t hold a candle to how hard it was to tell the group of gays who supported me during that time that I wasn’t going to change my political affiliation. Cliff and Anthony were among that group and their words hurt in ways that nobody in my church or extended family ever could. After I spent my entire life wondering why I was different, I figured out why and ended up being rejected yet again because I didn’t agree with the rest of the group.

Oh, but they want to put a stop to bullying. How sweet.

Liberals need to understand how hurtful they can be. I have, on occasion, lumped all liberals together in a post. I can’t say that I’ve ever attacked them as being traitorous and I certainly have never wished harm or death upon them. I’ve never claimed to be tolerant, although I’m far more open-minded than any liberal I know. I’m not just bragging. If anyone has a respectful, thoughtful rebuttal, I’m always open to it – I don’t get cheeky until someone insults me (which is quite often, actually). Even then I’ll still use facts and figures to back up what I’m saying because I don’t use my emotions to navigate political issues.

So David, you good Christian man, take this as an invitation: be the open mind you say conservatives need to be. The only people who have ever been banned from this blog or either of my Facebook pages are the ones who have insisted on constant personal attacks or threats. I like it when people disagree, at least as long as they do so intelligently. If you want to win people over to your way of thinking, turning your back on them when they disagree is not the way to go about it.


2 thoughts on “Open Invitation

  1. Ya know Mel.. i really don’t understand gay liberals today? To me they are just zombie like creatures that don’t have a brain. They don’t want to have a civil conversation with you, shut you down with no debate, or cowardly walk away.

    Also, i know how you feel about going through hell and coming to grips with yourself, although back then i was just starting trying to figure out who i was and it was still hell for me. So yeah.. i kinda know what is was like back then.. it sucked.

  2. Wow, where didyou come from/ Or where have I been hiding ? Ididn’t know people like you existed. Agay concervative? I thought I was Nonealone in this

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