Prayers for Boston

I was at work today on a call when someone mentioned that the news said a bomb had gone off in Boston. As soon as I could, I turned on the news. TWO bombs were detonated within seconds of each other near the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

Here at gayconservative we are not joining the speculation and we ask that our readers and friends respect that. Nothing is set in stone; there are a lot of rumors swirling about, but we do not really know yet what happened. When something concrete is released, we will comment on it.

Until then we offer prayers, support and love to the families of the three who have died and the 140+ who have been injured. Let our focus remain on them for now.


3 thoughts on “Prayers for Boston

  1. Thanks Mel. Nice that someone isn’t making wild guesses:-) Unfortunately the 24 hour news cycle means they repeat what little they know, guess at what they don’t and any mistakes/untruthes/inaccuracies they make now will be repeated and not corrected. I try to avoid the first few days until they start to get some facts.
    I was also at work and haven’t seen any TV coverage yet, just some internet updates. I never would have considered the marathon as a target just because I don’t think of it as political. But any place a large number gathers with TV coverage is a target.
    My prayers are with the dead and wounded. Here is hoping we don’t overreact with ham fists. AndyB, NH.

  2. I’m about two and half block from the site. The BPL is just opposite where there’s a return barrel for books where I dumped the them and left, avoiding the crowds, the exolosion went off, evidently as I was almost home. The exposion went off. maybe ten minutes later. Charactristicaly, I avoid crowds I left so I had lingered about 5 to ten minutes, prior to the blastsn(2). Just ten minutes home, a neighbor asked if I heard a noise. I hadnd;’t. BUT, I had fox on and before my eyes were the reportst of the mess at which I had just been, CAmeras seemed to have taken up where I had stopped. And they seemed to have caught blast one. I havent watched anythjng else. This neighborhood is quarrantined. Even tha corner store is closed.
    Stepping aside from the atrocity, the spirit of the authorities; police, medical and EMT’s and those officially engaged is top-shelf.
    The investigation with forensics will be opened up tomorrow.

  3. I’m encouraged that instead of fleeing, so many people ran to help the injured. When facing a challenge of that magnitude, our first instinct is still, to a large degree, to be of assistance. The average American can still be counted on to do the right thing — or at least to try.

    We can trust ourselves, and each other. Those who are responsible leaders will tell us that. We’re not sheep. This time, let’s not allow ourselves to be treated as if we were.

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