George Zimmerman: Not Guilty

One year ago, shortly after the news broke about the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, I posted an article about it. You can read it here.

Today, a jury – after only two days of deliberation – found George Zimmerman not guilty on all counts. They did not even convict him of manslaughter. The jury wasn’t undecided – they voted unanimously to acquit. This is where some of my friends who are very angry about this start dreaming of my death:

This is exactly as it should be.

If you read the article I previously wrote, you’ll see a point I made about the Crown Heights riots. The Jews in Crown Heights in 1991 were brutally wronged and none of them have ever received anything resembling an apology for what mobs of black men did to them. Twenty-two years later, after Al Sharpton excused himself without ever apologizing for inciting those riots, he is once again center stage to call the verdict “an atrocity” and “one of the worst situations I’ve ever seen.” I wonder if he said that after Josef Lifsh tried to avoid hurting anyone as he was about to wreck and ended up killing a boy he couldn’t see in what was purely an accident.

Nobody is taking a center-of-the-road stance on the subject of Zimmerman’s acquittal. Everyone is passionately angry or rejoicing about it. Nobody wins in this situation; the Martins have still lost their son. Zimmerman will never really be a free man because tens of thousands of people want him dead now. Even people whom I respect (even though we don’t always agree) are wildly emotional right now, going so far as to call for the riots to begin.

That’s because all anyone has viewed this incident through is the lens of emotion. Some of my black friends – some, not all – heard his non-emergency call to police that night and believed immediately that the whole thing was racial. At least one person claimed to me that another non-emergency call to police has been played publicly but I have not been able to find anything other than his call the night of the shooting.

Here’s what I know. I’m in public safety. I’ve helped a lot of victims of burglaries and home invasions, both as a victim advocate and as an EMT. I’ve seen the havoc that kind of crime plays in a person’s life. What I hear when that call is played is a man whose home was broken into and is now paranoid that every stranger in his condo complex is trouble. On the night of the shooting, while he says, “I think he’s black,” I can’t hear racism in that. Calling him a racist for one call to police (when in reality he made nearly 100 for the neighborhood watch) in which he describes the person he sees as being black does not make him a racist. What I hear is a man whose adrenalin is going because someone he has never seen before is walking through the complex wearing a hood pulled low over his face. I don’t hear a racist.

This is where I say something that my other friends may not like. Zimmerman was completely irresponsible in the way he conducted himself. I’m a little different from most people; I have years of experience in tactics, close-quarters combat, and the use of small arms. I’ve been in martial arts for nearly half my life. I have a lot of experience, and while I am capable of being very violent if the situation calls for it, I try very hard to find another solution. I will only pull my sidearm as a last resort, if my life or the life of another is in jeopardy. If a person attacks me with his bare hands, I will handle it with my bare hands. I have never in my life had to actually shoot a person despite being attacked, and I hope that I never do have to fire my weapon at another human being. (As an aside, since Nancy Grace asked, I carry a firearm everywhere it is legal for me to do so, even when walking the dog. Why? Because the bad guy will target you when you least expect it.)

The most responsible thing any gun owner or CCW holder can do is get some training in hand-to-hand combat. Not the flashy karate or kung fu crap you see in the movies, but honest-to-Pete street fighting. I always recommend Krav Maga, not because it’s Israeli, but because it’s extremely effective. If you want Asian martial arts then you should be careful to find a place that actually teaches fighting, not one that promises you’ll reach black belt within a year.

He shouldn’t have gotten out of his truck, but if you listen to the call closely, you hear something quite interesting…he didn’t get out until after he told the dispatcher that Martin was running away. By that time, Martin had already noticed he was being followed. What he should have done (as I said in my previous post) was keep running until he got home. Instead, he circled around, called Zimmerman out, and attacked him.

Let me pose this question…if you were walking home in the middle of the night, would you cut through a strange neighborhood? If you did and you found someone following you, would you then pick a fight with that person? If your answer to both of those is yes, you have a problem. At night, if you must walk, you should stick to well-lit areas, preferably those that are populated. If you find yourself being followed, you should either ask the person, “can I help you?” or just run as fast as you can to the nearest populated area to get help. Your first instinct should NEVER be to yell, insult, or start throwing punches. The instant Trayvon did those things he was taking responsibility for a grave decision. Yes, Zimmerman was irresponsible for not knowing how to handle a confrontation with an unarmed person – but Trayvon instigated the violence, therefore he is responsible. Whether Zimmerman is a racist or not is irrelevant at that point.

I don’t think any of my black friends have ever been spit on for being black. I don’t think any of them have ever had a group of white people threaten them because they are black. I know that none of them have ever gotten death threats for being black. I have been spit on for being gay, I have been threatened for being white (while on duty and in uniform, no less), and I have been openly threatened for being gay. I was first called a faggot when I was in the third grade. Even before I began identifying as Jewish, I had several people – a couple of them black – call me things like kike and dirty Jew, merely for defending Jewish people. Even on the pages of this blog I’ve been attacked as a Jew. I know what hate is. These idiots calling for riots and brandishing guns on Twitter don’t know the first damn thing about hatred. They’ll perpetuate it, though, because something really needs to be done about all of these creepy ass crackas. I suppose I should be thankful that I can tell by the picture that the doofus has absolutely no training at all with guns, but unfortunately an idiot with a gun is still deadly.

Violence may solve a good many problems, but this is not one of them. Dr. King would be beside himself if he could see what is going on right now. Were it only that more would take a page from Lupe Fiasco’s book and turn the spotlight on themselves, we might not need to have this debate. Unfortunately the press turned this sad story, one in which everyone lost, into a circus and the public won’t learn anything from it.


12 thoughts on “George Zimmerman: Not Guilty

  1. You are right on in your post. What is going unnoticed seems to me that people do not realize this started with the 2008. From the beginning, the actions by this administration have turned one hundred eighty degrees from the promises made BEFORE the election. Slowly, one issue at a time. But if anyone has watched “Obama’s America, 2016” you either blind or simply an idiot, not to realize there was a plan way back and this Zimmerman episode is just one of the many steps. From the first incident in 2009 with the police officer arresting a black prof. from Cambridge, over a breaking and entering when the Prof refused to show identification and screamed racism. Like in the case with Zimmerman and with the Prof, our commander in chief immediately shot off his mouth about how he himself had been a victim of racism in his own life. The end result was the cop was following the standard legal procedure of his investigation and the Prof made a fool out of himself. Now we’ve got the same thing once again. The Zimmerman episode had not even begun to unfold before our commander in chief once again, injected himself into the matter along with the usual suspects from the black activist crowd to immediately get the pot stirring again. I am a queer musician and activist since the late 60’s when being queer meant you were a walking felon simply because of your sexuality. I Marched for blacks in the MLK days, Chavez in the grape boycotts, the Hooker’s Union “C.O.Y.O.T.E with Margo St. James, Harvey Milk in San Francisco running for Supervisor in San Francisco. But over the years living in every ghetto from Hollywood, Oakland California, Hayes Street projects in San Francisco, Sulphur Springs Florida glen park Calif and learned a long time ago as a child that you first have to learn how to stand alone on your own, to survive. Having polio in one leg as a child I learned quickly that when someone comes after you, you can either being a willing victim, or you can use whatever means is at hand, to fight back. In Jr. High, it was a board or something similar, in High School, in Oakland California, it was a gun, in gang infested areas, it was dogs and a gun. Delores Park in San Francisco was a very dangerous place in the 60’s and 70’s. On the edge of the Castro, it was a hunting ground for muggers who hated gays. When I suggested that the main gay paper print up an article in the late 70’s about a new law that allowed citizens to carry mace, the editor replied “Conan, we don’t need sissies running around with mace in their purses.” That pretty much sums it up as a queer person that the so called gay establishment has always taken that stand towards queers with weapons. The media, movies etc continue to portray us a petite, shy, helpless victims. the politically correct gays think with their dicks. They, like a vocal minority seems to always be ready to turn any vo9litile situation into0 a race matter. We have been stuck with taxes beyond belief, our 2nd amendment rights have been under attack, the surveillance of our correspondence has not been so threatened by surveillance since the cold war. By the way, my step father was black, I have lived in black ghettos much of my life, choose to go to black churches because I love the people and the worship, so you can call me anything but racist. Watch closely as the powers that be try to play every race card imaginable. We have lost 100 years in the race relations progression, all in 4 years.

  2. The incident that started all this was much more about testosterone than it was about race. This was, basically, two macho jerks locking antlers. That our society is making such a big deal out of this only goes to show how infantile we’ve become.

    I refuse to be herded, by our cynical political manipulators, onto one “team” or the other. The cops were incompetent, and the State wants to disarm us all — so these nitwits can “keep us safe.”

    The dispatcher asked George Zimmerman a bunch of questions about Trayvon Martin, so he went out and followed him around so he could answer her questions. But the cops wanted him to stay in the house. Duh. Our tax money is actually paying for this sort of “safety.”

    George Zimmerman went out and followed Trayvon Martin around, thus to answer the Keystone Kop dispatcher’s questions. Duh again. Did he have a right to carry his gun? Of course he did — but of course he’d be in trouble if he used it.

    This whole situation is so stupid, it beggars belief. Where are the grownups?

  3. The really tragic thing about this — besides the obvious, which is that a kid is dead — is that all George Zimmerman really wanted to do was protect his family.

    Now, he and his whole family bear the Mark of Cain. Where on earth can they ever go to be safe again?

    Nice going, government. You’re really doing a bang-up job of keeping us safe.

    This could happen to ANYBODY.

  4. I am enjoying reading some of your posts. I am mostly in agreement so far. As to the Zimmerman thing, I don’t believe that GZ intentionally targeted Martin because of race but my problem is that those who are for GZ assume that TM jumped out and attacked GZ. We have no way of knowing this. It could have just as easily been TM trying to defend himself against the advances of GZ. We are assuming that GZ is telling the truth and we don’t know otherwise because there are no witnesses who saw who approached who.
    I like what you said about doing everything possible to avoid deadly force. They’re were no defensive wounds or anything to show that GZ tried to defend himself in any other way. I also think that he should have stayed in his car and let the police handle it. But, with Florida law the way it is, there was no legal way to punish him for foolishly doing what he did that night.
    About race, as I said, I don’t believe that GZ intentionally racially profiled TM but we can not deny the fact that it is much more suspicious in most non-African Americans eyes to see a black young man being idol on the way home than it would be to see a white young man doing the same. I think that both sides and people in general have been making quite a few assumptions in this case.

  5. I am not sure of your life’s history as to upbringing, where you have lived from childhood, up to now….what part of the areas where you have lived over the years up to this point in your life. I was raised in poverty from a child beginning with my grandparents who raised me because of my mother’s lifestyle. We picked cotton, peaches, anything available during the week. We fished in the streams to catch fish, raised a garden for fresh vegetables, canned everything that we ate. We hunted for whatever was in season. But we made no excuse for our simple style of living. My grandmother made my shirts out of flour sacks. In those days, all large bags of flour came in printed sacks which not only was used for shirts but the scraps were saved and made into quilts. Every one in our country suburb worked hard and worked together. There were blacks Hispanics, even a Russian immigrant and however many other races but people did not use their race as an excuse for anything other than doing the best they could to survive and to help one another. Because of financial reasons I have since livi9ng in almost every ghetto beginning in the ghetto in east Los Angeles, the 69th Street projects of Oakland California, the Hayes Valley and Tenderloin ghettos of San Francisco, the Oak Park in Sacramento in the 60’s where it was nothing more than a shooting gallery, Rainbow Rock Trailer Park in Plant City Florida, East Tampa, Ybor City, Sulphur Springs All of Florida, I learned early in life that if you want to stay safe and keep your family and belongings safe is to know your neighborhood and relying on neighbors to keep their eyes out for your safety. Police were originally designed to “prevent” crime. Now they are no more than cleanup crew after the criminal elements have hit you. Today, in Oakland or San Francisco you will get nothing but an answering machine in the middle of the night. If you do get lucky and an actual person answers, you cannot, repeat, you cannot survive most incidents without a weapon. I am white, my stepfather (I lived with my mother a short while in Oakland where she was murdered) my stepfather was black. Don’t run the race bullshit past me and try and incorporate it into your own reality. You obviously probably never had to take buses thru dangerous areas, nor had to face a burglar, someone shooting your dog, trying to shoot you, or rape the young mother next door who was screaming out her bedroom window for help, only to have the police to show up over one hour later who told you they didn’t have the time nor the money to fingerprint the area and catch the perpetrator. You have no idea what the hell is going on in this present time, nor the past I imagine. When your neighborhood has been burglarized several times, your own house broken into and you see someone wearing a hoodie, strolling around between houses, it doesn’t matter what the hell their race is, you do exactly what Zimmerman did. I’ve dealt with Hispanic gangs, black gangs, red neck gangs etc…If you read ALL the evidence, especially Martin’s girlfriend’s later statements, all the self posted shots of himself, his history with the law and the chief of the campus police who had covered up his crimes by refusing to prosecute him and then himself being fired, the evidence the prosecutor refused to bring forward which now we know what a thug he was. I doubt if you have any idea of what reality is in the living situations in poverty areas all over this country, or if you do, you are a gutless liberal who would keep driving by if you saw someone being mugged on the streets. I am amazed at my fellow gays who are so damned liberal and uninformed about these realities. I’m an old man but listen to my song recorded and released in May because I am sick and tired of gays, especially gays, running around in leather with chains, whips and handcuffs who are “play actors” and will not fight back or speak out unless they are safely in a yearly Pride crowd. Where we you in the 60’s and 50’s when we were illegal just to be queer. The damned freedom you have today was paid for by people who said “hell no we won’t take it any more. not only because of our sexuality but as citizens who are simply not going to allow people to rob, assault or murder us no matter what their race or their age might be. Most of the gang murders are done by murders with gang leaders this day and age because they know if they get caught, the punishment will be much less than an adult. And of course, their defense will always be “it was because of my poverty or my race, Bullshit. In my song I write “This Queer Don’t Run. Even handicapped and on crutches most of the time: I mean exactly what I say!

  6. I am not anonymous, My name is Conan Dunham and I am not intimidated by what anyone who disagrees with what I have just stated. I refuse to give up to give up “Stand Your Ground”. It is even more important to the blacks to have the same law. Over 700 blacks in Chicago alone were killed in the last year by fellow blacks. Ted Nugent put it quite correctly in his last radio interview. Interestingly enough, Chicago supposedly has the best gun control laws in the country according to our illustrious but misinformed president, yet the highest kill ratio. Finally, the courts ruled that Illinois had to provide concealed gun permits to their citizens. This is not a racial issue. We all need to join together to fight these liberal, numbnuts in power. Again, my name is not anonymous, but Conan Dunham

  7. Mel, there is one more important point about Zimmerman’s call to the police and you should know it well if you have indeed been in any law enforcement or neighborhood watch and that is: A very standard question from police dispatch when receiving ANY complaint calls is “What is their race, along with other questions such as their sex, descriptions of their clothing, cars, anything which would enable the officers to locate the suspect. NBC edited that phone script to appear the dispatcher had not asked him the question, that Zimmerman included it in his initial statement. Now NBC has found themselves in a lawsuit for which they will most assuredly pay dearly for that deliberate attempt to smear Zimmerman. I think all of the public who realize that statement was incorrect as it was released and should look at themselves in the mirror and wonder how much they really wait for the facts before marching, screaming and causing acts of hatred in deeds or language..

  8. This. Is. So. Perfect. I’ve had a really hard time describing my feelings on this case. I’ve just found your blog and love the writing I’ve seen so far.

  9. Also forgot to add that I have worked in corrections, 9-1-1 dispatch, EMT, emergency management, and now in a trauma center ER over the past 15 yrs. You are spot on.

  10. The race baiters keeping themselves in the media spotlights cannot stand facts: “An analysis of “single offender victimization figures” from the FBI for 2007 finds blacks committed 433,934 crimes against whites, eight times the 55,685 whites committed against blacks. Interracial rape is almost exclusively black on white, with 14,000 on white women by blacks in 2007. Not one case of a white sexual assault on a black female was found in the FBI study.” Though blacks are outnumbered 5-to-1 in the population by whites, they commit eight times as many crimes against whites as the reverse. By those 2007 numbers, a black male was 40 times as likely to assault a white person as the reverse.. If interracial crime is the ugliest manifestation of racism, what does that tell us where racism really resides?

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