The Peace That Passes All Understanding

Imagine that America has gone to war with China or Russia (considering the dolt we have for a President, it can happen). Imagine that thousands of innocent Americans are slaughtered, some of them hacked to death with axes and swords as they head to work, by single terrorists acting on behalf of our enemy – but that those terrorists are caught, tried, and convicted. Would you want them to be released? I sure wouldn’t. In Texas they’d be put to death in short order.

Now, somebody please explain to me exactly why John Kerry has talked Israel into releasing 350 prison inmates convicted of terrorist acts – at least 100 of them convicted of murderous terrorist acts.

I can’t figure out what Kerry thinks that’s going to achieve. Israel agreed to release several hundred prisoners back to Palestinian territories to convince them to return IDF soldier Gilad Shalit. That was their decision after Shalit was held for five years by Hamas. What right does our government have to insist that Israel release hundreds more, many of them extremely dangerous? I really don’t care how many years they’ve served. If you have committed murder, especially if you’ve chopped a person to death with a hatchet, you forfeit your life. I don’t want to hear about what’s fair; the victim wasn’t treated with any modicum of humanity. It’s bad enough that the people have to pay for the perpetrator’s food, clothing, housing, and healthcare. Now the creature who committed those unspeakable acts is going to be freed?

The families of some of the victims are outraged. I would be, too.

We as Americans should be just as outraged. What if it were suggested that Timothy McVeigh be freed from prison before his death sentence were to be carried out? What if it were Ted Kaczynski? What if it were Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, or John Wayne Gacy? That’s how notorious some of these killers are that have just been sent by bus back to their old neighborhoods. If anyone suggested that Ramzi Yousef be released from prison in order to bring Iran to the negotiating table, we would be furious. I can’t believe that Kerry has pushed Israel into this prisoner release.

What I really can’t believe is that our government still thinks that peace is possible. If the Palestinians wanted peace, they would be willing to go to the table without making any conditional demands – especially not one to release a couple hundred murderers. The only request Israel made was that the rocket fire into Southern Israel stop. The Palestinians do not now, and have never, wanted peace. They want Israel to fall. None of this has anything to do with actual peace. This process will play out much like the Oslo Accords did – grand public gestures followed by angry Palestinian paramilitary groups who refuse to agree launching more attacks against Israelis.

I wish more than anything that there could be peace. We live in an imperfect world, though, and the Palestinians are a group of people who thrive on hate. What’s worse is that there are large swaths of Americans who believe that the Palestinian cause is a just one – forgetting the intense persecution that the Jews have survived since centuries before the Muslims even existed.

The most disgusting part about this whole thing is the claims of a Palestinian prisoner advocate who claimed that “we used violence and the Israelis used violence.” Really? How many Israelis butchered immigration lawyers or farmers? How many Israelis have walked into religious schools and shot 12 students to death? How many Israelis have blown themselves up in crowded bar mitzvahs, bus stops, and pizza parlors? Israel never declared any kind of conflict or war against the Palestinians – it was the PLO that announced multiple intifadas.

Our government has no business trying to push Israel to do things that the Palestinians wouldn’t dream of. Kerry has not even bothered to call the Palestinians out on such ridiculous claims. Not one of our leaders has a pair of balls – especially not John Kerry. Incredibly, he’s also saying that Israel “risks further isolation” if the talks fail. I’m sorry…who is it that has broken the peace agreements in the past? Oh, that’s right – the PALESTINIANS. He’s laying all of the responsibility on the only party that has desperately tried to make peace for many years.

The Palestinians, like many other Sharia-led nations, don’t know how to live in Peace. Their religion calls for them to kill all infidels, especially Jews. When that changes – and we cannot afford to hold our breath in hopes that it will – we might see the end of the conflict.


4 thoughts on “The Peace That Passes All Understanding

  1. Caught: In the sights of my Kimber.
    Tried: Prima facie as being caught in the act. (SP? it’s way to early in the morning!)
    Convicted: Trigger pulled.

    John Kerry; A complete embarrassment to any and all Viet Nam Veterans.

  2. Obama is planning a military strike in the War IN Syria-

    Sorry for being kind of off topic, but:

    On Aug. 31, 2013 Pres. Obama is planning a military strike, or possibly a war, on Syria’s government.

    He is doing so, since he said that he, or the U.S., would have to take action if Syria’s government used [deadly] chemical weapons on Syria’s own people.

    Pardon me but: OK, GO FOR IT, Mr. Obama.

    Once you do, you will justify President George W. Bush’s taking military action and going to war in the WAR IN IRAQ.

    And, you will destroy your anti-war status, forever.

    For 10 years, Mr.Obama + many Democrats have been saying: Iraq’s President Saddam Hussein killing 100,000 people, Iraq’s people, was NOT enough reason to do a military strike or a war on IRAQ.

    Now, when Obama got caught saying he would likely do a military action, if Syria’s president used chemical weapons to kill Syrian people, neither Obama, or most the Democrats, are trying to stop a military attack against Syria.

    Go ahead, Mr. Obama, you pull that trigger and bomb or missle-attack Syria.

    After you’ve done that, you and your anti-war-in-iraq-supporters, and your anti-war Democrat supporters, will be justifying President Bush’s going to war against a chemical-weapon-using nation. You will use the military against chemical weapon attackers, just like Bush did.

    You can’t say [never get into a war against a nation who uses chemical weapons] in one year, then say [we must get into a war against a a nation who uses chemical weapons] in another.
    I agree, the wars are not exactly the same. They will not be.

    But you can’t be a turncoat on this very issue, not on the issue on when to send the USA into a foreign war.

    You can’t do it, not even if you are a President of The United States.

  3. I suggest that the lack of oagurte is either because of general ignorance on the part of Americans or systematic lying by Israel’s supporters. The Jewish-only settlements in the West Bank are illegal under international law (the Fourth Geneva Convention, for example) — not to mention under any reasonable objective moral code. Taking people’s property, whether under cover of war or not, is wrong. The 1967 war was , whose leaders at the time acknowledged there was no threat of an Arab attack. So much for the self-defense claim. Moreover, Palestinian landowners should not be punished for what the king of Jordan did. Follow the links provided in the posts below for details. Mr. Renzulli’s citation of the 1922 Mandate for Palestine can’t be serious. Why would a British act of imperialism count in the matter? The rights of the people of Palestine were ignored by the British from the start. Really, Mr. Renzulli, you’ll have to do better than that.Those interested in the truth, and not propaganda, should read Jeremy Hammond’s brief yet thorough .Mr. Renzulli’s attempt to discredit the photograph fails, as anyone who follows his link will see. Is he denying that Palestinians are being thrown off their land and otherwise oppressed by the Israelis? In urge readers to do some reading and make up their own minds. In sorting out the truth, one would do well to listen to David Ben-Gurion, Israel’s first prime minister: “Why should the Arabs make peace? If I was an Arab leader I would never make terms with Israel. That is natural: we have taken their country…. We have come here and stolen their country. Why should they accept that?”Am I anti-Israel? I am against forcibly establishing a society/country/government on other people’s property. I am against its making war on its neighbors and subjugating people in the conquered territory. That the government of this society systematically discriminates against its non-Jewish “citizens” (and even against some Jews) only adds insult to injury.

  4. Questions for the Arabs: Does Israel actually exist? Since it does, what does it pofirt the Arabs to deny the facts? It just shows that they live in a fantasy world of their own making.The Arabs have had several opportunities to have their own state; why do they lie about the facts?The truth is that no Arab leader will ever recognize Israel because they KNOW they will be killed by their own people.The Arabs supposedly believe in the Ten Suggestions, so why do they feel that Allah honors murderers when it is prohibited?I\’m hurting, time for my morphine. I could ignore it like the Arabs ignore what Allah tells them, but when Pain gets this bad, it\’s morphine or passing out.

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