GUN CONTROL NOW!!! (Updated)

I knew it was going to happen, and it did. As soon as the news hit that there was a shooting going on at a DC Navy shipyard, liberal commentators the world over began renewing their calls for gun control.

There’s some reality that we need to look at here, though.

The shooter was identified as 34-year-old Aaron Alexis. According to news reports throughout the day, we’ve discovered that on May 6, 2004, Alexis flew into a rage and shot out the back tires of a Honda Accord parked in a driveway next to the house he was living in. He was about 25 years old at the time. According to police reports, there had been some kind of dispute with a nearby construction site about parking in the area – but the Accord wasn’t even parked in HIS driveway. Witnesses say that for several days, he stared and glared at workers passing by his house. He was later arrested and Seattle PD pressed charges.

Shortly before his 28th birthday, Alexis joined the US Navy Reserves. How he was able to do this with a violent felony on his record I don’t know. He was not active duty – he served in Ft. Worth and worked at a Thai restaurant while he was there. In September 2010, Ft. Worth police responded to a 911 call of shots fired from Alexis’ apartment. He was 28 by this time. When police first arrived, he didn’t answer the door. As they prepared to make a forcible entry, he finally did answer – he claimed that he hadn’t answered because he “thought it was his neighbor.” He reported having a “contentious” relationship with the woman. He then claimed that the gun had discharged accidentally; he said he’d been cooking, his hands were slippery, and as he cleaned the handgun it discharged by accident. The neighbor, however, says she was terrified of him because he frequently got angry over the noise he said she made.

It hasn’t been confirmed yet, but it is believed that he was not accepted for re-enlistment because of the second shooting incident. At least one senior defense official has commented that he had a history of misconduct.

Here’s my problem with this picture. In the 2004 incident, he gave police some song and dance about having been involved in rescue efforts at Ground Zero after 9/11 and said that he was “disturbed” by what he experienced. I’ve been disturbed by a lot of things I’ve seen – I’ve never used that as an excuse to fly into a rage and shoot at a person’s car. In light of that, I cannot believe his cockamamie excuse that his weapon “accidentally discharged” while he cleaned it. I grew up with guns. The way I’ve been trained, the first thing you do when you clean your steel is unload it. You don’t do it while you’re cooking and your hands are slippery – you pay careful attention, make sure your hands are clean (I actually wear gloves now), and use extreme caution. Add to that his own admission that he didn’t get along with his upstairs neighbor (whose floor the bullet traveled through) AND the previous incident, and I am convinced that he did it on purpose.

I don’t care if he played violent video games. I play Assassin’s Creed all the time, it doesn’t make me want to go out and shoot people. I don’t buy that he was so deeply disturbed by what he saw on 9/11 that he was that prone to “blank rage”. Especially considering what happened today, I think it’s likely that he was prone to outbursts of anger long before the 2004 shooting. That incident alone should have made him ineligible to possess a firearm. Legally, anyone who commits a violent act with a firearm is supposed to be considered a prohibited person.

What raises questions here is not whether we should all have to give up our guns. It’s not even whether we should have to go through more stringent requirements to get guns. It’s why he had guns after what he did in Seattle when he was 25. I can’t find whether he was convicted, but considering what happened I’m sure he worked out a deal. After the 2010 shooting, he was not charged, which tells me that whatever deal he worked out in Seattle included not being convicted of a felony and not being stripped of his civil liberties. THAT is what we should be questioning. The very instant someone deliberately walks out, pulls a gun, and shoots at anything in a populated area, whether they argue that they flew into some kind of rage should be irrelevant.

I’d be willing to bet we’re not going to find that Alexis was some kind of right-wing nut. I know the liberals are hoping he will be. Today was a tragedy that we should mourn, but it makes me nauseous that the political claws have already been bared.

I wish more than anything that we lived in a more peaceful world. I have said many times before that I wish we didn’t have to carry guns. I long for the day when we can “fashion our swords into ploughshares, and our spears into pruning hooks.” I love being a caretaker and wish I didn’t have to protect anyone, but the world we live in is full of fallible human beings who are capable of not caring about doing the right thing. If we lived in a perfect world we would not need armed police or military and we would not need prisons. The sooner everyone grasps that concept, the safer we’ll be.


According to another news source, Alexis arrived with only a shotgun. He collected the AR-15 and the handgun after storming the NAVSEA shipyard.


2 thoughts on “GUN CONTROL NOW!!! (Updated)

  1. This is just an off the cuff statement:

    Ugh. Yes, I really wish that there was MORE restrictions on “I once saw violence or death and so I am allowed to do a shoot ’em up, or smack them up attack on people, because I had a nasty past”-idiots or boneheads. Acting like that is just stupid.

    I, myself, have been in several really-freaking-scary car accidents, but please lock me in a mental hospital for a year or 3, or 3 +, if I use my “nasty-nasty car accidents” as a FAKE + unjustified reason to run around one day + slap everyone that I see, or run around and do a mass attack + use WORSE levels of violence on people on everyone I see.
    To me, that type of lock-up is an appropriate way to punish people for violence or a violent crime like that.

    This creep, whatever his story, makes me so mad. Whether you like guns or not, his reason for his attack, is not enough or justified, to me.

    For what it’s worth, I like it that people can own guns, but I think that civilian people probably don’t NEED machine-guns, or guns with magazines that contain over 15 bullets, but I accept that other people’s opinions will be different than mine.

    Who knows, maybe the government should give everyone a free soccer ball or free pillows, so that everyone can kick them or throw them, the balls, against a wall, so that everyone can take their anger out on cheap things + not take their anger out on people.

    I REALLY think that, if someone has an attempted murder on their criminal record, or a violent attack using a deadly weapon or a deadly object on their record, then he/she needs INTENSE watching, mental hospital time, or jail time.

    Probably, if people do violent attacks with deadly weapons, or do threats/damage that could have caused someone’s death, then they should, if let out into public life, be watched + visited by the cops or such, one a day, or every 3 days, to make sure that they aren’t going to pull a “Falling Down” stunt or massacre. And then the visits by the cops get less, and , I hope, eventually end, if you, the man woman or child with a violent past, have proven to the cops + to the rest of us, that you are safe with: a gun, a deadly weapon, a car, a knife, a toaster, a bucket of golf balls, or anything else that you might pick up + use as a stupid, last gasp, attack and die-attack, a dumb attack “to try prove what a big man you is”.

    Damn. I don’t know what the answer is.

    But I do know this: I do sometimes get sad. VERY sad. But maybe society + I have taught me to not be stupid and do something like swinging a wrench or gun at people when I get pissed.
    That kind of behavior is just totally wrong.
    Such as- I have maybe over 15 relatives, and I enjoy my relationships with them, VERY, VERY MUCH.
    But I’d lose them + their abundant love forever, if I did a dumb action, like-getting mad + going into a hardware shop + start tossing dangerous things at people for no reason.

    If I lost it + attacked people like that….my family would stop all contact with me FOREVER.

    And losing my family members + their giant love would hurt worse than any medieval rack or solitary confinement, or whatever, that any cops + judges could ever invent to use on me as a severe punishment.

    That is how I see it.

  2. There will be no gun control / because it would put many out of work.

    Court officials / lawyers / judges / police / probation officers / prison
    staff / etc etc etc / all make their living from crime / they need crime
    thus maintain a constant flow through the courts as prison / thus it
    being their employment is secure. When crime drops in a area the
    police then simply start arresting people / fine people for the most
    minor of crimes / indeed people arrested for simply complaining at
    being stopped by the police and searched for no reason. / Police
    respond by claiming the individual resisted being searched / and
    threatened them / thus they had no choice but to make an arrest.

    If crime very low in a area where the employment of police may
    be cut in numbers / as other govt workers then being reduced
    the police simply shoot somebody / such starting a riot /where
    people complain of police brutality. The police respond via the
    media in claiming that crime in the area is out of control / claim
    police numbers need raised / that the courts should give more
    severe sentences / that the police deserving a raise in salary.

    End result the police given more resources / as a increase in
    salary / as do court officials / lawyers / judges / ect ect ect ect
    in the end it’s all about people in remaining employed people
    whom not the least interested in / justice / compassion etc etc
    it’s simply about $money £money $money nought but £$£$£.

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