President Obama gave the commencement speech at West Point yesterday. The speech was a complete embarrassment, yet the graduating cadets remained as professional and respectful as ever.

I’m not sure I would have been able to be so classy.

CNN’s Jim Clancy described the President’s reception at West Point as “icy”. Charles Krauthammer called his speech “literally pointless”. Even the Washington Post reported that his speech reeked of a “takedown of Rand Paul”.

In short, the President picked the most inappropriate time and place possible to pontificate about his foreign policy.

Rather than laud the success of the cadets, rather than applaud their achievements in difficult times, rather than send an inspiring message about their futures as officers in the US Army, President Obama stumped about himself. He defended his beliefs (and so in a very broken, hard-to-follow fashion). This is what happens when we have a President who has no military experience or understanding of foreign policy: we get a guy who will use a revered tradition to tell his detractors to piss off.

It was like watching a train wreck, to be quite honest. After making a remark about the class of 2014 being the first to be less likely to go into combat since 9/11, he turned his commencement speech into a rant. He started chastising those who don’t believe that America is at her strongest, saying that we are engaging in partisan politics. He pitifully whittled the war debate down to those who want war and those who want diplomacy. Yet again, he compared himself to his predecessor – George W. Bush – in a thinly-veiled swipe at the man. Then, after saying in his first year in office that he didn’t believe in American exceptionalism, he suddenly changed tack and said he believed in it “with every fiber of my being.”

He also said in no uncertain terms that we really don’t need the military. He said we had the greatest military in the world, then said, “but just because we have the biggest hammer does not mean that every problem is a nail.” Huh? So his message is, “good job on graduating, but we don’t really need you”?

President Obama is as classless as he his clueless.

The First Lady is just as bad. She famously posed with a sign that bore the hashtag “bringbackourgirls”, making a cheap statement on Twitter about the Boko Haram terrorist group that kidnapped more than two hundred school girls and threatened to sell them into sexual slavery if the Nigerian government refused to release several imprisoned terrorists. I have to ask, what on Earth makes anyone think that a terrorist organization (one that our esteemed former Secretary of State vociferously defended) is going to respond to a social media campaign? The attempt to shame them into submission is incredibly juvenile and proves just how little President and First Lady Obama understand about foreign policy issues. I mean…Twitter? Really? Is this the new face of liberal politics?

Mrs. Obama’s school lunch program has also come under fire. Students who found lunches based on her new guidelines inedible started posting pictures of their new lunches on social media. Schools started losing money because students weren’t buying lunch. Why would they buy something that smells and tastes awful? My foster daughter tells me that her school lunches are so bad that even though she gets them for free, she won’t touch them – she says a kind of barbecue sandwich with no meat in it, imitation steak sandwiches and overcooked tater tots are the usual fare, and the salad bar is no better.

Congressional Republicans have been trying to pass a bill that would make it easier for schools to give the choice to parents and students on whether to follow the guidelines that limit the amount of fat, sodium, and sugar that kids are eating. The First Lady’s response? A temper tantrum. While her daughters attend an elite private school and get the best food money can buy, public school kids are turning to Chee-tos and candy bars to replace the disgusting alternatives now offered in their schools – and Mrs. Obama is pushing the fact that, as a mom, she cares. She openly attacked the attempt, ignoring the fact that even the School Nutrition Association thinks the guidelines are too strict and expensive, as “unacceptable.”

I’m sorry. I was unaware that she had been elected to any office.

I feel like we’re hearing Marie Antoinette ignorantly pan, “let them eat cake!” The First Family wants for nothing, and they have no idea how much it costs to eat the way they do. They are not interested in how this sort of thing affects the middle class or even the poor. I swear, the next thing we hear from her is going to be, “well, if you’re hungry enough, you’ll eat it!” The day she goes to my girl’s high school and eats what the students are expected to eat – and DOESN’T gag – I’ll believe she gives a damn.


3 thoughts on “Clueless

  1. To be fair, I don’t know that the cadets would or should have reacted too raucously to any speaker. I’m not sure they are supposed to. But I am surprised he got any response. These cadets should know by now, as should the whole country, that President Obama does not like the military. Doesn’t like anyone who doesn’t fit into his fantasy ideology. He doesn’t care that more service members have lost their lives in Afghanistan. It’s beneath him and not something he should have to do (like calling the president of Mexico to demand they release our Marine from their corrupt prison). If it doesn’t serve HIS interests and make HIM look better, it doesn’t matter.

  2. Yes. I agree that Obama + the 1st lady are acting pretty clueless.

    Today, in the ongoing WAR IN IRAQ, anti-government rebels are taking over towns + cities. There are US-allied Iraqi police + US-allied Iraqi soldiers that are completely abandoning their posts, and ignoring their western nations + Iraq-allies’ military training, + abandoning their US-provided weapons+ Iraq-allied nations provided weapons- because they believe that the huge crowds and numbers of rebels, who are approaching them, are going to overwhelm them and militarily kill them at their posts.

    Obama wanted Iraq + Afghanistan to have winnable wars, + wars that he could easily back out of, so that he could say that: George W. Bush started these two wars, and I won them, and finished them. Well, the Iraq war + The War in Afghanistan are not snuffing out + ending easily, has he hoped that they would.

    Today, on June 13, 2014, Iraq is facing the biggest military attacks by rebels + biggest social attacks by rebels, since the US soldiers left Iraq in December of 2014.

    Obama entered the Presidency in 2008, with the war in Iraq going on, and a new + anti-Saddam Hussein government in place in Iraq.

    It would be a great political coup if Obama could leave the Presidency with a free Iraq, and an Iraq that has defeated the rebels warring against Iraq. Obama’s decision to move out USA ground troops from the war in Iraq could cost him, and Iraq, that great coup.

    I’d love nothing more than for Pres. Obama + his White House, and his control of the US military, to get + keep Iraq’s status as a free nation + a nation that can totally defeat the rebels who are against Iraq’s Govt..

    But Obama’s stuck-in-the-mud goal of “no USA ground troops in Iraq” is something that [the rebels in Iraq], I believe, will take advantage of, over and over again, in their goal of: totally destroying the US-allied government in Iraq.
    And they are doing this destruction of Iraq’s government, very, very effectively.

    If Obama can get him, Obama, and Iraq’s military, a total win against the rebels in Iraq, and definitely win the war against these rebels, I’d be very overjoyed by Obama’s success + Iraq’s success.

    But if Obama’s not using US ground troops + not supporting US-allied ground troops in the war in Iraq, costs Iraq [the current government in Iraq], then that will be a big, painful embarrassment to Obama, and a reputation in foreign nations that: the USA 1) can’t competently finish a war and 2) that the USA can’t win the wars that it gets into.

    This also does not even factor in the lost of Iraq’s civilians and Iraq’s government people, if Iraq’s government falls.

    If you can win the war using bomber planes, ships, and other military methods, and win the war by not using ground troops- that, President Obama, that, would be very, very wonderful.

    But today, it looks like you are going to lose this war, by using these methods.

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