The New Trayvon ***UPDATED***

I could not believe I had read those words in the comments when I saw the video.

Click on the link and watch the video.  It’s 12 minutes long, but you need to see it.  Here is the claim made by the poster:

“Neighbors CALL POLICE To A Texas Suburb In McKinney Texas . . . When They Learn That A Family . . . Invited ‘TOO MANY BLACK PEOPLE” to Their POOL PARTY!!”

First of all, there is nothing in the video to even suggest – let alone prove – that the neighbors called the police because there were too many black kids.  What I see is a literal mob of teenagers running wildly through the neighborhood and police officers trying to chase a couple.  Kids are yelling, screaming, running, there’s music playing, cars everywhere – and the kids aren’t all black, either.  With the ridiculous numbers of kids I can actually see in the video, I’m guessing many more weren’t seen.  That many teenagers make a lot of noise.  I know – I had a next door neighbor years ago whose daughter graduated high school and threw a very noisy party.

Not only do we see kids everywhere, it appears that the neighbors came out to help with crowd control.  None of them made any attempt to hide their faces.  I very seriously doubt that any of them called the police because there were too many black kids in the neighborhood.

Then, while one officer is trying to detain a few that ignored his orders to sit down, a group of girls start yelling at him.  He first asks them to leave, then when they refuse he has to yell at them to leave.  One decides to give him more trouble so he moves to detain her.  She fights him.  He takes her to the ground.  Then, her friends do something even more stupid – they rush the officer en masse.

I don’t know what the hell these brats’ parents taught them, but mine taught me not to talk back to a cop or to fight him when he tells me to do something.  I’ve known since well before I was that age that you don’t ever make any aggressive movement toward a cop.  It is no surprise when he pulls his sidearm.  If I had a group of people bum-rushing me, I’d pull my piece, too.  It’s notable that he never pointed it at anyone – he pulled it and kept it at the ready.  It’s what he’s trained to do when he’s given a reason to believe he’s about to be attacked.

If you’re throwing a party and the cops show up, the first indication that something illegal is going on is that everyone runs.  That would tell me (or any cop) that drugs or alcohol are likely present.  Naturally, when everyone runs, the cops are going to either catch the ones closest to them or chase the ones they looked in the face and told to sit down, which is exactly how this sounds.

This isn’t racism.  Nobody can provide a shred of evidence that that’s why the police were called.  Rather than posting a copy of the report or a recording of the call, a video is posted with a baseless claim against both the neighbors and the police officers.  Nobody questions what they’re seeing or makes any attempt to think critically about it.  Thousands upon thousands viewed this video on Facebook and commented about how wrong it was.

Welcome to Obama’s America: where your skin color dictates whether you’re the victim or the perpetrator.  Comments that this is “the new Trayvon” are beyond outrageous…they shock my conscience.  Extremism is a poor shade.


The guys over at WeaselZippers did a lot of leg work and found out that there was a private party going on at a community pool when close to 100 teenagers showed up for a rave advertised at the pool by a local rave promoter.  Apparently a girl going by the handle Young KC (@Keef_Cakez on Twitter) has been setting these things up at private HOA pools for a while and making off like a bandit.  The attendees didn’t know they weren’t allowed to be there, and showed up with alcohol and weed and several of them picked fights with residents there for the private party.

Not everything is what you hear from the race baiters.  Ask questions, then you can judge.


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