Sanctuary City

This past Wednesday night, Kathryn Steinle was walking with her father along San Francisco’s famed Pier 14 when a man, seemingly at random, shot her and took off.  Her father tried desperately to help, performing CPR on his own daughter until paramedics arrived.  Sadly, Kathryn could not be saved.  She died at age 32.

Bystanders took photos of the shooter, who was arrested while walking just blocks from the scene.  His name is Francisco Sanchez, and he’s an illegal immigrant from Mexico.  It gets better: he’s been deported five different times, most recently in 2009.  He has fully seven – SEVEN – felony convictions in the US, four of them for drug trafficking.  According to officials he was just released from a California prison, where he was being held for felony re-entry.  ICE had put a detainer on Sanchez to have him deported upon his release.

San Francisco, however, is a sanctuary city.  It became one in 2013, right before the State adopted very similar policies.  So how did this bad guy end up on the pier with a gun, killing a beautiful, innocent woman so soon after being released from prison?

He was turned over to ICE by California prison officials as soon as he was released in March.  He had an outstanding case with San Francisco County on a prior arrest for marijuana possession, and ICE had to clear it up before they could deport him for the sixth time.  They turned him over to the San Francisco County Sheriff’s Office and put a detainer on him so that, when the charges were cleared, he could be deported.

SFSD followed the city’s sanctuary policy and unleashed him on an unwitting public.  The Steinle family has now paid dearly.

Incredibly, SFSD has had their attorney, Freya Horne, responding to all media inquiries and she’s a real piece of work.  She has done nothing but blame everyone else for this tragedy.  “We followed both the city ordinance and our policy, which is that we don’t honor ICE detainers — which are a request, not a legal basis,” Horne said to a reporter yesterday.  This is based on Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi’s official policy that ICE holds are not honored without either an arrest warrant or a court’s decision that there is probable cause to hold the suspect.

In other words, SFSD isn’t willing to make their own decisions on whether an individual is dangerous enough to be handed over to immigration officials.  That’s for someone else to decide.  They’ll release everyone, no matter how dangerous they’ve been in the past, and blame the courts and/or ICE.

When ICE officials publicly said that Sanchez never should have been released, Horne went on to say that “ICE certainly could have done something,” continuing, “ICE did not do what they should do.  They could issue a warrant or get a judicial review if they are intent on keeping a person in custody.”

Basically what’s happening here is exactly what was predicted: official liberal policy has been written into law, protecting violent thugs coming into our country illegally from deportation.  Because, you know, they just want a better life, right?  They’re entitled to try, they tell us.  Then one of their protected little angels continues to break the law, resulting in the death of an innocent woman, and all we hear about is how it’s someone else’s fault.

Every time there’s a mass shooting, we can set our watches by the reaction on the left.  We need better gun control laws, they say.  People would still be alive if we had another law in place, they say.  Not one more, they tell us.  We just don’t have time to debate these things because people are dying.

Well, here you go, liberals.  We don’t have time to debate this.  People are dying.  This man was an illegal immigrant and by that virtue alone wasn’t allowed to get a gun.  He was a seven-time convicted felon and wasn’t allowed to have a gun on that fact, either.  He sure as hell didn’t pass a background check to get the gun, but he was loosed on the unsuspecting public, he got his hands on a gun, and a good woman died as a result.  He and all of his fellow illegals, regardless of which country they came from, should be immediately deported.



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